Writing 101: Search your stats for a post idea

The Summer Walks

Sitting down and enjoying the beautiful sunset  reminding him that the day has ended, but on the other side the world, the day is just beginning. A young man out there just like him readying himself for his weekend walks. He may not carry a camera, but maybe a pen or paint brush, along with some paper.  Ready to capture what he see.

young girl visiting from Taiwan. Offering Free Hug.

Like any summer day in South Texas it humid and hot. The mornings are comfortable, but still have to deal with the humidity. Dressing in light fiber shorts and a shirt with a white tee-shirt beneath. He begin his walk in the same area, near the library.  No certain reason to why he begins there, just a good place to start. To start where books of knowledge, wisdom and imagination are stored.  Doesn’t plan where he’ll walk too, just let fate lead him in his walks. Walking, taking small strides, his mind just wondering, looking around, to see if there anything unique.  Something that you don’t see everyday and for him, needs to be prepared to aim his camera. Strangers walking, jogging, and biking, passing him by.  A few them greeting him with a, “Good morning!” or “How are you doing?” He reciprocate with a “Good morning!” or “Doing good! How about You?”  Other strangers offer a unique way of greeting people.  Ready to cross the street, he look toward his right and see a young Asian girl, walking along side her a Asian male.  The Asian girl holding a sign  the says, “Free Hug”. He receive a hug the pretty Asian girl and she hug him without hesitation. He says, “thank you!” with a big smile on his face.

yoga on the plaza

Summer is the season that people let their soul be free and receive light. Wearing light color clothes, some very revealing. Guys with a muscle shirts, or no shirts at all. Other guys just with a sport shirts, like Nike famous phrase, “just do it”.  Women, some with leggings pants, other with short shorts. Some with a normal workout shirt other with a workout sport bra.  Each gender soul, trying to be free, but at the same time displaying their skin tone, white, brown, or some bodies with transition from dark to light complected.

Girl attending Alamo City Comic-Con

The weekend can vary in city activities.  There are weekend when there nothing going on, but other weekend that are filled with activities. Walking and seeing people dressed and take part in their fantasy, The Alamo city comic-con. Guys dressing up as their favorite hero, batman, spider man, or a childhood character like the white power ranger.  Little girls dressing up as one of their favorite fairy tales character like sleeping beauty or just being that special princess. The weekend also include one day where people can get some form of exercise and inform the public about begin healthy.  A long stretch of a city streets closed off just for that purpose. Walking down you see people from all walks of life, being able to enjoy a walk, biking, jogging, skateboarding, roller skating without the worry of traffic.  People sweating, those furry four-legged friend of our, enjoy the day to.

people riding their bike on close city street.

Seeing people sweat reminds him that he must stay hydrate with this summer heat.  Taking out a water bottle from his backpack, he take a drink of water.  Feeling nice and fresh as he swallow down the cold water. Depending on the activities going, it always great to get something to eat after walking for so long. He head to a restaurants where he place his order and pays.  Getting his order, sit next to the front window having a clear view of the people passing by and the traffic going by.  The artillery of the city, flowing with tourism feeding it economy

After enjoy his meal, one last stop before catching a bus to go home. A place filled with small shops, but also with live music.  Individuals or a group singing and entertaining the people passing by with their music.  He watches the crowds walking by awhile listening to the music. The crowd carry either a cold refreshing drink or some delicious Mexican food like funnel cakes. After a few minute enjoying the wonderful music, looking at time on his phone, he decide it time to go.  The bus that will take him home should already be on it way to the nearest bus stop across from the shopping area. Walking to the bus stop he look into his backpack and take out a dollar and twenty cent. His bus fare that will take home after a long walk.



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