Reflecting last few days of 2020


The journey isn’t over yet, even as we soon to welcome in a new year, but hopefully 2021 isn’t as depressing and rough as 2020. As we approach the last few days of 2020, many of us will be reflecting on this journey that we’ve all been experiencing, the pandemic. Its been a tough journey for everyone and it will be one that will never be forgotten. Who would have thought that we would be able to say that we lived threw a pandemic and add it to our life resume experience. 

Since the beginning of the year I’ve not only been blogging about this pandemic and my personal experience like many bloggers around the world, but I’ve also been keeping a journal. Writing and sketching. It something that has kept me mentally focus since this whole pandemic started and we entered a world of social distancing and wearing a mask. Looking threw my journal entries, am still unsure how to process and reflect what has happen these past 9 months. Am still unsure how this pandemic has effected me, personally. Has it change me? Have I grown? Is that kind of strange? Maybe two years from now, I know, but am sure re-reading my journal entries and my blog posting will be interesting. From the beginning of the pandemic when I was looking for a job, when the world was hoarding and looking for toilet paper, my birthday, finding a job was possible during a pandemic to the present day.

Where ever you may be reading this post, I hope you are well.  Please, seek help if you are struggle during these tough time.

3 thoughts on “Reflecting last few days of 2020

  1. It is amazing you found a job during this pandemic, Michael. Such an inspiration. I hope the job is still going well for you. Also hope all is well with you…I heard on the news things are really bad in your part of the world. Please take care and stay safe. Wishing you a wonderful season.


    1. Hi Mabel, yes still at the job. Will be 6 months on monday. Here in south texas cases are up but deaths are low. CA is on lock down. I hear you guys have a new covid strain which should be in the U.S soon. Has there been an increase in cases in your area? Well take care and be safe. You and your family have a safe and happy holidays.


      1. That is good you are still at your job. So happy for you. We are doing okay here in Melbourne, Australia. Not many cases. The state next to us Sydney had an outbreak but looks to be under control which is great – and the new strain here is also under control. Who knows what will happen next. Stay safe, Michael 🙂


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