Discover Prompt Day 9: Pairs

I own a pair of 35mm SLR film cameras that I take with me during my walks around downtown.  Well before this whole social distancing and sheltering in place took into effect.  One is a Nikon FM10 and another is a Canon AE-1 and they are film cameras. During my walk, I have one in my hand and the other in my backpack.  One is load with color film and the other is loaded with black and white.  Why do I carry them both load with film?

Sometime there are moments when you are photography, your subject looks better if photograph in color and other time it look better in black and white.  The majority of the time I am shooting in black and white film.  Taking photos of people who are also walking in the downtown area and events that are going on in the downtown area.

Carry a pair of film camera, you can never go wrong which one to use that people will compliment you about the camera.  Some will say, “I like your camera”, other will say, “is that a film camera.”  Other time people will say they use to shoot film and still have their camera.  My reply is, this is the best time to get right back into it.


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