Volunteering, it great that people do this to help a cause or something they have a passion for. What I don’t agree about volunteering is having to do it just to get work related experience.  With that said, sometime at the end of October I decided to volunteer at the center library.  I decide to volunteer, because my job hunt to find a job isn’t leading to any job offers. Why the library? Well it that was my second option and my first option was a museum.  When museum received my background check the volunteer position I had discussed with the volunteer coordinator was already filled.  They had another position but i wasn’t interest in.  So I decide to volunteer at the library. Honestly I don’t know what I will get out of it cause getting a job there is very competitive.  I convince myself, what do I have to loose except two hours of my time. So for that past month I volunteer one day out of the week for two hours at the library.

So far the duties I’v done are pulling books off the shelves that the computer system has listed missing and are going to be “retired”. These retired books are removed from the system and sent to the library store where the public may buy them for a few cents or a dollar.  I think they also give them out to schools or organization in need of books, but not to sure about that. The other task I’ve done is checking each service desk has the supply they need like pens, pencil and small scrap paper.


Why I’ve been MIA

I haven’t been blogging much cause my attention has been finding employment which I haven’t found nor has any employer that I’ve submitted an application is willing to hire me.  I was working with the alamo workforce in hoping I can get some job training, but after a good solid 3 months I felt they were stalling in helping me get that job training.  So I terminated the partnership.  At the moment I with a temp agency, but I think this partnership will also go south just cause I lack work experience.

I thought about volunteering somewhere and a week or two ago put in a application at one of the local museums. I don’t approve that people should have to volunteer just to get work experience. I’ve done volunteering in the past, but it never work out.  My only reason for doing it now is that I don’t know what else to do to just get a hired.  So will see what happens with volunteering.


Hitting a Brick wall

As we approach the end August, my job search has met nothing but brick walls. I go this direction, I hit a brick wall. Switch direction and hit another wall. I feel like a rat that can’t get out of a maze. Doesn’t matter where I apply, I can’t get anything to fall my way. Most of my recent applications have been to retail such as Petco, michaels, hobby lobby, chipotle, walmart.  I applied to 6 different chipotle locations and only got two interviews.  I applied to three michaels location and got one interview.  I also applied to 3 to 5 petco locations and got 1 interview.  I do not understand what more I could do.  At my interview at michaels, the girl that interview me gave me her own personality evaluation to see how I would fit in.  It was another way to see if I would be a employee that she would need to train and if my personality would be a difficult one to work with.  I’ve also been applying to position within the city, but nothing there.  One of those position is working at the public library.  You think that would be a straight forward position as long as you enjoying working with public.  Right?  Seem I don’t meet the qualifications for that.

My Calendar

Do you use a calendar?

Keep track of birthdays, special days, doctor appointments.

Do you count the days when you’re going on vacation?

I wish I could do that.

My calendar is blank. Just fill with the month,year, the days.

I stare at it wondering when I’ll get that phone call.

When that day come?  Will it come on Friday the 13?

Maybe two weeks after Friday the 13.

The phone call for a job interview.

The phone call to notify and offer you that job position.

I stare at my calendar wondering when that day will come.



Career Fair

As I continue on with my search to find a full-time job, I decided to attend a career fair. The last one I went to was about a year after I finish school.  Now I’ve attended many during my college career, but felt that as student in the liberal art school, these fairs never benefited liberal arts majors compared to those career fairs suited for business or engineering majors. I attended them with the hope something good came out of it and to practice my networking skills.  In my opinion I think career fair are a waste of time. For people such as myself looking for work and needing a job, they don’t really help.  For this career fair that I attended, it was small and was organized by the public library along with alamo workforce solution.  So keeping a positive open mind I thought I give it a shot and attend. I didn’t forget to take a few resume with me and luckily I called in advance to see what companies would be attending.

The career fair was held at a local library near my neighbor.  Got there about five-minute before they started.  The first company recruiter I spoke with was from JPMorgan Chase.  It was a very informative conversation and the recruiter gave me a lot information about the company and the position they were looking to fill.  The downside to the conversation was that I would still need to apply online.  The recruiter did take my resume and I hope something great comes out of it.  After talking with the Chase recruiters I went to two other companies. Speaking with these companies is why I think career fairs are a waste of time.  All they told me was these are the positions we are hiring for and you would need to go to their career website and apply.  No questions about my experience or ask for my resume.  The last company I spoke with was a staffing agencies.  I introduce myself and passed on my resume.  Mention what job positions I was interested in and she wrote down the information.  I’ve work with staffing agencies before, but felt like there was never progress.  I would constantly called them about positions  I was interested in or applied for.  Only to hear, will get back to you or just never hearing from them.

I left the career fair not disappointed, but okay knowing that nothing has really change.  People want a job and come to them hope to get something, but at the end it just telling you what we all already know.  Go to the career website and apply.  If you lucky enough you’ll get a phone for an interview or won’t hear a word from the employer about your application.

Job Interview Questions

I had my first job interview for 2017 at the beginning of the month of March.  It was an interview for a position at one of the digital libraries.  It was a job that I applied to because I felt confident this is a position within in my skill set and am comfortable working with technology.  Like with any position that I apply for, I make sure I read the job description and duties.  Don’t want to be caught off guard if there something that I might not be able to do such as traveling to different locations.  I don’t have a car and if a car a required I don’t apply for the position.

So I had my interview in the the afternoon.  Didn’t do my usually routine of going to the gym.  I wanted to be focus and be in that positive mood.  I arrive at the digital library on time and waited to be call in.  Like most interviews I’ve had in the past, two people were conducting the interview, the manager and a assistant manager.  I introduce myself, shake hand with the manger and assistant manager and then they beginning asking their questions.  Tell me a little about yourself? Question about my skills set in using pc and mac which am comfortable with. My experience using HTML and CSS.  Then they ask me to question that caught me off guard because,one they weren’t mention in the job duties.  One of those question was having to work at a another location for half a shift and then coming back to this site to work the other half.  I don’t have car, but I could still work a whole shift at the other sites if am told ahead of time.  The next question I totally didn’t know how to respond to, would I be comfortable reading to kids.  I was not ready for that cause it wasn’t mention on the job description or duties. I know library have their days when someone read to kids, but I thought they usually have someone specific for that task. Not just random people.  The only way I could responded to that question was am open to trying it.  The more we went into the interview, I felt like these question were more for a day care/school position.  The next question that came up was that everyone who work at the digital library teaches a class about something. I didn’t know what to say except that I would teach a photography class since that one of hobbies.  I know it wasn’t a good answer, but again this wasn’t in the job description or duties.  When I applied for the position I felt I was applying for a position where I would assist people needing help using the computers or tablets.  Answering question they had, like what program to use to type a paper, downloading a digital book or browsing the web.

At the end I want to stay positive that I could still get the position, but two-day later I get an email from the manager that they decided to go with someone else.  The more I go through these job interview that I thinking something is not right.  Is my personality just horrible, am I giving off a negative vibe when answering some of these questions, maybe my response is not great to get their attention.

Is it a confident issue or something else

I had my second job interview of 2016 which is really disappointing and am still confuse on why I can’t get more interviews and a job.  Some people I’ve talk to and family members say you need to be confident when you go to these interviews.  In the back of my head it not a confident issue because I know I can handle any job duties that come with the job. Yes I am nervous when it comes to interviewing, but who isn’t nervous when interviewing for a job?  I think part of the nervousness comes that all these question they ask you will only expose my lack of job experience. Hiring me will mean training a rookie to do that job which I think most companies would rather hire someone that has experience. If am called for a second interview this will only show am the weak candidate, because they will issues a series of test such as using excel, data entry and some other things. Now am a beginner when it come to excel and a rookie when it comes to using the latest version of word, excel, powerpoint. Kind of hard to stay current on the latest technology when you are unemployed.

I would like to end this post with a question about interviewing for job.  Do you have a hard time make eye contact with the person interviewing you?  I find it difficult making eye contact with the interviewer. When do, i feel strange, like if my eye are pulling be away to look somewhere else. It a weird feeling, like if I going to black out.  I think the next time I interview I might not wear my glasses.

2nd job interview for 2015

Today I had my 2nd job interview for 2015. Yes! only had 2 interview since we start 2015. Applying here and there, just never get the email or phone call. Today job interview was at one of the local university which I’ve applied to several positions for the past three years. The position I was being interview for was for a record and data admission position.
So you are probably wondering how did the interview go. I think it went okay, but the only thing that bugs me the most are some of the questions they ask you. Before the interview started, the lady that was doing the interview says I need to ask you some questions just to get to know you a little more and see if you’ll fit in. I understand it all part of the process, but for me I think asking me those questions you’ll never know who I am as a person. I really feel the only way you can really know who I am is for you be around me. Of course I did answer all her questions with the best answer I could give for each question. The questions that I struggle with the most are those situational, behavior questions. Not the one on what would you do or how would you respond to a situation, but questions such as these: Whats one positive and negative things your last boss would say about you?
Something else that is bugging me about the interview was that it was schedule for next week, but the lady called me on Tuesday saying that she has an opening today(Friday) if I would like to come in. I said, yes I could come in on Friday, but when thinking about it some more, maybe they already decided on a candidate. It make sense since today  I ask her when they would make their decisions and notify the candidate they been selected.  Her response was by this coming Monday. Also this position is still posted on their human resources site, so that probably not a good sign that I will be the candidate pick for the job.

Half way done with 2015

So we are a few days of being half way done with 2015 and the heat is on in south Texas.  So far, am still plugging away in submitting job applications, but continue to receive those email rejection letters such as this one:

After careful review and consideration of the applications received for the position of Human Resources Assistant, the hiring department selected candidates whose qualifications closely match the requirements of the position. Though you are not a finalist, we appreciate the time and effort you expended in the process, and we appreciate your interest in employment at Incarnate Word University. We wish you future success in fulfilling your personal and professional goals and encourage you to watch our web page for future opportunities.

A listing of other job openings and qualifications are available online at https://jobs.uiw.edu/ .


University of the Incarnate Word


Going into 2015, was hoping to be invited to more interviews and get a job offer, but so far only have had one interview so far.

Lately, to get my mind off of the job search and rejection letters, I’ve been reading and just doing some art drawing.  Am one my 2nd book and half way done.  It taking me awhile to finish, since I consider myself a slow reader and I like to make sure am processing everything that am reading. You know, make sure I know what am reading and what going on.  As for the art, I decided to change it up a little from portrait drawing to just drawing whatever comes to mind or I see.  I’ve also started using color pencil just to experiment. What do you think?

color pencil drawing.polaroid camera