Writing 101: Play with word count

They are just to damn smart for their age.  They can work a iPhone, a ipad, your labtop/desktop better then most of us adults can. If you are a parent then you probably know who am talking about and it not the hormonal driven teenagers.  It those little kids who still haven’t reach the age to go to school.  For me I don’t have kids, still a long way before we start having that conversation, but I do have a two year old niece. She is way to damn smart for her age. At two years old she can hop on the chair that am sitting on right now, grab the mouse and move to the internet explore icon, click on it, go to the favorite menu and click on her favorite cartoon links that my mom has saved.  Give her a iPhone or a tablet and she will go straight to youtube and see her favorite cartoon like mickey mouse without any assistant from an adult. yes! to damn smart for her age

Just thinking about it makes me wonder how my parents were able to manage to raise my brothers, sisters and I without any assistance of technology.  I remember when my younger brother and sister were still babies and putting them in the car sitting with a toy and bottle and that was it.  Now it seem today that just give them a iPhone/tablet and that all they need. These next generation of kids will be to dependent  on technology. You wonder if we are hurting kids development when we give a tablet or iPhone.  I guess with time we will know.


3 thoughts on “Writing 101: Play with word count

  1. I guess kids who are into technology have the tendency to plummet social interaction in society…smart but too smart enough just to focus on one thing, household chores for example is being done nowadays by part time cleaners, just sayin’ 😉


  2. Every generation is different from the other. I had my first phone after I joined college and I am not that old either, having been born in th 90s. I remember the first time I saw a bunch of schoolkids talking on the phone, I was sort of surprised, because when I went to school, mobiles weren’t there and I thought that had stayed the same, or at least phones weren’t allowed in schools upto at least a certain grade. Turns out, I am not very much updated. But that did make me think that given we are now so dependent on remaining connected at all times, my future generations will perhaps carry phones as early as in their first grades. How that turns out for them is definitely to be proved by Time. We won’t know whether it will be good or bad at this moment.


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