Writing 101: Hook’em with a quote

“I feel like I’m just a flower getting great roots but far from blooming. Far from blooming.” ~Becky Hammon

Becky Hammon a retired WNBA player who played for the San Antonio Silver Star and the first female NBA full-time Assistant coach. Also the first female head coach for the NBA Summer League and to win the summer league Championship. Becky Hammon said this during the NBA Summer league after her first game as a coach in the summer league and her first lost.

I pick this quote because one, I admire her for what she is doing and I believe that she is a very inspirational person. Of course she is a attractive person, but beside that, if I had a daughter, I would hope that Becky Hammon would be the role model that she look up to. She clearing the path for other female to be in a position that is male dominated.

Secondly, reading this quote, I hope and pray that at some point in the near future someone will give me opportunity to be a flower that has great roots, but needs time to bloom to become that awesome flower. At the moment it a been a struggle for me, kind of like a flower that does get enough water and sunlight to fully bloom. Kind of sound corny in a way, but it kind of how I feel.

I couldn’t fine the video when she said this, but did find a article that states her quote. You can read it here.


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