Discovery Challenge: Flaneur


I would consider myself an observer. No matter where am at, if am alone or with people am always observing everything that around me.

Walking the street of downtown San Antonio, Texas, I blend into the 23449503249_004221f738_b many tourist who roam the street like zombies. Slowly walking, looking lost, some with their eyes on their cell phone, others with their eye wandering around with their hands on their camera. I myself also carrying a camera, but not acting so zombie like, observing my surrounding, looking for that right photographic shot.

99060018My ears and eyes observing as people pass me by running along the riverwalk. Listening to the ducks quaking, listening for the sound of foot steps pounding on the pavement as people walk and run coming from behind me.  My eyes taking notice what people are doing, what they are wearing, whats going on around town that attracts the tourist.  Some stopping to take a selfie, families stopping by to get an ice cone from the small vendors station through out town.

99010018Sometime there will be moments where I talk with a tourist or someone local about what going on around town, or asking for direction.  Other time I’ll get stop and get ask about my camera.  Most time I will stop to take a break from walking and drink water from the water bottle I carry with me.

After a couple of hours walking, I decide it time to return to being a local and catch my bus ride back home. As I wait, I continue observing every walk of life passing by. Listening to the few words the echo my way.  Finally my bus arrive

Daily Prompt: We Built This City

We Built This City

What do you love most about the city / town / place that you live in? What do you like the least about it? If you were mayor, what would be the most important problem you’d tackle? How would you tackle it?


I live in San Antonio, Texas, if you are not familiar with San Antonio, Texas, well maybe this phrase will help. “Remember the Alamo” or maybe you’ve heard about the boring San Antonio Spurs who won the NBA Championship last year.  What I love about this city is the weather.  The weather here is great even though it can get hot during the summer months.

What I like least about this city is the lack of public transportation to move around the city.  San Antonio is a big city, but it also growing, so can you image if you live on one side of town and having to travel to the other side of town.  The only way to do that is by bus.  I would wish the city bring other alternatives to moving round the city like a railing system.  The other thing I don’t like is that there are a lot of empty building in the downtown area.  That would be one thing I would tackle if I was mayor.  It would be great if there were more cafes shops  where not only tourist can hang out, but also the local people can go to andwork on things or maybe read a book.  Some of other things I would like to tackle is making the city more alive, where there is at least some small or big event going on in the downtown area.