Happy New Year!!! 2021

Happy New Year!!! I hope you all celebrated welcoming in 2021 safety and with close family members. Hopefully 2021 bring us much more happier and social time that we all have been deprived of this past year with the pandemic.

2021 Goals

Personally I hope to get back to reading a little more. Didn’t do to much of that in 2020.  Any suggestion on books to read?  Trying to stay healthy and workout more.  With work, I only have time to go to the gym on the weekend. Am trying to get myself in  routine  working out here at home.  Already brought me one set of weights and just need to get a work out matt. I did gain a little weight during 2020 cause of the pandemic. Career wise, well am still working at the job I started in late June 2020.  I’ll be doing a separate post on this and giving an update on how that being going. I really hope 2021, I can do some traveling. Traveling has been something on my bucket list. I haven’t left the state that I live in nor the country.  The one thing that holds me back is money.  I don’t know how people travel so much and able to afford it.  Now that I working, am also saving, so when that time comes, I hope I can visit another state before taking the leap to travel to another country.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!! 2021

  1. Happy New year!!! Hope you achieve all your goals. 😊
    About travelling – I haven’t travelled a lot but I’ve managed to see a few places and countries. It comes down to – 1. What your goals are 2. How you manage your money 3. How you plan your travel.
    I know people who have goals of buying a house, a car – who prefer to save their money for that. I prefer to spend money on experiences like travelling since I don’t really have any dreams of buying anything big as of now. Also plan your travel goals – eg: you live in NY and set the goal to visit LA this summer. Then the next 6 months all your spendings, savings should be planned around this goal. You can travel on a budget – these days. There are hostels and airbnbs to live in. Cheap, low cost airlines to travel by. Supermarkets to pick-up inexpensive food from. It just takes planning. I’d recommend checking out vlogs on YouTube where people Travel on a budget to get ideas. Hope this helps you plan your travel this year.


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