World Watercolor Month 2017

World Watercolor Month has come to an end.  This year I completed 19 painting out of 31 which is less then what I did last year.  It always fun and a challenge to participate in World Watercolor month. The challenge to paint something each day and to use that creativity side of our brain that most of us don’t use.  The fun part is just having fun doing it.  No need to stress whether your watercolor painting sucks.  Just enjoy what you are doing and maybe laugh that your art work looks like a 6 years old art work or that you may have some hidden talent.



Hello Everyone,

It been awhile since I made post on here.  During the month of July I was participating in world Watercolor month.  My goal was to do a painting each day for the 31 days in July, but I was only able to do 21.  It was fun and a learning experience.  The fun part was interacting with people  via Facebook from all over the world who share the same passion for watercolor.  From beginner to experience watercolor users, everyone showing their skills and creativity.  Am sure everyone learned something new from this World Watercolor month. Here are a few of my watercolor painting that I like the most.



1st week of WorldWatercolorMonth

World Watercolor Month is well under away and the first week is complete.  For me it be fun, but also challenging.  The challenge of coming up with something new to paint each day and to be able to complete it.  I am one who usually take my time, but this has really force to do things on the fly.  Awhile there no requirement that each watercolor painting you do has be done at a specific time and/or submitted, I would like to do 31 watercolor paintings.  I’ve been posting my watercolor painting on the World Watercolor month Facebook page, as well as on my Instagram with the #WorldWatercolorMonth. The best part is interacting with people from around the world, both beginner and experience watercolor users, plus see each other art work. We say that we are connect by internet, but we are much more connected through art.  Here are my watercolor painting for the first week.

World Watercolor Month

About four months ago I brought myself a watercolor kit and enter the world of watercolors.  Within these four-month I’ve slowly start to practice, experiment with Koi watercolors.  Just doing simple little watercolor paintings in my journal.   Still have to figure out a lot of things about watercolors, mixing colors, and applying it to paper. Well within a few day or starting next month is watercolor month.  I plan to participate in this and challenge myself a little.  You can check out some of my simple watercolor paint here or go to my instagram account.