Writing 101: Writing not Writing

When I am not in my world of writing, I go to various other worlds to seek refuge. Which world would you like to explore first? No passports required, just an open mind. Please no wondering around on your own fokes:)

In this world you will need a change of clothes. Something that you feel comfortable moving in. Here in this world I go work out my body while letting my thoughts go. All my thoughts, the stress the harbors my body, float away. There I alternate my workout plan from lifting weights to cardio. Awhile doing this, I am also in my other world of music. Listening to music with a beat that your body  wants to move to. Let explore that world a little more.

The world of music is a diverse world filled with rock, alternative, classical, Spanish music from tejano, to salsa, merengue, bachata to Spanish rock. When listen to Spanish music my mind begin to image my body dancing to the music. Have you just ever listen to music that you can dance to and imaging in your head dancing to it. Whether it be dancing with someone or by yourself. Here are a few songs. O and am kind of a old school type of guy:)
El Tao Tao | Selena – Yo Te Amo | Besame | terremoto | Pedro Nevajas

This next world is somewhat new, it the world of art. Here I let my color pencil drawing.creativity side take over, from drawing to coloring. Of course this world is still being explored and with time I hope to discover other opportunities in the world of art. This world of art also has a moon that orbits it and that is photography. Here it just letting my eyes use a third eye, my camera to capture time and light of something or of people that look interesting at the moment. It another way of showing what I see with my eyes and my observations without having to use words.

The world of reading is a brand new order. A world is still developing on the surface and discovering the species that live in this reading world. So far I’ve read 4 books since I discovered this world.

looking-through-telescopeSome other worlds that I sometime visit is the world of astronomy.  Here at home I don’t have a clear view of the sky because of the light pollution.  From time to time I will take out my telescope and observe our heavenly neighbors that are visible in our night sky. These neighbors are Jupiter, Saturn and our moon

Hope you enjoy the tour of my worlds when I am not writing.  I plan on visiting yours soon. Pray that I don’t get lost.  Thanks:)


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