Writing 101, Poetry : Farewell

Doesn’t mean goodbye forever

We will cross path again

I don’t know when, but I know I see you again

Don’t be sad or shed a tear

I’ll always be there with you

In your heart, in your dreams, and in our memories we had together.


Write a poem about a farewell today: perhaps this image may bring back memories of loved ones who passed, or revive memories of those that departed from our lives. Or you could focus on the more mundane, but still powerful moments of your daily goodbye rituals, whether it’s a friend, partner, or member of your family.

Writing 101, Poetry: Camouflage

The issues are camouflage

But what do you see?

Probably not the same as what I see.

Camouflage with racism the denial of reality of this world.

Or is it me whom is blind and can’t see right through the camouflage.


“Camouflage is a game we all like to play, but our secrets are as surely revealed by what we want to seem to be as by what we conceal.” — Russell Lynes

For today’s poem, take inspiration from camouflage — you may apply it in any way you like, whether you write about visual or social dissimulation, or focus on the way we hide our myriad emotions, actions, and reactions. What would be your ultimate smokescreen, concealment, or mask?

Writing 101, Poetry : Beloved

Is there a math equation?

Do I need to solve X to find the Beloved for me?

I still don’t know.

Is there a book for dummies cause I have no clue.

How do I begin to find that one beloved? or are there two, wink:)

Days goes to weeks, weeks to month, and month to years

Is there a beloved out there for me?

To have a beloved or not to be beloved

Maybe this world hasn’t one for me.

Something about the very word “beloved” causes a frisson in us. Out of the people that matter to you, who matters the most? Whom do you love, or whom have you loved more than anyone else? What does the word “beloved” summon up in your imagination? What songs, poems, stories, movies spring to mind? Who is your beloved?

Today, write a poem celebrating your beloved. It does not have to be a specific person — you could address an imaginary beloved from the future who’s waiting for you. You could take on the persona of a well-known mythological or historic character and address her or his beloved in your poem. You could create a new type of lover and beloved.

Writing 101, Poetry: Freedom

Your brain on freedom,

Oh! what fun.

To get a high and free the mind.

Dancing, writing, drawing, and painting oh my

To free you mind and body, it such a high or trip

To channel and release your thoughts and feelings.

Giving the body a relaxing experience. To let loose.

This your body on freedom.


Freedom is a fundamental need. It is so powerful that nations go to war for it. People engage in both despicable and heroic deeds to gain it. In the name of freedom we suffer, make sacrifices, and attempt to perform miracles. For freedom we are willing to lose everything and risk our lives, since no life really is one without freedom.

What freedom means is open to interpretation, which is why it’s been a recurring subject in art. In today’s poem, share your take on freedom. While you’re at it, be fearless with your thoughts. Don’t hold back. Unleash your emotions and be honest with yourself. Uncensored writing coming from the heart often produces the most amazing read.






Writing 101, Poetry : Seconds

Tick Tock, Tick Tock,

Looking inside a brown dirty box

Filled with seconds and seconds to look at.image_update_img

Days and years with cheers and joy

Reflecting  on the days we were

just young boys and girls.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Wishing I could go back

“Life moves very fast. It rushes from Heaven to Hell in a matter of seconds.” – Paulo Coelho

A new life sees the world for the first time. Simultaneously, another life takes its final breath.

A passenger that was supposed to board a plane was one second late. Hours later, the plane went missing, the passenger saved.

Unimportant as it may seem, a split second can change our lives in ways we can never imagine. So today, write about the basic unit of time, seconds. Reflect on those few seconds when a loved one was in a life-and-death situation. Relive the few seconds when you held your eldest child for the first time. Recount those seconds when you were waiting for big news that was about to change your life.

Writing 101, Poetry: Sleep

Awhile I sleep, my dog sleep too.

the world continues on.

good morning! good afternoon!

I sleep on and dream.

Souls greeted in heaven.

Egg and sperm meet, conception.

life continues on.

The hunter, the great bear revolve above me.

The sun and moon chasing each other across the sky.

I sleep and the world continues on.

earthquake rumbles, volcanoes erupting, thunder roaring, rain beating

mother nature throwing a fuss.

I sleep and dream,

My dog sleep and dream, but the world continues on.

Good night! Good night!


Sleep: a world where our thoughts rule.

A place where reality is overshadowed by dreams.

A time when we transport our soul from the real world to the virtual.

For some, the hours we spend asleep, alone and in peace, are the best of the entire day; for others, whether haunted by nightmares or unable to fall asleep in the first place, not so much.

It’s time to think deeply about sleep. Dive into the pool of night and let whatever it is you find there take poetic form. (I hope this prompt doesn’t make an insomniac out of you!)

Writing 101, Poetry: Reflection

1!, 2!, 3!… Reflections I see.

I wasn’t born yesterday nor an hour ago.

One, I don’t have the work experience you seek.

Just the ambition to work and learn.

Two, I don’t have the looks you seek

but inside, am beautiful and calm as the pacific blue ocean.

Three, am a man of few words, but that doesn’t mean am quiet.

I communicate in many languages.

Art, photography, Dance and with the sound of silence

Don’t judge me because I don’t have what you like.

On water, in puddles, in glass, in mirrors – reflections can clarify, blur reality, or fracture it altogether. They can serve up surreal images or a perspective that’s unexpected. Whether it’s street light-reflected raindrops or the sky distorted in a half-melted patch of ice, reflections are nature’s funhouse mirrors.

Reflections are not limited to non-living objects. Our bodies reflect our internal health and our clothes reflect our lifestyle. We also reflect internally upon our world, our physical state, or on ideas bouncing around inside our skulls.

Clear or distorted, in your poem today tell us something about the reflections you see — in the world or in yourself.

Writing 101,Poetry : Magic

Hello, Grabbing you by the spine.

I open your hard case

Reading your words, sentences, paragraphs and pages.

Processing each to create a image in my head.

laughing, crying, feeling sad, understanding as I flip through your fibrous material.

Being an outside observer to the character(s) you harbor.

When their journey comes to end, so does your.

As close your hard shell and return you where we first met.





It’s the end of the year. Nature is already entering its revolution phase: hibernation in the Northern Hemisphere, burning heat in the Southern. It’s the magic of life. Like Mother Nature, you too can give your life a new beginning.

What magic have you accomplished in the past year? Be it small or grand, it’s worth celebrating in a poem!

You can write about something you did that made you feel young again, or maybe about that difficult undertaking you finally completed. (I, for example, mastered French lemon meringue pie; as we say here, “it wasn’t cake.”) You might also take inspiration from a dream that came true, or from a difficult situation resolved in a fairytale-like ending. Of course, everyday magic (or even failed magic) works too!


Writing 101

I enter my email address, along with my blogging address.  I scroll down and selected only one from the 3 choices.  Clicking submit, am excited and can’t wait until I get my first email.

A few weeks gone by, and on a Sunday evening I check my email.  One email an introduction by the administrator and another my first assignment.  Excited to begin and start reading the instructions. Right away my brain start processing, sending electro impulses going through my body toward my hands and fingers that are typing away the information in those electro impulses.

Typing, deleting, reading and re-reading. Some more typing and deleting and more re-reading. Finally I typed everything that my brain has being signally my fingers to type.  Then I head to the world where others who just like me will share what they have typed.  Where bloggers, from writers, photographers, artist, teachers, etc will meet other strangers. Strangers miles and miles away, someone we never met in the physical world, but strangers that have a common interest.  The interest to write, to become better writers, to explorer and develop a talent that some never knew they had and others to leap forward in writing.  The Common, so here my assignment, I write because…..

Writing 101: The Future

What next for me after Writing 101? Well before I begin with that I want to thank all those who have read my post and left me positive comments plus some feedback. I’ve made some friends here on writing 101 and I hope to read more of your post in the future. For those who I didn’t meet, well maybe we cross path again in this blogging world.
So what next for me. I hope I can continue to make at least one or two post a week. I will spend some time reviewing what I’ve learned here in Writing 101 and try to apply it to my blog. Maybe attempt to write a few short stories. Of course I will also be working on my photo blog, so if photography is something that interest you, feel free to stop by at terrazasblog.wordpress.com

Personally, I will still be job hunting, submitting resume, coverletters and applications plus receiving those rejection letters that they are considering other candidates with more experience. To tell you the truth, I really don’t know what to do with this job situation of mind. How does one get a job when every employer wants experience. What every happen to learning on the job. As we head closer to the end 2015, am getting much more nervous what my future hold for me. I remember 15 years ago, I never vision myself in this position that am currently in. Unemployed, living with my parents and just unable to move forward with my life. I know the we all have a period of struggles in life, but just didn’t think my struggle would go on beyond 3 years. Right now am all ready at 7 and 1/2 years. In mean time I will just continue to improve my self as a person, because it the one thing that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to do. I will continue to improve my drawing skills and you know what? It been one year already since I started drawing. Also I will continue my goal in reading a lot more. Am currently on my 4th or 5th book which is, Ship of the Dead by John L. Campbell. Yeah!, my 2nd zombie book, probably because I was getting bored watching Fear the walking Dead. In my opinion that show is going just to slow, not much action, excitement.
Am also cutting something out of my life too. It already been a month and 1 week since I deactivated my Facebook account. Just felt that I no longer needed Facebook in my life since the majority of my friends, I haven’t seen in 8 years, no one reaches out to me, and just felt I was spending a lot of time on there. Hopefully I can continue to live without Facebook. Of course you can find me on instagram and pinterest.