Let the Neighbors Inspire you

The reason why I comment on this blog, Librarian on the Lose, was this small paragraph that the blogger wrote on their about page. It really those last 2-3 sentences.

 Wondering why I don’t have my name posted?
I am a teacher librarian, and I have to be circumspect about my online activities. If I were just reviewing regular novels, there would be no problem. If I wasn’t going to swear like a truck-driving sailor–sometimes, not all the time–I would probably post under my own name. However, I love to read erotic romances. I’m not ashamed of my personal book choices, but they are just that. My personal book choices. I don’t particularly want my tech-savvy students to go find my personal book preferences. They have already shown me mug shots of fellow teachers. Literally.

When I get ask why I don’t just teach, it not because I am not certified and don’t have the money to go back to school and become certified. It has to do with that the “teaching world” today is not a safe place to work in the digital world we live in today. All it take is a small rumor by a student(s), another teacher, parent or someone to get the school attention about your life style and put it under a microscope. Then to come to the conclusion and let the local/world media know that you are not the type of person who should be teaching children because of your life style outside the classroom isn’t approved by the school and/or district.

It is not common to hear on the news about a teacher being accused by a student or is being investiaged by the school because of a rumor that wasn’t true, but some how ended up on the news, destroying the teacher’s reputation. How about when someone finds something that a teacher has done in the past such maybe working at Hooters or was a pornstar before she/he became a teacher? What if the books you read or the life style that you live outside the classroom walls is discovered and not to be the standard the school wants in their teachers?

That what I fear about becoming a teacher.  I have nothing to hide, but all it take is a rumor to go around and once school officials to find out about the rumors, be prepared for one hell of a ride. Your reputation can be destroy in a heart beat, where it can never be repaired.  People will know who you are and future employer will have a difficult time trusting your creditability.


4 thoughts on “Let the Neighbors Inspire you

  1. After you posted the comment, I found an article about the Bikini Teacher. This teacher modeled bikinis, her district found out about it and she was fired. The really scary part: she knew she was probably going to be fired when she started modeling! What does that say about the educational environment!


  2. I understand your concerns, but we live in a world where, whatever your profession, a vicious comment made by a vindictive person could cause damage to the reputation of an otherwise innocent person. We also live in a digital world where we are opening our lives up to strangers every time we post something online. However, we should not let fear of something that has not happened prevent us from pursuing our dreams.
    I really liked your blog. Like you I am starting out on Blogging101, though having difficulty in keeping up with the assignments – hope to have time to catch up at the weekend.


  3. I just read another post today from someone who had a complaint filed by a competitor within their professional licensing board because he disagreed publicly with some of the ways the profession promotes unsafe work. Luckily the complaint was ruled unfounded so he keeps his license … for now… He is going to keep questioning the unsafe practices.

    We all need to decide what battles and compromises we are ready to take on in life. Nice post.


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