Discover Prompt Day 13: Teach

Teach, from my own personal experience as a student I learned that having a solid foundation in school subjects was important.  During my college year, I was struggling with math, calculus.  My foundation wasn’t solid enough to get through the calculus course.  It was suggested, I take pre-calculus to re-enforce my foundation.  As I moved through the course and into calculus I, and calculus II, many of my tutors made sure I understood how the previous math material I was taught related to what I was currently learning. It didn’t make me an expert, but I was able to work on my homework with out being totally lost. When I met again with my tutor, I would show my work and explain each step I took to get to the solution.

This applied this other things I was learning. Awhile in college I learned how to dance by attending one of the student dance organization on campus. Each day in the evening they taught a different style of dance. On Wednesday night, it was salsa. There, the instructor, teacher was teaching students just how to dance, very simple.  A few years later I realize after taking private lesson, I really didn’t know how to dance at all.  There was so much technique in dancing, especially leading a girl. In dancing, it the guy that tell the girl what to do, non-verbally. Using slight pressure in your hands and the connection of your and your partner body frame. So at these private lesson, I was taught the fundamentals or technique in dancing salsa.  Stuff the every guy should know if they want be able to lead a girl, that at the end of the dance, she’ll walk off the dance floor with a smile.

Two months: Admin Associate.

The month of June is coming to end.  I have completed two whole months working at the  University counseling service as a Temporary Admin Associate.  This means that I only have one month left before they terminate me or decide to bring me on as a Full-time employee.  I have interviewed for the position and they have already finished interviewing all the people they wanted.  It now just wait and see.  The positive side is that the previous full-time employees who held this position have all started out as temporary.  Am staying positive that I will be offer to stay full-time, but I will not be disappointed if they went with someone else.

The past two months have been a learning experience.  I know now that yes I can multi-task in a fast environment and take charge of a situation on my own.  During these two months I was ask to worked the front desk all on my own.  Handling incoming phone calls, checking-in students, setting up appointments and canceling them. Also processing students paper work and typing in notes in their files.  I do need more practice in explaining things clearly and I have learn the my voices doesn’t sound like a guy to the person on the other side of the phone. It doesn’t bug me, just confirms that I have mono-tone voice that doesn’t re-vibrate.  I do know there a lot of things I need to get myself up-t0-date such as using excel and creating spreadsheet.


A month into the job

It will be a month that I began working at my new job.  Awhile it only a temporary part-time position, I’ve been learning a lot.  Am an administrative associate for a University counseling service, mental health services.  If a student is feeling stress, having trouble in school or home, thinking of killing themselves, been a victim of sexual assault, this is where they can receive assistance.  I am the one checking-in students to see a counselor and the one that will answer phone calls from student wanting to seek services or are in crises. For the past weeks I’ve been learning the operations of the office plus the administrative task.  Since am new, I’ve already been “tested” if I could handle the front desk by myself. There been 3 times where I’ve been on own.  So far I’ve gotten good feed back from the staff that I’ve done a great job handling the front desk and answering phones.  It nice to finally show what I can do and that am capable to handling any challenges that are thrown my way.  Yes, I still have a lot to learn and areas I need to improve in like communicating the information to students about the services offered to enrolled students. Especially for those students visiting and seeking services for the first time.

Daily Prompt: Overcome


If you visited my blog before you know am struggling to find full-time employment for a long time.  Won’t go into details, but I will say that lacking experience is probably why I can’t find employment.  I think that while most employers are looking for experience workers they don’t understand that for a person to overcome that lack of experience they need to do whatever they are lacking of. They need to be in front lines being expose to that environment.  If a employer is not willing to take a chance to expose them to that environment, then who(employers) will.

We are born into this world with “zero” experience of everything.  Social skills, communication skills, everything.  It is only through the process of learning and being involved that we overcome to learn these things.  I, myself have overcome a lot of things I didn’t know only by actual learning and making mistakes. It through this process we personally learn if we enjoy these thing or not. It through this process that a shy individual break their shell.  Why shouldn’t this also applying when someone is lacking work experience? What is that employers or the person interviewing you assume that you don’t fit the culture or that this isn’t the position for you just because you lack experience?



May 2000, just finished my last day in high school and will be crossing the stage.  In three months, I will begin a journey in the world of learning.  My mind a empty hard drive ready to be loaded with new software and updates.

As I move away from home, to a university dorm, and then to my own apartment, I learned a variety of things.  Some of these things self-taught, some learned by taking a class, and some requiring time and practice to learn.  Throughout my years attending college I learned how to dance by joining a dance club and reinforcing it with a class, private lessons, plus going to the clubs and social dancing.  Dancing is like any sport where you have to practice in order to get better and it helps to have a dance partner to.

The internet began to take over our life when I was attending college.  I began to teach my self html and css to built my personal website,plus to add it as a skill that I could sale to employers.  During my last three years in college I took addition classes such as photoshop and programming to enhance the skills I already acquired.

Living in an apartment also meant frequent visits to the swimming pool area during the spring/summer seasons.  A get away visit from all the learning and stress of attending a big university.  I was never a big fan of hanging around the pool area beside the beautiful college girls working on their tan and wearing their bikini.  One reason is that I didn’t know how to swim, so I stayed away. In fact I was just never taught how to swim when I was little.  It just happened that I needed an elective class and an easy class to boast my gpa, so I took a beginner swimming class.  I took the class three times.  Each time improving and learning how to swim and float.  By the end of my first time enrolled in the class, I learned and mastered how to float.  The second time I got down how to breath when doing the free style and still practicing how to recover when I needed to stop awhile in the pool. The toughest challenge was being able to tread water awhile being in the olympic swimming pool.  I was finally able to do that when I took the class again for a third time. Yes!, a third time, but it paid off in the end.  I was comfortable swimming on my own and now I had a good reason to hang out at the pool area.  Any guy would say, just to check out the beautiful girls is a good enough reason.  For me, now I wouldn’t feel like the only one in the pool who would just sit and stand in the pool and couldn’t swim.


Anyone who stops learning is old, wheather at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.   ~Henry ford

This is a great quote that I think everyone can apply to their life.  Today with the power of the internet you can keep on learning and make yourself a better person.

For me, I’ve applied and have put this quote into action. Using different internet sources, I’ve taught myself html and css.  For  those of you who may not know what this is, its a computer langauge or code used to make websites. Today, am using YouTube to look for tutorials on how to draw and how to play a keyboard.  You probably seen a few of my drawings from previous post.  As for playing a keyboard, a long ago my older brother got a musical keyboard. Of course back then the only way to learn how to play instrument was for someone to teach you. Well eventually he never learned and the keyboard sat there gather dust. Long story short I made sure no one ever got ride of it. Now with YouTube, i will make an attempt to learn how to play the keyboard.

Of course learning doesn’t necassary mean you have to actually learn something. It could be reading a book, working on a puzzle, or maybe exploring another culture.  As long as your mind is engage.