Writing 101: Take a cue from your readers

I’ve always felt the brain organizes and computes while writing, but the body is the place where story lives.

~Kathleen Winter

What does this mean to me? Reading this quote, I feel that it a short and simple summary of my blog and some of the post I’ve written for Writing 101. I’ve mention and describe my space and  writing world where my brain process and recall thing that I’ve experience, felt and witness in this beautiful and dangerous world we live in. It is only because my soul habits this body, this vessel, where all these stories I’ve share with you live in. Without my body I wouldn’t be able to tell you those stories, Reinvent the letter format about that crush I never told that girl. I wouldn’t be able to write about going to a latin dance on a Thursday night and ask a beautiful girl to dance in expand a comment.

As much as we think our brain is the front and center of everything we experience, from love, to a female giving birth, the warm sunlight hitting your skin as it raises above the horizon, to those hard moments that we wish to never remember or experience. It is our body thats the first to experience everything we do and feel living in this world. It is in the body that this stories are stored until we wish to recall them to transcribe them in words using our brain and hand.

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