Writing 101: Expand a Comments

jim-richardson-close-up-of-a-taxi-driver-s-eyes-in-rearview-mirror-of-his-cabIt about 9:45pm and I hear my phone ring. I answer it and its the cab driver, saying that he is here at my apartment. I walk out of my apartment dress to impress. Of course I have my black dress shoes on, along with black slacks with a black belt and a nice button up black, dark gray, with some gray color shirt that has these design pattern go straight down. I hop into the cab, sitting right in back of him and tell him congress and 2nd street. The cab drive say, “yes sir”. “Where are you heading off tonight?” I reply going Salsa Dancing at The Copa. The cab driver response, O I hear that a great place. Are there a lot of hot chicks that go there? Que No? I remain silent, but then he says, I bet all the ladies go after you because you a good dancer. Si! You a good dancer? Looking at me through his rearview mirror. I reply, I know enough to make a small impression?

So we arrive at congress and 2nd and the driver say, eleven dollar boss. I give him $15 and get out of his cab and walk toward the main entrance to the club. As I enter, I hear, slow, slow, quick, quick, slow. The dance instructor finishing up his class with his students. I walk toward the main counter where an attractive brunette young lady sits, probably the same age as me or give or take 5 years. She says, hello sweety most likely that I still look like am a teenager, but I get that a lot. As I face her she ask, “can I see you ID.” Facing her, no male or female can’t help to notice at the red dress she is wear that expose her cleavage. The upper part of breast untanned, skin ghostly white. Try to be polite and not to stare, I look around as if I am looking for someone I know. Then I hear, it a six-dollar cover charge sweety. Again facing her, I hand over a ten-dollar bill and trying not to let my eyes wonder and then she open a small metal box, getting my change. Here you go sweety. Thank You! I reply thanks and head toward the dance floor area.

I look and then start walking around the dance floor area seeing if I recognize anyone and I see a few familiar faces. No one that I know personally, but know they are regulars here. One tall older black gentlemen who a judge, a couple of Hispanic guys who I think are construction works, and a few ladies chatting with a few guys at the bar. It take a few minutes for the band to begin playing, but as they prepare their instruments, a few more people enter the club and are greeted by the young attractive lady. Of course all I hear are just voice chatting away, not being able to make out any of the conversation. Then light are dim dark and a disco ball turned on and you see circle of color light moving across the dance area. The band begin and start with a song that is instrumental, no words, just the sound of their instrument. It a slow salsa song, but a great song for the crowd to warm up their legs. As they play, I stand on the side line watching the couples dance, imaging in my head that am dancing. 1!, 2! 3!, 5!, 6!, 7! repeating and repeating 1!, 2!, 3!, 5!, 6!, 7!. More people begin to arrive at the club, couples, single guys, single ladies, some in groups to 2 or 3. Men clean shave, comb hair, wearing their best outing cloths, girls each with a different hair do, wearing either a dress/skirt, nice slack, a fansy shirt and high heel shoes.

The first song is finish, the crowd walks off the dance floor and as they get to the side line, the next song begin.

muisc”Ay candela, candela, candela me quemo aé”

Looking around to see if there a girl that I can ask if she would like to dance. I look to the front of the club, I see a girl wearing a blue dress, not revealing too much cleavage as the girl who greeted me when I walk into the club. I walk toward her and say, “would you like to dance?” Here reply sure! She gets up and we both walk toward the dance floor where it has gotten crowded, but still room to dance. There, putting my right hand on her back, just right underneath her shoulder-blade and as she place her left hand on my right shoulder, her arm on top of mine and then my left hand cupping her right hand. We begin dance as I begin with a step with my left leg and she taking a step back with her right.

music “Salio el raton medio loco Tambien volvio a descansar Y el gato en su buen bailar”

As we dance am overcome by her perfume, not that it strong, but smell good that it can drive any man to heaven. With the band playing we yell for our voice to over come the loud music and introduce ourselves, “what your name?” Mike! She responses, Paige!. Nice to meet you! As we dance, I bring her body closer to mine, feeling her breast again my chest. Trying to keep a close dance frame and avoid either of us getting elbowed, hit and or stepped on. Salsa dancing is a contact sport kiddos. Keeping this close dance frame, I keep my eyes from wandering down and staring at her cleavage. It not easy being a guy and having to lead any girl in a dance. You got to make sure she safe from all the other dancers and as a guy you don’t want your hand mistakenly going somewhere where it doesn’t belong. As I begin to step forward, I raise my left hand which is cupping her right just above her head. Softy putting pressure on her back shoulder-blade with my right hand she begin to turn to her right as my right hand sliding down to her side beneath her breast. Traces her back and upper stomach,keep her from turn to far away from me and colliding with other dancer. Her hair whipping around in the air as she turns. We dance, executing several dance pattern that I’ve learned and lead other girls to. We end the song with me turning her and leading her straight into a dip. Her hair obeying the law of gravity and falling towards the floor and her head parallel to the floor and my eyes look down into her eye. My body support hers and the songs ends. We walk off the dance floor each of us thanking each other for the dance.salsa-couple-dip-hi

**I took comments made by @rosemawrites on my post write list about salsa dancers and sexy**
**Name of the song is called Candela by Buena Vista Social club.**

Do you ever peek at the comments you’ve left on other blogs? You might find ideas for future posts. Perhaps you left a response on a writer’s post but could have said even more, or wrote the beginnings of a larger discussion.

To read the comments you’ve made, visit your My Comments page, which you can access in the sidebar of your Reader. Look for a comment you can expand on — one that can evolve into a new post, where you can continue the discussion or address a related idea or topic. Practice seamless linking (read point #2 in particular) and refer and link to the comment somewhere in your post:

The other day, I read a post on King of States! describing the internet as a space made of real people. I told the blog’s author, Michelle Weber, how much I enjoyed her take.

For related information, read about expanding comments into posts.

If browsing these comments leaves you empty-handed, revisit the recent comments that readers have left on your blog, and select one that you can respond to.

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