Discover Prompt Day 30: Grateful

Grateful, I would first say, Thank You WordPress and their staff for setting these prompts up.  I will say this is my first time where I have written / type for 29 days straight.  I didn’t do the first day prompt, Joke.  It strange how someone can give you a prompt to write about and you write. Then when those prompts aren’t given to you, writer blocks kicks in.

In these challenging times, I would say that am grateful that am well and my family is well.  We were mourning the passing of a family member that last week of February and then this COVID-19 just swept in. Am just thankful that everyone in the family was able to deal with each other awhile sheltering-in-place. That not a easy thing to adjust to.  For me lucky I lived in the dorms for 3 years and then lived in apartment with people I didn’t know.  So I’ve kind knew how to adjust myself.

To all the bloggers out in the world reading this, posting about their own experience with this COVID-19, life, or just blogging to keep your mind occupied, hope all is well and you are safe.

Discover Prompt Day 29: List

I don’t really write or keep a list.  I don’t have much need in having to make a list at the moment.  Even making the most basic list like grocery shopping.  I pretty much know what to get and what I need.  Making a list of things to do or bills to pay?  Well don’t have to  much of a need for those either. If there one list that I have to make, it would be every user name and password that I have to remember.  That goes from emails accounts, to social media, to banking and the list could go on.  The companies I’ve been applying to for employment which am still searching for job positions, but it will probably be awhile before companies start hiring again.

Discover Prompt Day 28: Focus

Focus, as a amateur photographer who shoot with a manual film camera, focusing can be a fun challenge task. I shoot with a Nikon FM10 and a Canon AE-1 where you have to focus on your subject manually.  It not a big issue if you have all the time in the world to focus on a your subject like a flower or any subject that is still. When photography your dog who doesn’t say in one spot, focusing can be a problem and your photo will be out of focus and blur.  Unless  you have a doggy treat above your head.  When it comes to street photography I try to pre-focus on a subject that is 5 to 10 feet in front of me.  I use that as my starting focus point and knowing that anything moving in my view will be in focus and only need to adjust if they are farther away.  So far that has work well for me.  The most challenging task is focusing at night or in a dark area.  When looking through the view finder, you can’t really tell if your shot is in focus or out of focus.  My own personal experience is finding something that is light in color and focus on that.  Then I can guess if my shot is in or out of focus. Did these a lot when I was in college.  The fun part to that challenge is getting your film development and seeing all your photos are in focus.

Discover Prompt Day 27: Team

Team, an over rated word, because there are a lot of “I” in team. The NBA, I remember in the 90s players wouldn’t demand to be trade, they would finish their contract and move on.  When players really played as a team and didn’t demanded things or seek to only play with other certain team and/or players to form a super team.  It probably why I stopped watching sports, cause is not really a team sport anymore.

Sorry, that all I have for this prompt.

Discover Prompt Day 26: Hidden

Hidden, well my room is hidden in a small house.  Hidden not in the sense you can’t find it, but hidden because of all my nieces and nephew, not one has dared to walk in there without asking or me being in there.  My room is small and ever since my dog Lilly started living here with us, I have a open door policy.  Anyone call walk into my room, but I leave my door open cause I know my dog Lilly will stay in there if am gone for a long period of time. Only coming out when she need to go outside or just to take a peak on what going on in the house.

Why does my room stay hidden from the kids?  Well it not me, but my mom usually tell them, Uncle going to get mad if they go in there.  So the little ones don’t go in there.  When they do go in, it with the company of my mom, it a different world that they haven’t seen before.  They seen and walked in every room, so they know what where and who has want, but they are unaware of my room. What my room has and whats been hidden from their eyes.

Any older person would find my room boring, but for a small child, they are curious.  From my film cameras that I have, my niece know that I do have some art supplies like watercolors, to those bubbles wrap that come in your packages that you can pop. To be honest, I just think the kids just find my room interesting cause it a hidden part of the house they are told not to go in.  I will say I do know when someone is in my room when am not there.  It not my dog that tell me, but just how I leave things arranged in my the room. They might move something, knock over something, or I’ll just remember how my room looked when I left the house.

Discover Prompts Day 25: Magic

In a village there a old man that people ignore and stay away from.  He walks the village in the early morning carry a small box.  Strolling along, secretly trading with other villager who wouldn’t trade with him when the crowd come out to buy and trade their goods for other goods they need. With their head looking down at the ground, they speak with the man, Negotiating their food for medicine, or tools the old man makes.  During their conversation the old man press down a button on the box.   Rumors say the old man is a witch of some kind. Children warn not to make eye contact with the man nor speak to him.

The old man unaware he is being watch by a curious young boy.  One morning when the man is negotiate with the villagers, the young boy secretly enters the old man cabin.  Located on the opposite side of the village, near devil cave.  It said that people who entire the cave never come back with exception of one person. The old man.

Entering the old man cabin the boy see shelves of books.  He never seen so many books.  Walking he see a room with a equipment and a table with three treys filled with liquid.  The room has a unique smell, the  boy looking for a window to vent the room, but there wasn’t one to open.  On one of the walls he sees people, face of people, buildings that look familiar.  Looking closely he realize it people from the village, but puzzle that they weren’t drawn by an artists. The texture of the paper wasn’t the same.

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Discover Prompt Day 24: Elixir

Had to think about this for awhile.  My elixir would be my dogs.  They were first adopted / taken in by a family member and decided to just drop them off here with my parents.  So he left them here and now am their care taker.  Their names are Lilly and Lady Bug and you can tell from observation that they are each other elixir.

Since I started taking care of them, it always amazing how they look at me as their parent.  At first it took awhile to gain the trust of Lilly.  She was very cautious and still didn’t trust anyone.  Touching her paws was a no no, but with time I earned her trust.  She wasn’t a cuddle dog either, but again with time she allowed me to hug her when she would lay on my bed.  My other dog, Lady Bug really didn’t have any issues that I had to work on with her.  She does like to cuddle.  She a calm and laid back type of dog and also lazy at time.  She is Lilly anchor, calming her down when she get excited or just need a little motherly love attention.

Any time I come home, I know am going to be greeted by my dog Lilly.  She waiting for my arrive or sitting outside looking at the buses passing by wondering if am on that buy.  My mom has told me she will sit outside for a long time just looking and waiting.  I smile when I know she see me cause she just get excited that sometime it hard to enter the yard.  She ready to jump on me, but that where Lady Bug come in hand.  She will get in between me and Lilly telling Lilly in a doggy way, calm down, let him come in. Lilly hates that, but am sure she know why Lady Bug does it.

I would say the most powerful thing about this elixir is the routine I have with my dogs.  Every morning, I will be woken up at the same time that it time to eat by Lilly. So I feed Lilly and Lady Bug is just a lazy morning dog.  She would rather sleep then eat in the morning.  From there they do their doggy things.  Bark at the garbage truck or whatever they see outside.  Then in the afternoon if am taking a nap, my dog Lilly will join me and Lady will nap on a doggy pillow.  Then as we get to 5pm, Lilly will bother me again, making sure I know it time to eat.  When it time to go to sleep, well Lilly already on my bed and Lady is on her pillow or on the sofa.

Discover Prompt Day 23: Note

I started keeping a diary/journal about five years ago. Just felt, why not start just writing notes about what going on in my non-interesting life, put those thoughts I have in my head on paper and leave them there. Beside I needed to add something to my routine, writing in a journal seem the perfect fit.

When we began the year 2020 I had brought a new journal/diary to start writing in. I use sketchbooks as my diary notebook cause the paper can take different mediums: watercolor, ink, markers etc. Beside writing, I also like to doodle in my journal.  In late January and going into February there was family emergency and I didn’t get a chance to write. My mind was occupied with this family emergency.  By the end of February and going into March well coronavirus introduce it-self here in the United States and other parts of the world.

That sketchbook now is my COVID-19 notes.  Writing my observations in the new world we are living in.  When I don’t have anything to write then I doodle something and use watercolors to add some color. To the left and below are two doodles I did and have posted on this blog.  There things that were being reported in the news like the nurses on the front lines taking  care of the sick and the social distancing.

Note, 2020 will be one of those years that people will be talking about for years to come.  Where were you when the COVID-19 spread around the world? What was your state of mind and what where you doing when you were in shelter-in-place or lock down?  It that time to keep a note in a notebook, on pieces of paper. One day the younger generation in your family will be asking you those questions.  Why not let them read from your own words at that time?  Just a note for thought.

Discover Prompt Day 21: Instrument

I don’t know how to play a musical instrument. It would be cool to learn how to play one, but in the mean time I do enjoy just listening to music that have an instrumental part in the song.  Where all you hear is the musical instruments for a few seconds, to a few minutes or just the entire musical piece.

Discover Prompt Day 18: New

The reality that we are currently facing with COVID-19 a new normal has settle in. Am sure for some of you gentlemen out there can relate. Your hair growing out and being unable to go the barber or hair salon to get a haircut. You can say that your are trying a new hairstyle. For me not able to go get a hair cut every two weeks or three is something new. That been my basic routine since I was in middle school and the lady that cut my hair back then still cuts my hair today. I just can’t stand my hair growing out. It been about a month and two weeks since my last hair cut and my family is noticing it. If we continue this shelter in place and business close for another month, my hair will grow enough for me to have a punk spike hairstyle. Well a small one. I don’t know if I would want a family member to cut my hair since no one know how to cut hair. As a last resort, yes, but only if I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get a haircut for another month or two. Guys, how are you doing not able to get a hair cut? Are family suggesting or pressure you to let them cut?