Back to School

Back to School, yes I decided to go back to school and my first day was last Monday, August 23. Why I decided to go back was to open other opportunities for higher pay job. For the past year I thought about my financial situation and if the income am making is enough if I wanted to buy a house, a car. With my current job and income, the math doesn’t work out. I would need to increase my income. So instead of waiting for someone to tell me I don’t make enough, I just figure I start working on that.

What am I study? Well I’ve always had an interest in computers and I know there a demand for cybersecurity and networking people. My local communicity college offer a two year program and it all online. Prefect!! So currently, am taking one class, Introduction to networking. I’ve taken this class before in high school which is through Cisco so hopefully everything come back to me. I wanted to take another class, but I thought it would be to much taking two course online and then working full-time. If all goes well this semester, I will for sure take two next semester.

I would have gone for a master, but the programs offered have nothing to do with undergraduate degree. I would have to take a few basic undergraduate classes to get me up to speed. On top of that my undergraduate gpa wasn’t to good so I didn’t want deal with whole process and being accepted on a conditional bases. Hopefully everything goes well. Any one going back to school or just thinking about? Has COVID effected you decisions?

Here we go again

Hello, for some reason it strange typing this post cause I sure I’ve typed one similar to this one a year ago. A year ago, I started working during this Covid19 pandemic and a surge in covid19 cases. At work we wearing mask, the majority of staff were working from home, so there were a lot of empty desks. We were also required to have our temperature check and social distance. Today, the company has brought back the majority of the staff, so all those empty desks are no longer empty. Whether you are vaccinate or not, it suggested everyone were a mask and we also continuing temperature checks. This pandemic is still among us, but with a different strain of covid19, the Delta variant. There been surge of cases related to this new variant and hospitals are getting overwhelmed with Covid patients. The one thing that hasn’t change is the inconsistency of information coming from political leaders and medical experts. We have a open southern border where illegal immigrants are crossing in record numbers, but no one is concern. Somewhat strange when four years ago a president decided to tackle the immigration issue and was label racist. Weird? No one is concerned that the number of illegal immigrant who for one are unvaccinated may just be why we are seeing a spike in covid19 cases. Yet there still a concern about American citizens who aren’t vaccinated and are label the main reasons for this surge in the delta variant. A year ago when Covid19 made it presence felt around the world most of us ask when will this end. When can we return to normal? Maybe the answer is that this will never end. Covid will just be another normal just like the flu. We will have to learn and adapt. The good thing is that we know who most at risk, we have treatment to fight it and we know people can recover from it. I do know and am sure you will agree, we can’t be living like this where we are constantly locking down our cities and forced to wear mask. I mention that the company I work for brought everyone who was working from home back to the office. Well they are sending those people back cause someone tested positive this week.

Drawing Female portraits


It been awhile since I last posted.  Work has keep me busy and just being able to find the time to do everything I want to do has been difficult.  Am still drawing, but it takes me a little longer to finish cause sometime I am mentally drained and can’t focus.  The other thing, it really get noising here at home, which make it harder for me to focus.  Once it does get nice and quiet, well it time to go bed.  That probably my main reason why I haven’t posted here for awhile. It take me awhile to get in that mind set on whatever am going to do.

Prismacolor portraits

Alycia Debnam-Carey. Any fear the walking dead fans?

College friend. I’ve drawn her several time, but can never get a likeness. She has one of those face that can be difficult to draw.

Was just looking for a image to practice brown light skin tone.

Book: The House in the Cerulean Sea

45047384._UY1422_SS1422_The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune. I really enjoyed reading this book. A case worker, named Linus works for the department in Charge of Magical Youth.  He is assigned a highly classified assignment to observe and make recommendation for Marsyas Island Orphanage.  An orphanage where six children reside along with their care taker.  Each different in their own way, but they are look at as a threat.  

An amazing story about family, not judging those who look different and setting aside your own bias view.


Extrovert People

How do you deal with extrovert people in the work place? At work there have been many people leaving the company which has left several duties needing to be filled. Which leaves me filling in since my position is a little more flexible. One of the people I have to work with is a extrovert guy which I would say is gay. He is the type of extrovert guy that has way to much extrovert energy or a big personality. For me it becoming annonying. Like I can pass him by cause his cubical is in between where I need to go sometimes. He will say later when he see me, like you didn’t say “hi”. Me, am thinking like chill out dude. Another thing he does which is starting to get on my nerves is this. There are people who like to take their lunch break, eat and then maybe read a book or just surf the net on their phone. There are time I don’t feel like talking, I tell people how are you, how their day, short and brief. He is chatting and having lunch with 8 other people, but when they are done, he will like come over to my table to try to start a conversation with me awhile am reading. Am use my phone when I am reading. Me am a common sense type of person, if I see someone focus on their phone or reading a book, I know they don’t want to be disturb. I respect that they want to be left alone. I feel like this guy thinks he is the center of the universe and need to interrupt people “my time” or needs to make people feel like he special. Like not saying “Hi” to him. I really not sure to tell him, he need to chill out or just go let it go and deal with it. I really would hate having to now take my lunch as my desk just cause this guy will just keeping interrupting my reading or whatever I may be doing.

Transitioning Back to normal

It been a year and two months, give or take since this pandemic started. Here in south Texas we are begin to see a transition into normalcy. Finally we are coming out at the end of this dark tunnel. I know in other cites and countries it may not be the same story, but hopefully this give hope. Mask are coming off even though there still debate on that. Should they be wearing them when in public?

At work, this past week it was decided that mask would now be optional and up to each individual. Even the building that the company in housed at, lifted their mask rule and abandon the social distancing rules. Meaning, now more than two people can now get on the evaluator at the same time. I still wear mine and other people I know still wear their. I wear mine just cause we are in an office building and some building aren’t well vented and might not have a good enough air circulation. Beside with things transitioning back to normal, the company has decide to slowly bring back people working from home. Of course this will be done in stages, but for the past few days preparations are underway. Such preparation are arranging people who are currently working in the office and placing them closer to their department or teams. My department was move to another floor in the building cause we are a small team. Social distancing protocols are no longer in effect so the break room people may now sit together.

Just to give some stats from the last two COVID-19 briefing related my home city. As of May 28, 2021 there were only 138 new cases of covid-19 reported along with 2 deaths. As of May 27, 2021 1 million + first dose vaccines were administrated in the county


It been awhile since I lasted posted.  Hope where ever you may be reading this that you are doing well physically and mentally. If you are struggling mentally, please close the web browser and seek help.  Your well being is much more important then reading my blog.  I think in some parts of the world COVID-19 still has it grip in some countries.  Here in south Texas thing are transitioning to normal. More about that in my next post.  What isn’t normal is the weather we’ve been having for these past few months. Could we be experiencing a covid-19 weather effect?  Remember at the beginning of COVID-19 there were reports of the effects that lock down had on the environment.  Since people were sheltered in place and not using their cars and traveling was halt, the air quality change, the smog clear out.  Well is that effecting our weather?  Some would say global warming, but I would say it COVID-19 effect.  Here in Texas we had the bad wintering weather, where we experience multiple days of below freezing temperatures and snow fall.  Very unlike in south Texas. Check out my post, south texas vs old man winter. For the month of May and last week of April we have had constant  rain fall just about every weekend.  Not to mention a few days of hail. It been raining so much it difficult to cut the yard.  If you were lucky to cut it, the next day it would rain and you end up having to cut it again and repeat! As am typing this post, it is currently raining.  Here in south Texas we usually have our spring rain in April and few showers in May, but never where it would rain every week or weekend.  Is this the result of COVID-19 lockdowns.  Is it effecting the weather?  How has the weather been in your area?

May 1, 2021

May 1, 2021, just strange that we are already in the month of May.  Even stranger is a year ago the month of May was different then it is today.   Last year, around this time we were still reacting to this pandemic. Society was shutting down.  We still didn’t know what we were dealing with or how to treat it.   Reflecting back, I felt that we would never move forward.  Time was at a stand still and we would still be trying to figure out how to defect this virus.  Today society is moving out of this dark cloud that hover over us for awhile.  With the development of these vaccine, society is returning to normal. Kids are returning to school, there a lot more traffic as people begin to eat out and move about.  In other parts of the globe, people are still facing death that this virus brings.  Cities and town are still in lock downs. Hopefully the rest of world will start sending resources in helping those countries, cities and towns this virus still has a tight grip on.

Selena Gomez – Prismacolor Pencil

Selena Gomez

A little bit of a challenge coloring this one. One of the challenges is being able to work with the colors you have. Next would be the different shades of brown and then the blending of the colors. Still trying to figure out how to color hair to make it look like hair.