A month into the job

It will be a month that I began working at my new job.  Awhile it only a temporary part-time position, I’ve been learning a lot.  Am an administrative associate for a University counseling service, mental health services.  If a student is feeling stress, having trouble in school or home, thinking of killing themselves, been a victim of sexual assault, this is where they can receive assistance.  I am the one checking-in students to see a counselor and the one that will answer phone calls from student wanting to seek services or are in crises. For the past weeks I’ve been learning the operations of the office plus the administrative task.  Since am new, I’ve already been “tested” if I could handle the front desk by myself. There been 3 times where I’ve been on own.  So far I’ve gotten good feed back from the staff that I’ve done a great job handling the front desk and answering phones.  It nice to finally show what I can do and that am capable to handling any challenges that are thrown my way.  Yes, I still have a lot to learn and areas I need to improve in like communicating the information to students about the services offered to enrolled students. Especially for those students visiting and seeking services for the first time.


am I curse?

Is there such a thing as being curse with bad luck with finding a job?  No matter what you do or how much you try to change your approach in finding a job, you’ll never find one nor get a job.  As my journey continues with looking for employment maybe I just one of those individual that will never find a job.  Are some people just unemployable?  Their skills, experiences, education, maybe their personality just doesn’t fit into the job labor force. Are employers being to picky with who they hire? It all about finding that employee that fit into their company 100% or at least close to it.

Maybe my resume is one of those odd looking resume employer don’t understand and get the wrong impressions.  My job have been in the educational field to the technical web savvy field with a little retail in between.  Doesn’t make a good attractive resume? Jumping around from one area to another plus have a degree in sociology doesn’t help at all.  Gives the impression I don’t know what I want to do career wise.
*my job experience on my resume. I can’t fit everything so I left the small detail like month and cities*
Pearson, Professional Scorer(this is always hard to explain)                                                                                                                                                                                         2011 – 2017
  •  Analyzed students responses if they answered prompt essay and score their response.
  • Remained neutral bias in reading student’s opinions and religious beliefs.
Northeast Independent School District, Substitute Teacher
                                                                                                                    2011 – 2015
  • Implemented teacher’s lesson plans awhile having the ability to improvise and be flexible when necessary.
  • Determined appropriate consequences for inappropriate student behavior and write a report for the teacher about class events.
  • Maintained effective classroom management strategies and applied advance teaching capabilities in all subject areas.
University of Texas at Austin, Undergraduate teacher assistant
                                                                                                                      2006 – 2008
  • Provided technical support to 30+ students learning about web applications during office hours via instant messenger or email.
  • Communicated effectively to non-technical students on debugging HTML and CSS code via instant messenger.
  • Worked with teaching faculty to aid in proctoring exams
The University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Just reflecting

Here we are, already September 1, 2015.  It wasn’t that long ago that we had just started a New Year with new goals, things that we want to accomplish for the new year.  All of a sudden we are 4 months away to ending 2015 and start a New Year.  For me 2015 hasn’t gone the way I wanted it to go.  I had made it my goal to find a full-time job this year, but with 8 months out of 12 already gone, haven’t had any luck.  I’ve only had 1 phone call and 1 interview this year. Edited my resume and cover-letter, submitted it in for a job opening and repeat the process for the next job posting I find. To sum up what my life been like job hunting this video sum it up pretty good.

1st job interview for 2015

Yesterday I got my first phone call for a job interview at a local University.  I really can’t remember the last time I got a phone call to come in for a interview.  It must be like a year or two ago since I’ve been invited to a interview.  Today, I had that interview for a Student Record Analyst position, so if hire, I would be working in the Register Office inputting grades and all that good stuff that goes on your school transcript.  I felt okay with the interview even through a lot of question were situation questions like if you get done with all your work, what would you do?  Describe a time when you have difficulties with a co-work and how did you handle it?

The requirements for this job position were

1. Require at least 30-60 college hours

2. Minimum of one year relevant experience in an office setting.  Prefer a candidate with an understanding of a university or college student services environment.

3. Experience in acknowledging policies and standard practices that deal with sensitive and/or confidential information.

4. Experience in Colleague (especially WebAdvisor and/or Gradebook) or other student service software strongly preferred.

Proficient use of Microsoft Office software to include Word, Excel, and Outlook.

The one thing out of those 4 requirements that I lack is #4.  Other then that am okay with everything else.  Piece of cake! right, I should be able to get this job, but I get this gut feeling that they will hire someone else.  My reason for that is when I look around the office, I notice it was all female staff.  Not one  single male working there.  So they might prefer to hire a female, which happened to be the next person they were interviewing.  When I left there was  a young beautiful female walking towards the office dress in a professional blue dress.  Kind of wiered because I to was wearing a blue dress shirt with black slack.  The other bad feeling I get, is they might be looking for someone with data entry experience.  Someone that has shown they can entry data correctly, since this person will be entering students grades, transfer credits and other information.  Here the job description for the position:

JOB SUMMARY:   Working under the supervision of the Assistant Registrar the Student Records Analyst (SRA) is responsible for day to day functions to assist in the coordination of activities of the Registrar’s Office.  In consultation with the Registrar and other staff members within a client orient environment the SRA contributes to the operations within the department including but not limited to processing grades, analyzing and entering external transcripts for transfer credit equivalency. Assists in front desk coverage to ensure customer service satisfaction. Using effective communication, problem-solving and analytical skills the SRA provides accurate information and data.  The ability to interpret policies and standard practices that deal with information that is confidential is crucial.

Coordinates all Grading Activities

Ensures accuracy of online grade submission and enters grades submitted manually by faculty.
Prepares and distributes early grade rosters for graduating students to ensure completion of degree requirements.
Prepares grade verification letters and mid-term advisee grade reports to all advisors for traditional undergraduate students.
Processes grade changes and ensures security and accuracy of data. Notifies student, advisor, and instructor of changes.
Problem solves issues related to grades.

Evaluation of Transfer Credit Equivalency

Evaluates and enters transfer hours for last names (A-L).
Evaluate and enters transfer hours for last names (A-L) related to new students undergoing Admission process.

Other duties as assigned.


Crossing fingers and toes, and hope for the best:)

Daily Prompt: To Big To Fail

Too Big To Fail

Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).

Since I haven’t been successful in finding full-time employment here in the U.S. I would go and try teaching aboard.  I think I would try and teach in Japan or South Korea, basically somewhere in that area.  Why would I want to teach aboard, beside working, to travel.  I would love the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures and meet the people. Since I’ve been on this earth, I haven’t left the state that am in.  I just don’t understand how people these days travel so much and not go financially broke.

Why haven’t I tried teaching aboard?  I currently have student loan debt and just not sure if I’ll make enough to make payments awhile working aboard.  That the only thing holding be back and my 4 legs little friends who I can’t leave behind, after they have learn to trust me.  Beside that I am not afraid of leaving home and family.

The Cover letter challenge

As I continue my hunt for a full-time job, reading the job descriptions and scrolling to the bottom of the page to see that a cover letter is required for the job application.  The first word that pops in my head is, “Damn!”.  I hate cover letters, it not having to write them, it more that a person such as myself faces a difficult task in trying to make myself marketable with little job experience.  How can my cover letter compete against other people’s cover letter who may have far more experience and have something to show for it?  Me, yes I have some work experience, but nothing to show for it. Well this is short post because got to get back and write a cover letter.



Blogging101:Targeting your dream audience

1327998356793088076-300x300Today I received my first email rejection job letter for 2015 for a job I applied to about a week ago.  This job was for a receptionist position at Whataburger corperate headquates here in San Antonio, Texas. Am not upset that I got the notice because I know there will be more to come as I continue to apply to other job positions. As I continue my job hunting journey I would like to address all employers and human resource staff who make the decision on who they should interview, hire and those the look over the resume.

First, I would like to ask, how does one get “experience” if companies don’t give anyone a chance to gain that work experience? How did you get the work experience that gave you the job position you have today?  Someone gave you that opportunity to gain the work experience.  Well that is the only way am I going to get that experience.  Maybe my resume doesn’t look  interesting and I admit that I don’t have that work experience that can show you what I can do and the potential that I have if you were to hire me.  All I know is that I am capable to doing any job, am always willing to learn and train myself to new things.  I taught myself how to code in html and css and took a swimming class 3 time, just to learn how to swim.  I may not have the work experience, but I have a great professional work ethnic.  Besides being a hard worker, am always on time, and just willingness to adjust to any rapid changing environment.



Goals for 2015

Hi everyone, as we start a New Year we all have goals that we tell our self  of what we want to do and accomplish.  Some might be personal goals such as losing weight, maybe traveling to another country or some of you might have professional goals like moving to a higher position within your company or begin your own business.  Well, my goals for 2015 is finding Full-Time Employment.  Currently, am a substitute teacher for a local school district and I also score assessment test for a company called Pearson. If you are wondering what kind of test, all those test the kids must take in school.

Why is my goal for 2015 to find full-time employment? I graduated from UT-Austin in 2008 and since then haven’t been able to find work.  It been six and a half years.  I filled out applications, submitted my resume, had a couple of interviews, but never got a job offer. Reason why I didn’t a job offer or don’t get called for an interview? In my opinion, I think it because I lack real world experience. How does one get real world experience if no one hires them?  The work I do now, is okay, but it not a stable job.   Substitute teachers are only called up when the school needs them, so you don’t know when you’ll be working and the other job scoring assessment test is about the same thing, it not stable.

If I can accomplish my goal in finding full-time employment, my next goal would be start saving up and do some traveling.  I don’t know how people travel so much without going broke.  Anyone willing to share their secret in traveling so much? How can you afford it?