Hi guys, if you are reading this is public might want to wait until you are at home. Don’t want you ending up with a red face and tears in your eyes in front of strangers or maybe co-workers.

A week ago my family had to make a tough decision. It one those decision we wish we never had to make or anyone wants to make. We decided to put our friend, family member, our dog, Sunny to sleep. His little body couldn’t go any longer. I think he know it was his time to go even though none of us wanted him to go. That day he was in his chair that placed near the window. His favorite spot and I notice him acting differently. He look lost, but

was smiling, he looked happy and his eyes were just wide open. As if the angels were there with him, waiting to greet him to heaven. He was still responsive and we move him to the floor where he could lay down more comfortablely. Though out the day we notice we were losing him because he was not getting up. I believe that my other two dogs knew what was coming and said their good-byes. My sister took him to the vet that night where later in the night we got the news that there was nothing they could do for him and decided it was best to put him to sleep. It was a hard night for everyone. It was hard for me cause he was basicly my life these past 11 years. Taking care of him and my other two dogs, Lilly and Lady. Feeding him, giving him his doggy treats, his bath, check on him in the night and putting a blanket over his cold body. During the summer when it was only him, it was playing catch. During the spring and summer months you could hear him outside barking at the squirrels, looking up at the trees. Just watching him looking up at the tree hurt the back of my neck.

The next day that when it really hit me that he was gone. Outside with my other two dogs Lilly and Lady on a beautiful sunset upon us. As I watch my other dogs going about their business I was just thinking what he would be doing right now. Laying on the grass, rolling over to scratch his back. Walking around and do what ever dog do, mark their spot. I wanted to call his name, Sunny!, but knowing he wasn’t here with us anymore, hurt me. I will tell you I cried for the lost of my friend, but then I also knew he was enjoying himself in heaven. Young and with a lot of squirrels to catch and bark at.
Now am trying to move on. It a slow process because the house feel empty without him. His chair now empty with only his shed fur still on it. His bowl sitting there empty. Still haven’t clean it because it hurts that I can’t call him to come and eat. He was very picky about his food. Still have two other dogs that need my attention and I hope I can give them a great and fun doggy life.

Left to right: Left – Lady Hulk. bottom right -Lilly and top right -Sunny

Favorite TED talk

Every now and then I like to browse ted talk videos. It would be cool to do a ted talk, but what would I talk about. What would you talk about? Here are few of some of my favorite ted talks.

Didn’t know ted talk become stand up comedy.

Happy New Year 2018

2018, Happy New Year Bloggers and those visiting my blog. It that time to start fresh, set new goals,  re-new old ones and leave the bad times behind and focus on the future ahead. You can say 2017 was a crazy time if you’ve been paying attention to the news.

For me, try to always improve on the goals I set the previous year and add something to  it to make it a little challenging. I do have bigger goals, but with my current situation, I don’t list them. It would be just easier to focus my energy on those that are within reach.

1.Reading, read 12 books last year so I will make it my goal to read 20. Any suggestions on “must” read books?

2. Health is always important to me and should be for everyone. Last year my goal was just not to gain weight. Well I lost some weight,still don’t see it physically, but been told by one lady at the gym that I’ve lost weight. I will try to stay at my new current weight which is 271 lbs.

3. For 2018 one goal I would like to work on is being more social. Not easy when you are jobless and don’t have a car, but I will try to make an effort.



If we were having coffee..

coffeeIf you and I were sitting down somewhere having a cup of coffee or tea I would try to avoid bring up the discussion of the presidential election. It would just be a waste of energy. I would bring up how the weather has slowly change here in south Texas. The mornings are little cooler and the afternoon are just fantastic to be out-door. In two days it will be getting darker sooner, yes daylight saving time. That always a drag even though I don’t mind the extra hour of sleep.  It will take a while to adjust, but the hard part is adjusting that will it will be dark before 6pm.

That means less time to get stuff done during the day. Speaking of things to do, it time to get back at job and hunting and maybe finding a holiday job. Just got finished working on a temporary project. Again no progress on the job front. Still wondering what does it take to get an opportunity to gain work experience. Well I try not to let that bring me down. Been busy these past five weeks with inktober challenge. Every day, challenging myself to drawing something using ink only. No pencil, no erasers. It been fun and enjoyable seeing all the talented artist showing their artwork on Instagram.

On the film photography side, still clicking away and have over a dozen of film rolls I need to get developed. All of them taken this year, ranging from terror expo, to siclovia, random street photography, and the girls at PETA. Hopefully will send a few rolls this week to get developed. It feels kind of weird not seeing any of the photos that I’ve taken this year. It even sad not being able to publish anything on my blog. Maybe I should turn to the dark side and get a digital camera, but then that won’t be any fun. Having to see your photo instantly instead of waiting to finish the roll of film and getting it developed. Not knowing how your photos came out and being surprise that they all came out is exciting.

I hope I can do another coffee/tea chat and won’t be a stranger. I pray that things will change for me soon and I’ll have more stuff to write about.


Pumpkin spice

img_20161014_224006Now that the fall season is here, even though the weather say a different story, Starbucks now has their pumpkin spice drink. I’ve always wonder what it is that people get so happy about this drink. So, I went to Starbucks and for the first time brought me a Pumpkin spice. Now am not a Starbucks person who know all their drinks and terms, nor am I a coffee drinker.

So I go to Starbucks and tell the girl, I’ll have a pumpkin spice. Me not knowing that you can get it hot or cold so I ask what she would suggest. Well she prefer it hot, but since it was warm outside I got it cold. Waited for less than a minute or two and my drink was ready.  Went to a table, sat down and got my things out of my backpack that I was going to work on awhile I tried this Pumpkin spice drink. I took a sip and immediately I could taste the pumpkin puree mixed with all the other ingredients,along with the blended ice.  After taking a second slip, in my head I was thinking, “wait a minute here.”  People get hype up about this when all it is are the basic ingredients for a pumpkin pie.  Now I’ve make pumpkin pie from scratch before and this taste and smells exactly like the pumpkin pie mix before pouring it in the pie crust.

Well I continued on with what I was planning to do which was to do my drawing entry for Inktober.  I did finish my pumpkin spice drink, which was good and got a brain freeze along with it.


Intro to Poetry: Friend

Two strangers, different species

Entering each other lives.

A cloud of uncertain trust roams over head.

Showing patience, there nothing to fear.

Days,months, working on friendship of trust.

Now we shake hand and paw.  Friends forever:)


Intro to Poetry: Face

It tell a story, but also send out a message.

The message are what people tell us daily.

Happy, Angry, tired, young and old

The story will be how you lived.

A life that lives many years, with happiness, or hardship

What does you face say about you?





Valentine Day

It Valentine Day and I wanted to write a post, but am sure you’ve seen many. I wrote one when I started the blog last year, so why write another one. You can read it here. So I will leave you with a quote that I found on instagram awhile back that I like and can relate to since am single. Am sure whether if you are single or in a relationship on this Valentine Day you can relate to it to.

Begin with no one is better then being with the wrong ones.
Sometimes those who fly solo have the strongest wings.



Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday! So this week was Mardi Gras and to be honest, I really don’t know the whole meaning and history of Mardi Gras.  With the exception that it leads to Ash Wednesday.  Living here in south Texas, I’ve never heard or learned why people celebrate it nor was it ever brought up in school.  You’ll know like the way Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter etc are.

I first found out about Mardi Gras during my first year in college.  It wasn’t the most appropriate way to learning about Mardi Gras.  A few of my friends and I went downtown one evening to see what going on in the sixth street area. For such it wasn’t a parade you hear about with the colorful floats with the Mardi Gras theme colors and people dressed in outfits and tossing beads towards the crowd.  We walked down a crowded street filled with people and the smell of smoke from cigarettes.  People in bars, clubs, and on balconies having a good time. As we got further into the dense crowd we see guys circling around women and cheering.  Then you will hear within that cheer and from the distance, “show me your boobs!” Then you will see both young college girls and older women picking up their shirt revealing their un-tan breast.  Men and women tossing beads at them from the buildings balconies.  At the same time receiving them from people on the street.  Continuing on down the street, walking through the dense crowd with police officers standing and on horseback watching the crowd like sheep.  We would see ladies circle by group of guys plus a few girls and the same result, women revealing their breast and exchange get colorful beads. My friends and I would also participate eventually convincing one girl for her panties for a number of beads ranging in different sizes.  Walking down the street you would either see people participate,observe and photograph what was going on.  Sometime all the above or just one as where I saw a few Asian girls just photography the women exposing their breast to the crowd and cheering. At the end of the night you just see women with tons of beads as the crowds head home.


Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.


December 24, 2018, Merry Christmas!, even though it only a few hour away.  Three years ago today, it really didn’t feel like Christmas.  The weather and calendar didn’t match.  The Temperature for today three years ago was in the 80s.  It felt more like spring where you could wear shorts and a tee-shirt.  Today it feel more like Christmas with the temperature in the 40s with a chance of snow, well a slim chance.

Today is Donald Trumps 2nd year as President and things have change a little compared to Obama’s 2nd year during his 1st and 2nd term.  They change for the good of the country.  The economy has improved, but still a lot of work to be done. Terrorism and immigration are still an issue when it come to our country’s security.

For me, I am working full-time now. It was long journey with many obstacles to over come. This past year and a half, I was able to travel to New York City and to Hawaii.  Planning my next trip overseas, either to Japan or Australia. Not sure yet, but it would be awesome to do both in one big travel trip.