Writing 101: Compose a Series of Vignettes

Its 7:30pm and he sits in front of his desk where he moves his wireless mouse to awake his desktop computer. There, he click on the address bar and click on yahoo mail, to check on his next written assignment.  Scrolling through his email he finds Day 13: composing a series of Vignettes. The student excited about receiving his next assignment, clicks on the email, begin reading the assignment instructions. As he complete reading the instructions, he ends up confused on what the assignment is asking for. Wondering what is a series of Vignettes, is anyone else in the class just as confuse of what the instruction is asking. Thirty minutes have past and still the student is lost on what the assignment task is.  Moving his mouse he open another window on his computer screen, seeing and clicking on a square that says, writing 101: the commons. Another screen appears and he writes the issues he is having with assignment 13: composing a series of Vignettes, hoping the instructor or other students will clear the confusion about the assignment.


Arriving home from a romantic dinner and some wine tasting with her husband, Cheri head over to her labtop. Her stomach full and feeling great, she want to checking in if any student had questions about assignment 13 before heading off to bed.  Cheri browsing each student entry on the commons, some entries about previous assignments and a few who completed assignment 13.  Scrolling down she arrives to a students entry:

Good Evening bloggers, I think everyone already got assignment 13 compose a series of vignettes. I just wanted to make sure that I am understanding what the assignment is. we have write a story or something like maybe sitting at mcdonalds and then like write maybe what we see outside, people, the weather, then maybe we hear a conversation from the person sitting behind me, and then describe our meal because we our eating, not because we our hungry, emotionally hungry.. Something like that??

Seeing that this student is not the only one with concerns about the assignment, Cheri goes back and re-read the assignment. Double checking if any of the instruction might be confusing or maybe should be re-written. Clicking back on the common page she read a few response from other students who wrote their understanding of the task.  She leave a reply to the student, hoping that it will clear any confusion he may have about the assignment.


It 8:30am the student logs on to his wordpress account and see he has gotten several replies from students about his confusion with assignment 13. He also see Cheri response and read its. Still feeling somewhat confuse, it run across his mind that he may have to skip this assignment.  Nothing in his mind is clicking. The only thing that pop in his head is that he has writer blocks. Deciding not to worry about assignment 13 and letting other people know in the group about his confusion and wanting to skip the assignment. It 10am and he decide to go to Walmart with he mom and little niece that he calls “trouble”.

About 8pm and he has read several other student’s story/series of Vignettee awhile watching Ironman 3. Still not having any idea of what to write and then an idea fell from the heavens. Well somewhat of an idea, but not sure if it fit with what the assignment is asking for. In his mind, it a theme and a pattern of struggling with this assignment, Compose a Serious of Vignettees.


Alarm go off and it 7am. Cheri wake up and head to the kitchen to make her morning coffee. Awhile waiting for her coffee she put her labtop on the kitchen table and turns it on. Grabbing her coffee cup from the cabinet, she pour herself some coffee and sits down at the table.  Logging on and seeing the posting her students left overnight, she see a posting from the student that was confuse and wanting to skip the assignment. Clicking the link the student left she read his assignment.


6 thoughts on “Writing 101: Compose a Series of Vignettes

  1. Great effort here to understand this style of writing! I like the sense of real-ness here: people doing everyday, mundane things in a realistic time frame. Going back and forth between “characters” gives it that quality that it’s made up of a series of moments. And you focus throughout on one thing — the assignment — which ties it somewhat together.


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