Discover Prompt Day 10: Orchestrate

I ‘ve been thinking about today prompt, Orchestrate, to arrange or control the elements of, as to achieve a desired overall effect.  I really couldn’t think of anything, but then maybe am just over thinking.  Being an introvert, like about 75 % introvert it not something I would do according to the defination giving.  Am more of keeping a low profile and not trying to obtain some type of control of the elements to get a desire overall effect.  Don’t get me wrong, I willing to accept challenges, just not one to seek them.  Such challenges I willing to do would be to prove to any employer willing to hire me, that I could do the job required, even though I may lack  experience. That seem to be one of many reason why I can’t find a job and now you can add COVID-19.  Challenges am not seeking is orchestrating a presentation to a large audience, am not afraid of talking in front of people,I just don’t want the attention.  Make sense?

And just to end this post and the prompt theme orchestrate, if you never heard this before, I hope if give you a smile.  I heard this when I was taking a music class in college awhile back.

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