Book # 10: Beartown

This is my second book that I’ve read by author Fredrik Backman, Beartown.  The other book I read was My grandmother asked me to tell you she’s sorry.  Beartown is a small town whose community care about there passion for hockey and their junior ice hockey team.  Competing in the national semifinals  game has a lot at stake for the town and for it best player Kevin.  For Kevin this is an opportunity to leave a small town and go pro.  For the town its a chance to be recognize again as the best hockey town and to bring attention to the town.

With so much pressure on the shoulder of one player is to much to bear for a teenager. It a chain reaction that lead up to a violent act on a younger girl. An act that turns the town against the young girl and their only interest is what best for the town and hockey.


Book #6 The German Girl

The German Girl by Armando Lucas Correa.  Not sure where to begin with this book except that it an awesome book. A young girl Hannah Rosenthal introduces us to the world that she is living in.  A world that hate her for who she is, for who her family is.  The only person who accept her is a boy name, Leo Martin.  With thing getting worst her family make the decision to leave to leave Germany on a transatlantic liner name SS St. Louis along with Leo Martin’s family. Their destination Cuba where the Rosenthal family and Martin family have obtain Visas to enter the country.

Decades later in New York city a young girl, Anna Rosen get a strange package from an unknown relative in Cuba.  Her great-aunt Hannah. Anna and her mother travel to Cuba to learn more about their family past and their trip from Germany to Cuba.

3rd Book: What so Proud We Hailed

For my third book of the New Year 2017, I decided to change it up a little and read about an important person in our nation history. The book called, What so Proud We Hailed by Marc Leepson.   A biography about the life of Francis Scott Key.  Key is the founder who wrote our national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner.  He wrote the song from his observation during the battle at Fort McHenry or known as the Battle of Baltimore.

I wanted to read a book about Francis Scott Key from recent event in 2016 the dealt with our national anthem.  Pro athletes deciding to knee during the national anthem, people calling it racist and that Key was a racist himself because he came from a family who owned slaved and owned a few himself.

There a lot of history discuss in this book.  What I got out of it personally was the Francis Scott Key wasn’t a racist. Yes, he was born in a family that had slave, he marry his wife whose family owned large plantation fields and owned many slaves.  Keys owned only a few himself, but from the historical context, that how life was.  It was the norm for that time, where today we know its wrong.  Key represented many black slaves in court who were legally free, but wrongfully taken across states line to states where slavery was legal.  Francis Scott Key did a lot for slaves whether you agree with it or not.  At the same time he also prosecute slaves accordingly to the law.

There a lot more that you can judge the man’s character from, but you can’t deny that he did a lot for slaves and had an important role in the early years of the United States.

1st Book of 2017: The Alliance

the-alliance-book-cover-683x1024The Alliance by Jolina Petersheim, a novel that you will enjoy if you’re interested in the end of the world apocalypse that is not a zombie apocalypse scenario.  Moses a pilot, whose small planes crashes just outside a small community because of power failure.  Leora a resident within this small community witness the crash and not aware that her life and community is going to change.  Two different groups of people are going to be tested and their beliefs will be challenge as they begin to learn why Moses crashed near their community.  In a apocalypse world your beliefs will be challenge to the limit.  With resources running thin and people holding strong to their belief, it up to Moses along with a few outside to convince the community what to comes and the danger that approaches their community.



Book #5: Death in Salem

death-in-salem-by-eleanor-kuhns-1466874945Death in Salem, by Eleanor Kuhns.  When I first saw this book at the Library I thought this might be something about the salem witch trails. Well no, but it was a great book to read.

Will Rees traveling and visiting Salem looking to buy something special for his wife who is back at home looking after their children and is expecting a new addition to the family.  Awhile in Salem, Rees comes upon a funeral procession for Mrs. Anstiss Boothe.  At the same time he run into a old friend, Twig who fought with him in the war.  Rees learns about Anstiss illness that lead to her death and meets Mr.Boothe.  On his return home, Rees is chase down by his friend Twig to tell him that Mr. Boothe was Murder and the women he love is a suspect.  Twig ask his old friend to help solve Mr.Boothe murder. Rees decide to help his friend and takes charge to solve the msytery death of Mr.Boothe. As he investigate and question people about Mr. Boothe he learns there a lot of history between the Boothe family and the family of Mrs. Anstiss.

Book #3 Collector of Secrets

1940610338I finished my 3rd book for 2016,Collectors of Secrets by Richard Goodfellow.  An American, Max Travers working aboard in Japan teaching english and in love with a beautiful Japanese girl.  His boss, Yoko a manipulative woman who withhold Max’s passport that he need to return home.  Max decided to breaking into his boss office to retrieve his passport, but walks into a burglary taking place. Max escape this burglary, but accidentally take an old diary which Yoko father has had in his possession for several years.  Max unaware of the importance of the diary is now being hunted by the Yakuza who will do whatever is necessary to get that diary, even kill. Max is now on the run not only from police, but the Yakuza and a secret American who works for a highly position officials and will kill to get their hands on the diary. It is now life and death and in order to survive, Max must solve the diary’s secret.

Book #2: The Dead Assassin

510jVt407BLI’ve been slacking off in reading lately and some of the books I’ve been reading, have not kept my attention to keep on reading them.  Today, I finally finished my second book, The Dead Assassin by Vaughn Entwistle. I will be honest, I’ve never read any of Sherlock Homes books or Frankstein books, but when reading this book that what I felt I was reading. If you were to take both of those books and put them together that will basically give you an idea of what to expect in reading The Dead Assassin. Of courses there more, but wouldn’t want to spoil the fun and enjoyment of reading this book.

Conan Doyle a famous writer is summoned to assist in a horrible crime scene involving a highly government official.  Calling on his friend Oscar Wilde to assist him in solving this crime, both are caught in the middle of something that is much bigger and stranger then just your ordinary crime scene. Conan and Wilde discovery that there a plot to assassin other highly government officials, but learn that the killer is someone or something the disobeys the laws of nature. Their knowledge of this information put their family and their friend lives in danger.

Book #1 for 2016:The Silence of Ghosts

silenceofghostI’ve completed reading my first book of 2016.  I started off the New Year reading a horror ghost book. It called, The Silence of Ghosts by Jonathan Aycliffe.  Why did I pick this book to start my reading goal for 2016?  This book takes place during World War II, which is one of my favorite history topic that I like to read and talk about.  Also the history channel is one of tv channel I like to watch.  Well just to give you a brief summary this book take place during World War II and a young boy, Dominic Lancaster enlisted in the Navy where he is injured in battle and has one of his leg amputated. He is sent home to recover from his injury, but the bombing in Europe by the Nazi blitz has increased.  His parents, send him along with his deaf sister Octavia to an abandon family home on the shores of Ullswater. There, Dominic meets his new nurse, Rose who will assistance him in recovery from his war injury.  Rose and Dominic become great friend which lead to a romantic relationship, but at the same time, Octavia begin hearing voices and seeing children within the house. Dominic and Rose not sure what to do about house, but suddenly Octavia becomes ill.  Dominic return to parents home and begin researching his family history, along with the history of the estate and his father business.  Discovering that there a dark evil that not only threaten his sister, but Rose and himself.

I finished this book in two days and I was glued to keep on reading especially when Dominic seeking answer to what going on in the house.

Book #6: The Nakeds

This is my 6th book that I’ve read, and am trying to figure out how to write a post for the books I finish reading.  Should it be a short summary and if I like it or didn’t. Maybe just the big issues/topics I see in the book.

The Nakeds by Lisa Glatt an interesting book if you are one curious about TheNakedsLargehuman sexuality, body image, family, and nudity.  I say interesting because in college I took several courses that dealt with sexuality such as Latina sexuality and human sexuality. There was always an interesting conversations during class. These are classes that you could easily get a “A” in if you did all the readings and the assignments.

Body image, being ashamed, nudity, sexuality, these are all tied together throughout the book. A little girl who is ashamed of her injured leg that is wrap in a cast because of a drunk driver hitting her. She uncomfortable within her own body because one leg doesn’t look like the other.  Uncomfortable being nude with other nude people after her mom and step-father introduce her to a nude camp.

Am sure some of us can relate to the little girl in some way where we are uncomfortable with our body or a certain part. There are some of us who don’t come from a family that doesn’t mind being nude in front of each other because of several reasons.  One reason is that the nude body is a sexual object.  Just like the issue with breast feed in public, it a normal natural thing, but people sexualize the female breast.

Just some of other interesting things that book covers is keeping secrets.  Secrets that you don’t want people to know about you or about your family. In the book you will look into the world of the individual who was driving drunk and hits the little girl.  Never stopping to checking to see if she was alright or call for help.  Just leave her on the street to die and struggling living with that.




Book #5: Ship of the Dead

Book #5 complete. Ship of The Dead by John L. Campbell. I really did like51f8bkRarFL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ this book, very exciting, action pack, and keep you want to continue reading. Ship of the Dead is about a group of people who have survived the end of the world, zombies. Taking place in the west coast, California a group of survivors seeking safety and shelter, take on a suicide mission of reclaiming the USS Carrier Nimitz that is over run by zombies. Leaded by a Rosa a emt and a navy reservist, along with a few other characters, take the task of killing the zombies that harbor the ship. Zombies are not the only problem they encounter on the ship, but a few of their crew members are a threat to the group and the success in completing their mission. If you read the book, am curious about what happen at the end, since the author leave you with somewhat a big question mark or somewhat of a cliff-hanger. Is the crew that now lives aboard the USS Nimitz safe or is there still a threat to be dealt with.