Past Journals

This past weekend I was deep cleaning my room.  Getting rid of stuff, organizing my things like art supplies, my film camera gear.  I was also getting rid of some one clothes that I stored in a storage bin that I no longer wear.  Well haven’t worn in a long, long time, so I thought its time to trash them.  I didn’t trash them, I will donate them, since they are still in good condition.

Also in the storage bin was my few my journals and sketchbooks.  I’ve been journaling for about 5 years.  Nothing interesting to read in those journals unless you find entries of struggling to find employment entertaining.  Within those entries I also did some watercolors sketches. It interesting looking threw them.  I only wish I had more to write about, but most days I don’t have nothing to write down.  Any suggest when you struggle with writer blocks?

Below is a picture of my journals.  Starting from the left side is my current journal, which I started when the pandemic began.  Going toward the right are the journals before that one.  The one on the right side, the brown one is my first journals.  All of these journals are actually sketchbooks.

Searching for a Journal

About a month or two ago, I told myself that I will start keeping a journal and write in it.  So I started with your simple composite notebook and did a few entries.  To me, it really didn’t feel like a journal to me, it didn’t feel personal.  So after looking around at Barnes & Noble, Michaels, and online at some of their journals, I didn’t find one that I like.  Probably 20151209_213040because they all had lines and the paper was thin.  I wanted something not only I can write using pen, pencil, marker and not wet through the paper, but also doodle in it to. This past weekend I decide to buy a small sketchbook and make that my journal.  Below is my first entry that I wrote in my journal.




Fear! Fear of writing and keeping a journal/notebook with my thoughts.  20151209_212954Its the fears of a relative finding this and skimming through the words and pages.

Today, I make the attempt to write on paper, either my thoughts or use my imagination to write a story.  To make an attempt and with time,hope my writing will improve.  Improve in my abilities to express my ideas, thoughts, and the use of language.

“There is not greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

~Maya Angelou