The phone call

Friends would describe him as quiet, smart and sweat. He has no trouble talking to people face to face, that if he has something to talk about. But how does he engage a conservation with the girl he has a crush on over the phone? It looks easy when you’re silbings do it or you see it on TV.  He nervous just thought of calling her than trying to engage in a conversation.  He know how to dial the number, but what does he say when he hear the voice on the other side.  He pick up the handset then slowly with his index finger begin to push each number button one at a time. Simultaneously saying the seven digit number in a whispering voice, 4,4,4,8,8,3,3.   Then he ears the ringing sound, the phone call is being connected, suddenly he hears a female voice, her voice, “hello!” He feels nervous and his mind goes blank.  Doesn’t know what to say and hangs up the handset.  Hoping she just thinks the call was mistakenly disconnected.