A month since I last Posted

Its been a month since I last posted. Summer school has kept me busy and is officially over. I took my final already and just waiting for my final grade. Am sure I either got an “A” or “B”. I only have a week off and then the Fall semester start up. Beside that, this summer heat is just crazy. I had to really adjust my routine which has lead to me not blogging.

For the whole month of July I was focus on my class, a computer science class for beginners. The class isn’t hard, but the teacher just sucks at explaining things. All of his lectures are video since this is an online class. The only thing is that he doesn’t explain things or go into depth on what we need to know. He is just re-reading what already in the book and talks through his video very fast. I would think if you are teaching something to someone who has no experience like programming, you would want to break things down for those student to understand. Continue to build on that as you move through the course.

With the summer heat, I was doing a lot of my school work early in the morning since the computer room is in an area of the house that gets directly hit by the sun in the afternoon hours. It get warm and stay warm during the early evening hours. So I spent most of my morning working on homework and trying to refresh my memory on programming. I’ve taken a few programming courses before, so it made this class a little easier. The only thing, is that it lack a lot of explanation on what going on. It kind of math. You want your teacher to explain what going on when you work out a problem. Why did they use this formula or what would happen if you given this number or variable. The “Why” help you understand and the teacher wasn’t doing that.

Can you believe that it already mid-August? Just four month left in 2022.

Supreme Court: Roe vs Wade


Roe vs Wade. It probably something that you have had discussions with friends, family and had disagreement and agreements. This highly charge issue is something that I have thought about a lot. It was a topic I didn’t really have an opinion on. It wasn’t until my years in college and as a sociology major just began to learn about Roe vs Wade. Still, I really don’t have a absolute position on the issue.

When the topic Roe vs Wade made headline and I see and hear people, women screaming, “my body, my choice.” The government can’t tell me what to do with my body, that to me isn’t a argument. One, you are free to do whatever you want with you body. Get a tattoo, smoke, drink beer, eat unhealty etc. Look at the past two years, you made the choice to get a vaccine or not to get a vaccine to protect you from COIVID. Yes, using the word “vaccine” is debatable, but that for another conversation. You all know some of those choices have long term consquences and you accept them. Right? As long as your not hurting someone else you are free to do whatever you want with your body. Now, what gives women the right to harm another life that is growing inside her? I haven’t heard anyone give an answer for that. I understand that everyone has a different opinion of when life begin. I to am not certain of that. Part of me say when there is a heart beat, but then the other part of me is really not sure about that. Maybe it begin a conception.

Why would a women want a abortion? Yes I understand the certain situations where the mother life is at risk and rape. Let put those two aside and ask why would a woman want a abortion? Why would you want to terminate a life? A life that came to be, only because you made the choice and consent to. I, myself can’t think of why I would want to terminate a life, especially one that has done you no harm. When I see all these woman protesting, that it their constitutional rights to have access to an abortion, I think where is your moral right of accepting responsibility for your actions. You consented to having sex, you know the risk involved both protective and un-protective sex. You accepted those risk so why can’t you accept the out come? It seem that the world we live in people what a escape line so they don’t have to accept responsibility. Abortion is that escape line, knowing that if they fuck up, they can always have an abortion. We see this with other issues where people want to be bailed out for their mistake or poor decision making. Student loan debt is one of those issues where people are wanting and demanding the government to forgive their student loan debt. Again, you knew what you were getting into when you sign on the dotted line. You knew that you would have to repay that money back. Take responsibility for your actions.

We live in a crazy world and roe vs wade was before my time. Maybe we as a society have failed to teach our daughters that with great power, come great responsibility. Being able to create and give life is power. Unfortunately, roe vs wade, abortion is more about policitical power and getting votes, getting women votes. It come up in every election year. I would think if we follow what science say, abortion would be illegal.

Two Years ago…

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing two years ago? How the whole world was turn upside down cause a virus called Covid 19. Hard to believe that it already been two years and awhile covid19 isn’t completely gone, the world is coming back to normal. Well that still up for debate.

Where ever you may be reading this, I hope things are returning to normal for you. I know here, people are out and about. You can finally see people actual face, but there are some who still wear a mask. I understand that. There are even places that require you to wear mask. Where I cut hair every two weeks, it require that you wear a mask. I don’t mind cause the people who cut hair are older people. Actually one of the hairstylist has been cutting my hair since middle school. This past week there was live music going on in the downtown area. Something that I missed these past two years. Listening to live music is always fun and relaxing.

Am sure covid has change the world and we probably won’t full understand those changes and their impact for some time. I bet there still a lot of data out there that the public is still not aware of, but with time that information will be release. For now the only change that we can understand is our own personal journey though this pandemic. Have you change? Have you thought more about your health and taken a more proactive stance in taking care of your body, physically and mentally? When you go out or at work, you now wash your hands more frequently or carry hand sanitizer with you. Are you struggling be around crowd places or just have that fear of catching covid?

Blogging challenges

Blogging comes with challenges, all from what to write, when to write, having time to respond to your followers and many other things. I started this blog over 5 years ago and have another blog for that I’ve had for about 7 years, a photography blog. My challenge with blogging is what to write. Am sure everyone can relate to this. Coming up with interesting content to write and not write about the same stuff over and over. I still haven’t figure that part out. It kind of frustrating cause I hate being absent from publishing a blog post or only publishing one post in a month. I don’t know what it is or maybe am thinking to hard about it. I’ve heard reading a book, taking a walk or doing something creative helps, but that hasn’t work for me. I thought having a full-time would spark that creative writing ability, but nope. Well work is boring and with this COVID everyone is enclosed in a cubical and people would rather eat lunch at their desk then have a conversation in the break room during lunch. I my be a introvert, but I do enjoy talking to people from time to time and I understand that people want to be alone during their lunch time.

Any ideas or advice when it come to, what to write about?

Something I never blog about.

This blog posting is going to be about something I don’t blog about. Its a topic that does cross my mind every now and then. It does cause me to reflect on myself if there something I need to change about me, my personality. This topic is relationship, being in a relationship. At the moment, am single and have never been in a relationship. I’ve ask myself, am I just one of those guys that will be single till I die. This crossing my mind when I see married couples at work or just people chatting about their relationship and their potential future plans.

I don’t have a solid reason why I’ve never been in a relationship. Have I had a crush on a girl, Yes. Have I ask a girl out? Yes. Maybe the simple answer and I get this lot when people describe me is am to quiet. I always find that response strange cause maybe it not that am quiet, it that no one has engaged me to talk. Maybe am a boring talker. Secondly, am a observant person and when I do talk, some people have said, am a smart aleck or am very blunt. I would say that yes am quiet guy, but I do speak my mind and I know people don’t like that in the world we live in today.

Maybe at the end of the day the saying, Nice Guys Finish Last is true. Nice guys are boring and maybe that how I come across to the opposite sex and maybe to people in general.

Mental Health

I wanted to write this post a few weeks ago cause I heard it was Mental Health awareness, but was to occupied with school and work. Am sure there a lot of issues people are dealing with and then having COVID19 and vaccines issues on top of that, it get a little overwhelming. Not to mention the aniexty of being out in public and having the one question in your head, is it safe to be around people. Is it safe to around large gathering? After a year of social distancing, being stuck in our own home, wearing a mask, it can be struggle. I know I struggle with that. Just the thought of getting COVID and bring it back home where I live with my parents. Something no one want in their head is you having COVID and you got your parent(s) sick.

How do I deal with all this? I keep a journal and just write down my thoughts. My journal is a small dotted notebook which I carry in my bag. Majority of the time I will write an entry in the late evening hours before I go to bed. I don’t do this every day, just when I feel like have something I need to get it off my mind. Journaling can be therapeutic and fun. Not everyone has someone they can talk to or be able to call just to get something off their chest. Journaling is another option if those other alternatives aren’t available. Fun, journaling doesn’t always have to be a written entry. You can doodle, drawing what you are feeling or thinking. You can do both, there is no right or wrong way to journal. The important thing is channeling what every you have tied inside you and putting it on paper.

Most important always seek professional help if you are struggling, feeling depressed. There no shame in seeking professional help.

my current journal

Back to School

Back to School, yes I decided to go back to school and my first day was last Monday, August 23. Why I decided to go back was to open other opportunities for higher pay job. For the past year I thought about my financial situation and if the income am making is enough if I wanted to buy a house, a car. With my current job and income, the math doesn’t work out. I would need to increase my income. So instead of waiting for someone to tell me I don’t make enough, I just figure I start working on that.

What am I study? Well I’ve always had an interest in computers and I know there a demand for cybersecurity and networking people. My local communicity college offer a two year program and it all online. Prefect!! So currently, am taking one class, Introduction to networking. I’ve taken this class before in high school which is through Cisco so hopefully everything come back to me. I wanted to take another class, but I thought it would be to much taking two course online and then working full-time. If all goes well this semester, I will for sure take two next semester.

I would have gone for a master, but the programs offered have nothing to do with undergraduate degree. I would have to take a few basic undergraduate classes to get me up to speed. On top of that my undergraduate gpa wasn’t to good so I didn’t want deal with whole process and being accepted on a conditional bases. Hopefully everything goes well. Any one going back to school or just thinking about? Has COVID effected you decisions?

May 1, 2021

May 1, 2021, just strange that we are already in the month of May.  Even stranger is a year ago the month of May was different then it is today.   Last year, around this time we were still reacting to this pandemic. Society was shutting down.  We still didn’t know what we were dealing with or how to treat it.   Reflecting back, I felt that we would never move forward.  Time was at a stand still and we would still be trying to figure out how to defect this virus.  Today society is moving out of this dark cloud that hover over us for awhile.  With the development of these vaccine, society is returning to normal. Kids are returning to school, there a lot more traffic as people begin to eat out and move about.  In other parts of the globe, people are still facing death that this virus brings.  Cities and town are still in lock downs. Hopefully the rest of world will start sending resources in helping those countries, cities and towns this virus still has a tight grip on.

Covid-19 pandemic Journal


Another journal full. This is my Covid-19 pandemic journal that I started last year in March. Have a lot of written entries and few art work here and there. I would say this journal kept me mentally in check and from going crazy. Not being able to interact with people and being stuck at home the majority of the time. It will be interest to look back at this journal in a year or two from now and read what I wrote down.

The one thing I wish I could have done with my journal is add newspaper clippings. I remember asking a family member if they could buy me the newspaper because of the launch of space X in May 2020. I wanted it just to haven cause it now part of history. Every store they went to didn’t sale the newspaper. That the sad part about everything being online and something the younger generation are missing. Clipping newspaper articles of important events. I old newspapers of 9/11, the begin of the gulf war in the 90s.

Did you keep a journal during the covid19?

Receiving Gratitude

Receiving Gratitude! About two week ago I received my stimulus checks from Uncle Sam or from China Biden. Many Americans did and if they have children received a bigger stimulus check. That weekend, Saturday, my mom and I went to the grocery store to buy food for the week and my lunch for work. Of course I also buy my dog her dog food and doggy treats. My mom and I routine when buying grocery is we go half and half on paying. Other times, I’ll pay for it all, now that am working full-time, I can help out a little more financially. So we go to the store on Saturday and ended up not getting everything we needed cause it was crowded with people. Most likely people who received their stimulus check, buying their grocery. The next day we head to another grocery store and got the rest of the groceries we need it and headed to the check out line. Am at the check out counter waiting for the cashier to finish scanning our groceries. My mom and I see the total and I say we just go half and half. She gave her half in cash and I would pay my half with my debt card. Awhile we are doing this there a young lady, maybe in her late 20 with a little boy behind us. As am about to pay my half the cashier tell me and points to the young lady saying, she wants to pay for your groceries. The cashier hands back me the cash my mom gave for her half. I tell me mom what going on and the young lady want to pay. We tell the young lady, “that not necessary, we are fine.” “We always go half and half on groceries.” She insist that she wants to pay for our groceries. From the time we got in line to check out till our interaction with the cashier, we made no actions that would give any idea that we were poor, we didn’t tell the cashier we aren’t taking these items, we didn’t have coupons or food stamps. I believe that one time someone help this young lady by paying for her grocery and now that she had enough money, she wanted to return to the favor to someone else. Who knows, but my mom and i accepted her generous offer in paying for our groceries.