Writing 101: Let Social media inspire you

Our faith in the education is failing us, not on how well our children are learning, but that we are not solving problems that need to be solved. Here in the United States we have seen the raise and debates of some very sensitive issues: race, immigration. We watch and hear on the news from individuals, highly educated, giving their opinion and some of the possible solutions to those issues. Only to then hear from each side of these issues, disagreement, racism, insults. Days, weeks, month, years go by and again we watch and hear from educated individual working for the media, more facts, more opinion, and possible solution, but just the same results, disagreement.
Are we now living in world that education can no longer solve or come up some type of agreement on sensitive issues. Educated people are afraid to act on these issues with the fear of hurting not only their personal life, but their professional career. Immigration is a situation that need to be dealt with across the broad. Those that are here illegally, those who will cross the boarder, those using their unborn child to anchor themselves here. This is not a racial issue or a hate again Latinos as some people make it to be. Sad that people will take that route to achieve their goal. It about securing our boarders, just like you locking your house door when you leave, when you are alone, and when you go to sleep. You don’t need a education to know that locking or securing your house keep people you don’t want walking into your house. It give you some control and who can come in.
Has education blinded us in how we solve problems? Has it force us to look to deeply into these sensitive matters and make them into a bigger issue then just tackling them as they are.


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