Jury Duty

Jury Duty, we all gotten that letter, summon you to be at the court house at 8am in the morning to be a potential jury.  On Monday that where I was.  It my 2nd time being summoned and having to show up.  I do remember my mom calling me when I was going to school that I was called up for jury duty, lucky enough that was a excuse to be dismissed.

Well Monday morning, showed up at the court house, and when through all the security screening.  I did have my small bag with me which I had all my stuff to hopefully keep me busy if I wasn’t called.  A book to read and my sketchbook along with some color pencils and black drawing pens.  Followed everyone else to the jury room, turn in my paper, took a sit and await for everyone to take their sit.  Then the judge came in, gave a little speech and swore everyone in. There was 30 minute wait until they started calling people and for some reason I had a feeling they would call me. The first group of 65 people they called, I was number 4.  Out of those 65 people, 12 would be selected to be a jury member in a aggravated assault case.  The judge hearing the case was the same one who swore us in.

So 65 of us waited outside the court room, for more then 30 minutes.  Watching people passing by as they exited the building or going through the metal detectors and screen by the security guards.  Looking at the people coming out entering and exiting the court room thinking that was the person to tell us, you are all dismissed or that they are ready for us to enter the court room.  Seeing attorneys talking to their clients in the hallways.  We were called in by a security guard, entering the room, seeing both the defense council and prosecutor standing in front of the room with the judge behind them.  It was a weird feeling since I was sitting front row only to later hear that I along with the rest of people sitting front row have the best chance of being one of the 12 members that are going to be select.

In the next hour or so both prosecutor and defense will be questioning us and just walking us through the process of what assault is and the punishment. Trying to see what people opinions are and how they feel about punishment and sentencing someone, to our bias against the defense client, to witness, and police officer.  My whole thought process was not to say anything.  I didn’t want to stand out, but both council mention that it usually the quiet ones that get selected.  That really didn’t change my mind about not speaking out.  It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, I had nothing to say or to ask.  This was a whole new experience for me and a lot of the information was just not sticking in my head.  We were dismissed for lunch and am sure just like me, there were people wondering if they would be pick and just like me am sure there were a lot of people who didn’t want to be pick.

Everyone return from lunch and all 65 of us waited and watched people going by.  Then the security guard came out and everyone attention was toward him.  Hoping to hear good news that we were going to be let go, but the guard was just asking us for our jury pin that we were giving earlier in the morning.  From across the hall someone ask him is this a good sign, the guard reply maybe.  Again we waited for a few minutes and again the guard come out and call out a name.  We saw the guard along with this individual disappear behind the courtroom doors.  After about 5 minutes that person came out, but again the guard came out.  Everyone eyes focus on him, but the guard call another person name and they disappeared behind the courtroom doors.

The person came out after five minutes in the courtroom.  My mind was wondering if these were some of the people who spoke out during the defense and prosecutor questions.  Was it something in their response that they weren’t sure or were they being told they were selected to be one of 12 jurors.  The guard appear again this time telling all us to come in and just to sit where ever. As everyone pour into the court, no one dared to sit in the front row.  I guess no one want to be called or take the chance to be assign a jury sit.  I sat on the second row and as everyone us was finding and taking a sit, the guard said in my direction we know who you are.  Then the judge said some final words along with both state council and defense.  The judge gave some directions, that if your name is called to come sit to the left side of the room where 12 sits awaited. Names being called, I wasn’t sure if they were by number or by last name.  The third name they called out was a lady that was sitting next to me, she was number 3.  After that I was listening to the last name being call and after the 8th juror called, I was sure I wasn’t going to be pick.  It was a relief that I didn’t hear my name.  Then the judge thank everyone for their time, honestly and he was going to dismiss us for the day.  The guard mention we wouldn’t be dismiss and we all need to report back the the jury room.  The judge was a surprise since that has never happen since he been judge. At the same time as the guard said, “report to the jury room” a female clerk walk in waving in the air a piece of paper that was our ticket that we were done for the day. We were officially dismissed from jury duty.  We all could go home with the exception of the 12 people called.



Volunteering, it great that people do this to help a cause or something they have a passion for. What I don’t agree about volunteering is having to do it just to get work related experience.  With that said, sometime at the end of October I decided to volunteer at the center library.  I decide to volunteer, because my job hunt to find a job isn’t leading to any job offers. Why the library? Well it that was my second option and my first option was a museum.  When museum received my background check the volunteer position I had discussed with the volunteer coordinator was already filled.  They had another position but i wasn’t interest in.  So I decide to volunteer at the library. Honestly I don’t know what I will get out of it cause getting a job there is very competitive.  I convince myself, what do I have to loose except two hours of my time. So for that past month I volunteer one day out of the week for two hours at the library.

So far the duties I’v done are pulling books off the shelves that the computer system has listed missing and are going to be “retired”. These retired books are removed from the system and sent to the library store where the public may buy them for a few cents or a dollar.  I think they also give them out to schools or organization in need of books, but not to sure about that. The other task I’ve done is checking each service desk has the supply they need like pens, pencil and small scrap paper.


Concerts, loud music, big crowds, people going crazy over their favorite band and/or the good looking singer on the stage.  Maybe it the drummer for you.  I don’t really go to concerts.  Not sure why, but it isn’t because of the crowds or the noise. In all my life I’ve only been to one concert which was to an Iron Maiden concert.  Yes am a fan of hard rock.  Grew up with it since my older bother and his friends listened to it. Actually I enjoy listening to many different types of music, even classical.

This past weekend I went to a concert or a music festival.  The Final Four games were in town and my little sister heard that a certain band was playing.  Maroon 5, never heard of them, but I know I’ve heard their music before.  Well she wanted to go and had no one else to go with, so I tag along.  Not because of the band, but just so she wasn’t alone walking at night. We got there and there was already a line of people waiting to get into the venue.  O this was a free concert so there were already people inside the venue.  After a good 10 to 15 minutes waiting we start to hear they closed the gate.  The venue was filled to capacity.  Bummer! People still waited but after being told by the police they weren’t going to let people in, they decided to leave.  Many didn’t go home and neither did we.  People walk to the side of the fence which is a street that was closed off for the event and waited for the band to play.  Young and older girl dissappointed to not be part of the crowd and have a view of the stage.  Me on the other didn’t mind we stayed.  I could have told my sister let go cause am not a big fan of the band, but didn’t want what she spent on parking to go to waste.

So the time came, the band got on stage and people cheering from inside the venue.  Even though we, along with several hundred of people standing outside the fence cheered. Well I didn’t cheer. People excited once the band started playing. Cell phone in the air, record what they could get on video.  Girls taking selfie, singing along, moving the body as they were high on drugs.  The funny part was the older guys just there cause their wives /girlfriends / daughters are fans.  Two guys behind me, just talking about life, growing up.  Nothing about the music, probably wishing they were home drinking a beer. I was just being an observer / body guard, letting my sister enjoy the moment. Watching the girls to the left of me, dancing and then noticing the girls in front of me taking a selfie and was it the photo.  Damn! I hate when that happens. O well, but I wish I had brought my camera just to practice some night photography.

After a hour and half the show came to a conclusion.   A fireworks show and people walking to their cars or apartments.

Do you still get the kid treatment?

How many of you are still treated like you are 14 years old by your parents even though you are an adult?  You are in your late twenties or early thirties and they still call you when you are out and about to see if you are okay or to ask you when you are going home.  Continue reading “Do you still get the kid treatment?”

Part 2 – Haircut

Part 1 – Haircut

photo-1455824116325-29097b5f6366We all remember our early teenage years when we began to discover ourselves, when self-image was important and is still is today.  When you wanted to look cool in front of you friends. You began to experiment with different trends.

For me at this time I began to look for a different hair cut style.  My hair would grow out fast and I no longer wanted to get a boy’s hair cut. At one time awhile getting a hair cut, the hair stylist cutting my hair that made it look like flat top hair cut.  It wasn’t bad, but I was glad that my hair grew out fast.  My older brother would introduce me to his hair cut style, a fade hair cut.  A fade is a low maintenance hair cut style.  It stuck with me since middle, through high school and college and I continue to get that same hair cut style today.  Its the only hair style that fits me and I don’t see myself switching to any other hair cut style, unless I go bald. During my teenage years it became a routine to cut my hair every two weeks. Why every two weeks? I just can’t stand having my hair grow out. It feel like I have pressure on my head, but when I cut it, I feel relieved and refreshed. Every two weeks usually corresponded with the day my dad got paid.  At that time it only costed six or seven dollars to cut my hair.  Today the price has risen to twelve dollars.

I also met my hair stylist who was a lady that would cut my hair during my teenage years, when I would come home to visit from college and she still cuts my hair today.  She been cutting my hair for about 21 years and has seen me grow up. When I sit down on the chair, she knows exactly what hair cut am getting, but she does ask just to make sure.  She is awesome nice lady who is a favorite among both male and female customers. It will be strange when the time comes that I would have to look for another hair stylist. I’ve only had to do that once, which was when I was living in Austin, Texas and found these four out going and friendly ladies that cut hair near campus. During the time I lived there, 3 out of the four ladies had cut my hair. It not that I didn’t want her to cut my hair or she didn’t want to, it that there was always one of the three ladies available to cut my hair. The fourth lady was always nice and very busy with her customers.

Dancing: Part I

How did I get so interested in dancing or to be more specific, salsa dancing. Well  before I answer that let me tell you a little secret.  I never knew how to dance nor was I taught when I was growing up.  You would think your parents would teach their kids how to dance, if they know themselves.  I know my parents do because  I’ve  seen them do it at weddings and at my cousin quinceanera.  Quinceanera! that brings up memories when I was the trick in standing in one, but never told  I had to dance. I was just about 7  and was shy and really wasn’t into the whole dancing thing.  I remember feeling like Frankenstein, very stiffed and not having a clue on what I was doing. As I moved on through my teenage years, I avoided any dance related activities.  Just was scared and felt lost of not knowing how to dance.  The only dance related activities I didn’t skip was prom. I did dance once, but it was that free style dance which I probably look stupid since I had no rhythm and look like a robot.

I had hope that was the last time I would dance, but that didn’t happen.  Summer came and I was soon in the middle of a freshman orientation where I had to spend the night in the dorms for a few days.  During that time I found myself dancing again with a girl I didn’t know during a dance for incoming freshmen.  Again felt lost and stiff because it was the free style dance.  Soon, I found myself living in that same dorm room, living away from my parents and a new world to explore on my own.  One night I was walking the campus at night as my friend went off partying or getting hazed by their fraternity.  I walked into a building with a ballroom where they were teaching salsa to a large group before a dance. I have to admit, it got me curious for a moment which got the attention of the girl watching the front door.  Asking me, would l like to come in, but I refused and continued my evening walk around campus.

Going solo!

Last weekend I finally have the nerve of going to the movie theater on my own. Oh! I watched Star Wars:The Force Awakening, which was a awesome movie. I don’t know, but to me there just something weird about going to the movies by yourself.  Don’t you think? When I think, going to the movies, you go with family, friends, or your boy/girlfriend. Maybe it just me. Going solo wasn’t bad at all even though there were a lot people together.  I did see a few people who were there by themselves, which made me feel better.  Most of them were guys, who probably just like me couldn’t find anyone to come with them. They probably prefer to go by themselves since it saves them some money. For me, I don’t mind spending the extra money just to have a friend along.  Do you go the movies solo or with someone? Do you have preference?

Part 1: Haircut

Do you remember your first haircut? Most guys probably do remember 351643c24b951ae288738db36e902901their first haircut.  Your parents taking you to the barbershop  and you having to sit on their lap awhile the barber cuts your hair.  Maybe you sat on that special seat for kids that raised you a little higher for the barber to cut your hair.  Where you one of those kids that cried and screamed because you didn’t want to cut your hair or were just afraid?  I remember I was one of those kids. I hated going to get my haircut. My dad would take my older brother and I to one of those old school barbershop.  Today I still remember the place and the experience.

Walking in and to the right, light green chairs, stack against the wall. To the left as you entered an antique cash register.  As you looked towards the wall a long mirror and beneath it a long counter top with dresser drawers and a sink.  I remember there were four old gentlemen, each sitting in their 360 rotating chair which was in front of the long mirror.  The one thing that stood out to me about this barbershop was an old school Budweiser sign, along with airplane models made out of beer cans, right above the soda machines.

My dad would walk me to one of the four gentlemen and pick me up onto the special seat and tell the gentlemen, “a boys haircut.” I would sit there listening to the sound of scissors, cutting my hair.  Feeling his hand go through my hair, grabbing pieces of it between his two fingers and cutting it.  The worst part was when he would rotate the chair so I was facing the long mirror and seeing my sad face. The sad face of a boy who didn’t want a haircut.  Before the barber finished, he would go to a small machine that would release a white foam, shaving cream.  Putting it on the back of my neck, feeling nice and warm, then using one of those razor knife or shaving knifes to shave the hair on the back of my neck.  Once done using a warm paper towel to clean off any remaining shaving cream. Taking one last look in the mirror and saying, “all done!” My dad coming to help me off the special set and telling me to go sit down awhile he gets a hair cut.

Feeling awkward

On a normal Saturday after a busy week with school assignments and term papers, Mike tags along with his friend Andrea to the mall.  Both have been friends since their arrival as freshman at the University. Mike not really interested in shopping since the majority of the department store don’t carry big and tall..  He follows his friend and keeps her company as she wonders through the mall. After visiting their 2nd store, Andrea say, “hey! I need to stop here.” Mike looks at the store and see that it Victoria Secret.  He says, “okay”, but I’ll wait out here for you.  Andrea says, no, I don’t want you out here waiting for me.  Feeling hesitant, he walk with her into the store.  A feeling of awkwardness overwhelm him that he the only guy in the store, not sure what he should do or look at. His friend shopping for bras, should he ask can I help with find anything, not knowing that much about picking out the right bra.  Except that bra sizes are in cups.  Standing near his friend, watching her sort through the bras, all different colors, looks, and she hold one in her left hand. Andrea, very attractive girl, watching as she move her body from rack to rack.  She has an average female body with some curves, but not those slim curves.  Her boobs are not small nor big, but somewhere in the between that a hand can cupple her breast. Her bra that currently under her shirt make them have a round perky shape.  Then he hear her,  hey Mike!, am going to try this on.  She walk toward that fitting room with several bras in her right hand.  He say okay and wait near the fitting room entrance.  Awhile waiting, he tries to find something to look at,  a sign or ad to look at or read then watching all these women shopping for undergarments. Getting bombard with stares by these women, some young, others old like if he trespassed into their territory. Then looking inside the fitting room, he see his friend coming out and says, “alright just let me put these back and pay for these.”  As they walk back from the rack, Andrea says, “I think my boobs grew a cup size or two.”  “The size I wear don’t fit me that good, so I had to go up a cup size up.”  In his mind, do I need to know that, but give her a big smile as they wait for the store associate.

Before I die I want to….

38710026Am sure you seen these chalk board that say, “Before I die I want to” and then you write using chalk what you want to do.  Well wrote what I want to do before I die. That is to travel to one city in all 7 continents.  Well those continents that have cities.  Traveling is one of my goals that I would like to do.  Why? I am interested in other cultures, the history, the people who live in those cities/towns, and of course just the scenery.  Some of the place that I would love to travel to are:

  • Italy to visit Pompeii.  I am fascinated by volcanoes and the importance they are to our plant, but also the destruction they can cause not only to cities and town, but what they can do to our climate.
  • South America Panama.  Not sure if they allow tourist to visit the Panama canal, but it would be cool just to see it and maybe take a few pictures.  The Panama canal history of how it came about and the just building it is so mind-blowing.  For man to be able to cut through miles of land and to remove tons of dirt to build a canal to connect the Pacific to the Atlantic. Not to mention the lives lost building it because of disease.

As for other place that I would like travel to are Japan, China, South Korea, the Philippines, Turkey.  There a lot, but if I need to narrow it down, places that have a history of World War II especially in the Pacific.

Today the one thing that is holding me back from reaching my goal of traveling is money.  I don’t have a job, so I can’t save and the reason why I don’t have job is because employers out there don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t have any work experience.  I just pray someone will give me an opportunity to prove myself that I can do whatever they throw at me.

So I leave you this question.  Before I die I want to ___________________