Book: Dune

412b7kAJE2L._SX277_BO1,204,203,200_Dune by Frank Herbert. Am not sure about his book.  I didn’t really feel like I was connected to the book nor the characters.  It probably why it took me so long to finish reading.  Just reading, I felt there was just to much going on.  Am guess the author really wanted to take the reader through the characters journey. About who they are and their purpose.

I do like sci-fiction and this will probably be one book I would need to read again in the future just to see if my opinion changes.

Time Travel part 2

Standing there, in front of the desk, unsure what to make of what she has discovered.  A calendar with the wrong month and year.  Thinking that she must be dreaming and that some how she must have trip and knock her head hard on the floor and is laying unconscious.  She suddenly is startled when the shock wave of an explosion rattles the building.  Followed by another explosion and planes buzzing by.  People, nurses, doctors scattering the hallways, heading to windows or nearby exits to see whats going on. A man running down the hallway, screaming, “we are being attack, Pearl Harbor is being attack.”

Then a nurse tugs on Maggie’s arms, pulling her and saying come on we need to go.  We should be expecting patients to be coming in any time now. With the nurse holding on to Maggie arm and fighting their way through incoming traffic in the hallway, Maggie bumps into a little girl, knocking her and herself onto the cold floor.  Maggie looking into the girls eyes and with out able to complete her sentence, ‘are you..” she recognizes the face.  The strange look that she received when she handed the gypsies lady the twenty-dollar bill.  Now, she understand what has happen to her.  Getting up quickly and grabbing the camera, she continues down the hallway and walks into an empty room. Trying to catch her breath and stay clam as the sound of explosion continue to rattle the building.  Looking down at the camera, she begin to recall what she was doing before she found herself no longer in the comfort of her apartment living-room.  Her small fingers moving and feeling all the buttons and different part of the camera, coming to the small button on the side which she remember pressing.  The door to the room opens and simultaneously as the little girl walks in, Maggie press down on the release button.  The mechanical click echo along with a flash and within a second she back in her apartment living room.  No longer dressed in the nurses uniform, but still holding the camera in her hand.

The next day Maggie returns to the flee market along with the camera.  Looking for the young girl from her time travel who is the old gypsies lady.  Arriving at the booth where she brought the camera and the old lady walks out and smiles as she see Maggie. Greeting her with a hug and saying, “we have a lot to talk about my dear.”

*Hope you enjoy my story. If you didn’t get chance to read the first part, click here.*