Writing 101: A story in a single image

Before he heads into the jungle, he checks his gears.  Carrying two of his favorite tools, he loads them with his ammunition.  One with color the other with black and white. Each tool only giving him 36 shots and each need to count.

photo-1416339426675-1f96fd81b653As he walk into the jungle he picks one of his tool as his primary and put the other one back in his backpack along with other equipment he carries.  Water bottle, towel, more ammunition, and an extra lens.  Walking at a slow pace to scan his surroundings, look at the giant concrete reinforce steel building, looking at the trees, and what lays ahead of him.

During his walk to prepare his tool in case he get a clear shot of an unknown subject, taking into consideration the light that nature give him to work with.  Within the distance he see a subject approaching.

The subject approaching and they are now in collision course, he see the dark sunglass covering her eyes from the sun glare and the wind blowing her brown hair. Perspiration raining down her face and body. Her upper body position revealing the cleavage from her breast. Her tank-top shirt absorbing the sweat. Her lower body, light completed thighs and somewhat light tan legs work those muscle as she pedals forward.

He ready his tool and place in front of this right eye, align it with the view finder.  Quickly, he see the composition is great, and gently press down on the trigger.  A mechanic click echo from this tool.  Then within seconds the female sore right past him. Each continuing on their separate path through the unknown jungle.  For him, he captured his first subject and continue to search for his next.


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