A month since I last Posted

Its been a month since I last posted. Summer school has kept me busy and is officially over. I took my final already and just waiting for my final grade. Am sure I either got an “A” or “B”. I only have a week off and then the Fall semester start up. Beside that, this summer heat is just crazy. I had to really adjust my routine which has lead to me not blogging.

For the whole month of July I was focus on my class, a computer science class for beginners. The class isn’t hard, but the teacher just sucks at explaining things. All of his lectures are video since this is an online class. The only thing is that he doesn’t explain things or go into depth on what we need to know. He is just re-reading what already in the book and talks through his video very fast. I would think if you are teaching something to someone who has no experience like programming, you would want to break things down for those student to understand. Continue to build on that as you move through the course.

With the summer heat, I was doing a lot of my school work early in the morning since the computer room is in an area of the house that gets directly hit by the sun in the afternoon hours. It get warm and stay warm during the early evening hours. So I spent most of my morning working on homework and trying to refresh my memory on programming. I’ve taken a few programming courses before, so it made this class a little easier. The only thing, is that it lack a lot of explanation on what going on. It kind of math. You want your teacher to explain what going on when you work out a problem. Why did they use this formula or what would happen if you given this number or variable. The “Why” help you understand and the teacher wasn’t doing that.

Can you believe that it already mid-August? Just four month left in 2022.

The Heat is on

The heat is on here in south texas. For the month of June we reach 100 degrees consective days. It force me to change my walking routine. I now try to start a little earlier so am at least done by noon. It still hot but bearable compared to later in the afternoon. You do work up a sweat which mean I carry a little more water with me plus a gatorade.

I did start my summer school session, taking one class. It a beginner computer program course which even now still a little nervous about taking it. Well it actually the exams am worried about. Am just not a good exam taker. Taking a 8 week summer course and having to absorb all that information is a challenging. Right now am off to a good start, am actually ahead in my assignments, so that give me more time to go over the material again. I think what helping me get ahead is that this isn’t my first time taking a programming course. Also I starting reading up on Java and just did some basic programming on my own a couple weeks before the class started.

When am not doing my school work or taking my daily walks, am reading and looking for work. Just finished reading two books which I’ll do a post on each for those books. It been already 3 months since I was let go from my job. So far I haven’t heard back from any of the job positions I’ve applied to. This is what I was worried about when I thought about quitting my job in mid-January. I would struggle again in finding work. I don’t know if it again, the lack of experience.


The heat is on here in south Texas and summer still hasn’t officially begun yet. Sad part is we still have June, July, August, September and October to deal with. That a long way to go. Since am unemployed, am taking advantage of the outdoors and walking around town. Absorbing the natural Vitamin D from our sun and getting a little work out.

The spring semester just end and I got an “A” in the one class I was taking. The class was the second Cisco 2: switches and routers. Summer school is just right around the corner and I will be taking one class again which will be a programming class. You might be asking why am I only taking one class? Well there several reasons, the main one is, when I registered for that class I was working full-time. I knew I won’t have enough time to handle two courses. The other reason is just my previous experience when I was in school getting my bachelor degree. I struggle, so I figure, let me do this one class at a time. Make sure I understand the material and I have no problems. Am sure at some point I will take two classes. This class doesn’t start until a few weeks, but am giving myself a head start and watching youtube video on programming, Java programming. I’ve do have programming experience: I learned C++ and pascal in high school and took a few college courses which didn’t go well. One class I did have to take was assembly. That programming in 0s and 1s. That was one of the first class I took awhile I was engineering major. To be honest it not an easy language to learn especially when you have professors with big egos. Just so you know am not getting another bachelor degree, this is just an associate in a IT field. I already have all the basic , so all these class that am taking are the core classes for this major. About 60 hours, so I don’t have a long way to go.

Supreme Court: Roe vs Wade


Roe vs Wade. It probably something that you have had discussions with friends, family and had disagreement and agreements. This highly charge issue is something that I have thought about a lot. It was a topic I didn’t really have an opinion on. It wasn’t until my years in college and as a sociology major just began to learn about Roe vs Wade. Still, I really don’t have a absolute position on the issue.

When the topic Roe vs Wade made headline and I see and hear people, women screaming, “my body, my choice.” The government can’t tell me what to do with my body, that to me isn’t a argument. One, you are free to do whatever you want with you body. Get a tattoo, smoke, drink beer, eat unhealty etc. Look at the past two years, you made the choice to get a vaccine or not to get a vaccine to protect you from COIVID. Yes, using the word “vaccine” is debatable, but that for another conversation. You all know some of those choices have long term consquences and you accept them. Right? As long as your not hurting someone else you are free to do whatever you want with your body. Now, what gives women the right to harm another life that is growing inside her? I haven’t heard anyone give an answer for that. I understand that everyone has a different opinion of when life begin. I to am not certain of that. Part of me say when there is a heart beat, but then the other part of me is really not sure about that. Maybe it begin a conception.

Why would a women want a abortion? Yes I understand the certain situations where the mother life is at risk and rape. Let put those two aside and ask why would a woman want a abortion? Why would you want to terminate a life? A life that came to be, only because you made the choice and consent to. I, myself can’t think of why I would want to terminate a life, especially one that has done you no harm. When I see all these woman protesting, that it their constitutional rights to have access to an abortion, I think where is your moral right of accepting responsibility for your actions. You consented to having sex, you know the risk involved both protective and un-protective sex. You accepted those risk so why can’t you accept the out come? It seem that the world we live in people what a escape line so they don’t have to accept responsibility. Abortion is that escape line, knowing that if they fuck up, they can always have an abortion. We see this with other issues where people want to be bailed out for their mistake or poor decision making. Student loan debt is one of those issues where people are wanting and demanding the government to forgive their student loan debt. Again, you knew what you were getting into when you sign on the dotted line. You knew that you would have to repay that money back. Take responsibility for your actions.

We live in a crazy world and roe vs wade was before my time. Maybe we as a society have failed to teach our daughters that with great power, come great responsibility. Being able to create and give life is power. Unfortunately, roe vs wade, abortion is more about policitical power and getting votes, getting women votes. It come up in every election year. I would think if we follow what science say, abortion would be illegal.

3 weeks later

It been three weeks since I was terminated from my job. I’ve been kind of reflecting on my experience there and if there was anything I should have done differently. To be honest I really don’t have an answer to that, just cause I took the position because of COVID. With my situation of not having any success in finding a full-time job, this was my own chance. COVID just added another barrier that I would have to break through. I said this in my previous post that I was already in the process of leaving the company, but was waiting for this whole covid situation to settle down. One question that still bugs me is how do you increase your productivity? We are not all the same. Some people can work faster then others.

One thing I know I should have done was leave when my gut was telling me to leave. I didn’t cause I wanted to leave in good terms and want to have another job that I could hop right into. Why I wanted to leave? My supervisor was just to toxic to work for. During this whole covid situation and the distribution of the vaccine she would “belittle” people who didn’t get the booster shot. She also did this when the company offer the flu shot. She one of those people just because she is at a higher risk cause of her medical condition, everyone need to do what in her best interest. Get vaccinated because she at high risk. I get that you have a medical condition, but if you are concern about your health and being at high risk individual maybe you shouldn’t be working here. Most of all, my health decision is none of your busy unless you are my doctor.

As for my progress in my job search it going slow. I did have an interview last week, but I didn’t get the position. Beside I used that interview more of a practice run. Shake off the rust and to see if they would ask me why I left my last job. Well they didn’t. Now not being employed will set me back in getting financially independent, not able to pay my student loans, and I have to stop investing into my retirement which I just started this year.

Back to the Beginning again

Am officially back in job hunting mode again. Friday I was let go, fired, or terminated from my job. Wasn’t a surprise, but I was hoping that I would have more time to find a job and then give my two weeks notice. I had already thought about quitting a few months ago, but want to find another job first. Didn’t want to be unemployed and struggling again to find employment, especially with covid still being around.

Why was I let go? There are two reason they gave me, not being productive, my productivity didn’t improve, it wasn’t where they wanted it to be. The next was errors in my work. I audit employee packets who are/ will be working for individuals who need assistance with daily living. I also audit those individual submitting a packet to get assistance. I will admit it a boring job, just sitting there and just do the same thing over and over. These packet that I audit are about 30 pages sometime more. I have to put them in a certain order and then go page by page checking for errors. Even comparing older packets and documents if they been with the company, checking if the information is correct or there need for addition documentations. Some common errors can be not signing a form or dating it. Miss spelled names or not using the correct name. More serious errors is a social security verification not performed or not having the require cpr and first aid certification. Stuff like that. Once am done I scan the packet, make my notes on corrections need on the system, upload the packet onto to the person file which would be the individual needing assist. And repeat the whole process again.

I will always take responsibility for my mistake and I conveyed that to my supervisor. One thing I will not do nor accept is that lack of organization, toxic work environment and thinking that am a robot and can constantly work without being burn out. As I said I audit these packet and I understand my job is to find these errors, but my job isn’t to also to fix error that should be spotted by another department who begin the process, but just ignore those errors. For the first six month I didn’t see my supervisor cause she was working from home cause of covid. When she return to the office my department was move to a smaller room. That were I began to notice that she made the work environment very toxic. By belittling people who were not vaccinated or who didn’t get their flu shoot. Criticize people what they brought for lunch and for not eating vegetables when she her self is overweight. I could have complain to HR, but I learned they don’t care. I once raise my concern about how 10 non-employee where allowed to come in to do some work, but weren’t wearing mask. At that time covid was at highest peak and when I voice my concern a higher management person said I was free to go home.

I don’t know if I could have done anything different. One thing that is in my mind is how do I be more productive or as my supervisor say, increase my productivity. That is why I say, am not a robot that you can just flip a switch to fast. Especially when your work require accuracy or minimal errors. I know when I work at faster pace, I seem to get have more mistakes and over looking things. I know if I go at a consistent paces, my accuracy does improve. In these case, I just might be burn out with everything going on.

Two Years ago…

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing two years ago? How the whole world was turn upside down cause a virus called Covid 19. Hard to believe that it already been two years and awhile covid19 isn’t completely gone, the world is coming back to normal. Well that still up for debate.

Where ever you may be reading this, I hope things are returning to normal for you. I know here, people are out and about. You can finally see people actual face, but there are some who still wear a mask. I understand that. There are even places that require you to wear mask. Where I cut hair every two weeks, it require that you wear a mask. I don’t mind cause the people who cut hair are older people. Actually one of the hairstylist has been cutting my hair since middle school. This past week there was live music going on in the downtown area. Something that I missed these past two years. Listening to live music is always fun and relaxing.

Am sure covid has change the world and we probably won’t full understand those changes and their impact for some time. I bet there still a lot of data out there that the public is still not aware of, but with time that information will be release. For now the only change that we can understand is our own personal journey though this pandemic. Have you change? Have you thought more about your health and taken a more proactive stance in taking care of your body, physically and mentally? When you go out or at work, you now wash your hands more frequently or carry hand sanitizer with you. Are you struggling be around crowd places or just have that fear of catching covid?

Welcome to my world : Car

Just about a month or two ago a family member was in a car accident. They were hit from behind and the car drove off. The family member was okay, but the car was a total lost. With the effect of covid impacting car dealerships and the microchips sectors, well its a hard time to find a new or a use car. A used car now will probably just cost you about the same or more if you were to buy a new. Well this family member was able to find and buy a new car, but had to wait awhile. This wait wasn’t easy for them since this car was their way of moving around. Not having a car they couldn’t go out, meet with friends or do things that you relay having a car for. My response to their frustrations and impatience of not having a car and having to wait for the car dealership to receive the car they brought was, “welcome to my world of not having a car.”

I don’t have a car nor have ever own, brought one. You are wondering, how do I get around or how do I get to work? Well that a long story and if I told you an answer, you will probably wouldn’t understand and come with the wrong conclusion. So I try to make this short. When I finished high school my parent wanted me to get my license. I thought cool, hopefully they will get me a car in a few years. No! they wanted me to get my license to have a ID since I was going to college in another city. Me I thought okay, maybe they get me a car awhile am in college so they don’t have to drive when I wanted to come home and when the university closed for the semester. They just get tired of driving and dealing with traffic. Nope. Well in college it was hard to get around without a car or to go out on a Friday night. I was getting bored being in my dorm room. So I had to find a way to get around and not relay on my friends who were out drinking. I don’t drink. I started learning the bus system and did a lot walking to get around. That become my way to going out on my own on Thursday and Friday nights, the bus system and taking a cab. For you young people reading, uber still didn’t exist.

The thought by the time I finish school my parent would help me get a car. Nope. I once told a friend I probably won’t have a car until am 30. That didn’t happen either. I finished school, moved back home and had to re-adjust since I still didn’t have a car. Today I’ve accepted that maybe I’ll never own a car. Since I started working, am saving money, but it will be a few more years before I can buy a car. Financially, I can’t afford it with all my student loans and then add car insurance etc.. Yes, not having a car is a struggle. Not able to go any where you want to, having to relay on other people to take you to places and public transportation has it limits. During the summer months I wish I could just drive to the lake to cool off, but can’t. In the evening wish I could go out, but can’t. Awhile taking public transportation is always interesting, taking it at night can be a little scary. Even job hunting and not having a car is a challenge. When I would tell people about my job search and why I haven’t applied here or there is cause it too far. I might I have to take 3 different buses to get there and I live in an area that only has one bus service for my area. Also not having car eliminates a lot of job opportunities cause they require you to have a car and/or the job requires you to have car insurance.

Of course there are some advantage to not owning a car, but those are a few. I’ve accepted that I will probably just never own a car, but will always wish I did have one.