Discover Prompt Day 30: Grateful

Grateful, I would first say, Thank You WordPress and their staff for setting these prompts up.  I will say this is my first time where I have written / type for 29 days straight.  I didn’t do the first day prompt, Joke.  It strange how someone can give you a prompt to write about and you write. Then when those prompts aren’t given to you, writer blocks kicks in.

In these challenging times, I would say that am grateful that am well and my family is well.  We were mourning the passing of a family member that last week of February and then this COVID-19 just swept in. Am just thankful that everyone in the family was able to deal with each other awhile sheltering-in-place. That not a easy thing to adjust to.  For me lucky I lived in the dorms for 3 years and then lived in apartment with people I didn’t know.  So I’ve kind knew how to adjust myself.

To all the bloggers out in the world reading this, posting about their own experience with this COVID-19, life, or just blogging to keep your mind occupied, hope all is well and you are safe.


Where ever you are in the world, I hope you are doing well with this coronavirus pandemic.  Who would have ever thought that life would be halted to a stand still because of a small living organism.  The world, before the coronavirus introduce it-self to the world, life was cruising on the fast line. People traveling across the world, working 8 to 5, kids in school. Now depending where you are in the world, people are order to shelter in place, practice social distancing, and having to do a total 360 of their life style.

Me before this madness, I was and still unemployed as I have been for the past 11 years.  I was applying here and there, going to the few interview that I was invited to, but never getting an offer.  Not knowing what reasons I wasn’t hired, now I have another obstacle to confront.  Companies are now at a stand still in hiring new people because of this virus.  My job search is put on hold and I hope not for to long.

In the mean time and just like you(depending where you are in the world) am staying home and only going out if I need something.  Am keeping busy by drawing and journaling.  I would like to do some photography around the city, but don’t want to risk getting a family member sick.  I also have two dogs that keep me occupied.  I am also reading books, but with the libraries closed I don’t know where am going to get new books to read. I know I can read the digitally because staring at screen for a long period of time hurt my eyes.

Well take care where ever you may be in the world.  If you are scared, have faith thing will get better.  We as human have been though pandemic when medicine was less advance then it is today.  We survived and am sure we will survive this one.