2018 Journal

I’ve been keeping a journal for about 3 years now.  Why do I keep a journal? It feel relieving to just let whatever you have on your mind and just put it on paper and leave it there. Not only do I just write, but also doodle, draw and watercolor when I have nothing to write. What do I use for my journal? I don’t use a regular notebook that most of us used to keep notes in school.  For my journal in 2018, I used a general sketchbook that I found I my local hobby lobby store that was within my tight budget.  It a hard cover and at least able to handle light watercolor washes.


Daily Prompt: Inchoate


If there is one skill that I feel inchoate, it writing. I will admit my writing is rudimentary and probably never meet the standards if I was to apply for a writers job. Would you hire me to write for you magazine or news website? Writing has always been in my shadow,  haunting me.  From my days in college and probably in the work place.  Recently, I had to take a assessment for a job position and part of that assessment was to replace one word in a sentence that would change how the sentence sounded.  That is why I have this blog.  To practice my writing and hopefully improve.

Retrospective: Reflecting back on 2016


When I first created this blog, one of my biggest goal was to improve in my creative writing.  To challenge my self to express my thoughts into words. Something that I don’t do to well. The toughest obstacles for me in 2016 is writer blocks, what should I write? What would be interesting enough to get my followers to read and to come back to my blog, plus attract other readers. Continue reading “Retrospective: Reflecting back on 2016”

One year of Journaling


It was just last year when I began to keep a written journal.  My first entry, I wrote that fear that a nosy family member would see my journal book and begin looking through it and reading my entries.  As of today, that hasn’t happened nor am I aware that someone has without me knowing.  Today am writing in my 3rd journal book and trying different ones out.  Writing whatever comes to my head or doodled something. Using pen, pencil, watercolor to add some color and to express my creative side.  I do carry it with me when I do my walks or when I go to work.  I do find it difficult to write in it when am at Starbucks cause it just feels weird and there to many distractions.  When am at work, I don’t usually have enough time and my head is just burned out from reading papers and staring at a computer screen.  During my breaks, I might doodle in it or finish something I had started at home.

Writers Block

I’ve been suffering from a serious case of writers block for the past 6 months. My stats for my blog are down and i can’t seem to shake off this writer block mode.  I’ve attempted to do the daily prompts and the discovery challenge, but nothing seem to come to my head to write down. I made it a goal to write more, but been struggling what to write about. I wonder if my writer block is related to my current life stagnate situation. Not finding full time employment, being at home most of the time because I have no car nor money. All you writers out there, any suggestion to break out of this writer block.

My 2nd journal is full

This week, I finally made my last entire in my second journal.  For this 2nd journal I decide to try out the Strathmore 5×5 mixed media hard cover.  I wanted to have something that not only I can write in, but doodle.  Doodle using pen,pencil, color-pencil, or watercolor.  That a must for me, because sometime I don’t have anything to write.  So might as well doodle something. In that case I usually referred to the DNDchallenge that posted on instagram.  The only thing that I had issue with was when I would write on the backside of the pages.  Since it a hard cover, it was difficult to keep it open.  Also am right handed, so my right hand and arm are doing double duty, writing and trying to keep the journal book open.

Now I will try something different for my 3rd journal book.  I’ve been look around at the art stores and seeing what available.  Any suggestions? Here a few photos from my journal.

20161105_160946 20161105_161407 20161105_161353 20161105_161043

If we were having coffee..

If we were having coffee, well I would be having a cup of cold ice tea. If we haven’t me before maybe we should introduce our selves first. I would mention to you about my journal that I been keeping and that I am 5 pages away from finish my first journal notebook.

It been a challenge keeping a personal journal.  The challenge is, what should I write about.  Most people would say write about your day.  Well my day is always a repeat of yesterday and the day before that.  Since am unemployed, my day is just waking up in the morning, getting dress, go to the gym, come home, eat, feed my dogs and that my day. Yeah it a boring life, but I do have my dogs to keep me company. If you keep a journal, what do you write about?

Beside writing in my journal, I also doodle in there to: drawing and water coloring.  I also keep another drawing notebook where I draw portraits and whatever else come to mind.

After that I would mention about books that I’ve read and the last one that I read was The Dead Assassin by Vaughn Entwistle. I haven’t been keeping with my reading because I’ve been focus on my journal and also working on my blogs.



When you write, who is watching you?


When I write it difficult to write when you have witnesses that can see what you are doing or pop in your room to ask or tell you something. I try to do most of my writing or drawing late in the evening when at least everyone asleep.  If they happen to be heading my way, I will switch my computer screen or if I writing in my journal, I’ll just try to mask what am doing with my arm.

My number one witness is my dog Lilly who will stay near my side whether I am sitting down watching tv, in my room where she will lay on my bed or if am on the computer she lay right near the desk. When she near by watching what am doing or just there, I feel that she must be some type of secret angel sent to watch over me.  Not there to ask questions on what am writing or question what am doing, just to be present and just watch.  The majority of the time she asleep awhile I am writing or drawing, only to wake up when I leave.