2nd Book of 2017: Devil’s Cold Dish

My 2nd book of the New Year is Devil’s Cold Dish by Eleanor Kuhns.  This is the second26114399 book that I’ve read by Eleanor.  The other book is Death in Salem which you should read before reading this one.  I will tell you her book has me glued to continue reading.  In Devil’s Cold Dish Will Rees and his wife have return home from Salem.  Rees sister has been visiting, trying to convince him and his wife to alone her husband, her children and herself to say with them. Rees and Lydia refuse to allow them to say, but willing to help her so her children don’t starve.  Rees learns that there a murder in town and is asked to assist, but later ask to withdraw from the case because of a conflict he had with the murder victim.  Rumors being to surface the Rees’s wife Lydia is a witch and is physically attack.  She is also accused of a 2nd murder that happen in town.  Rees angry and eagered to solve this case and stop these rumors about his wife. Unable to leave his house and his family because fear for their safety. Can he solve this case with the majority of the Dugard town against him?


Book #3 Collector of Secrets

1940610338I finished my 3rd book for 2016,Collectors of Secrets by Richard Goodfellow.  An American, Max Travers working aboard in Japan teaching english and in love with a beautiful Japanese girl.  His boss, Yoko a manipulative woman who withhold Max’s passport that he need to return home.  Max decided to breaking into his boss office to retrieve his passport, but walks into a burglary taking place. Max escape this burglary, but accidentally take an old diary which Yoko father has had in his possession for several years.  Max unaware of the importance of the diary is now being hunted by the Yakuza who will do whatever is necessary to get that diary, even kill. Max is now on the run not only from police, but the Yakuza and a secret American who works for a highly position officials and will kill to get their hands on the diary. It is now life and death and in order to survive, Max must solve the diary’s secret.

Book #2: The Dead Assassin

510jVt407BLI’ve been slacking off in reading lately and some of the books I’ve been reading, have not kept my attention to keep on reading them.  Today, I finally finished my second book, The Dead Assassin by Vaughn Entwistle. I will be honest, I’ve never read any of Sherlock Homes books or Frankstein books, but when reading this book that what I felt I was reading. If you were to take both of those books and put them together that will basically give you an idea of what to expect in reading The Dead Assassin. Of courses there more, but wouldn’t want to spoil the fun and enjoyment of reading this book.

Conan Doyle a famous writer is summoned to assist in a horrible crime scene involving a highly government official.  Calling on his friend Oscar Wilde to assist him in solving this crime, both are caught in the middle of something that is much bigger and stranger then just your ordinary crime scene. Conan and Wilde discovery that there a plot to assassin other highly government officials, but learn that the killer is someone or something the disobeys the laws of nature. Their knowledge of this information put their family and their friend lives in danger.

Book #6: The Nakeds

This is my 6th book that I’ve read, and am trying to figure out how to write a post for the books I finish reading.  Should it be a short summary and if I like it or didn’t. Maybe just the big issues/topics I see in the book.

The Nakeds by Lisa Glatt an interesting book if you are one curious about TheNakedsLargehuman sexuality, body image, family, and nudity.  I say interesting because in college I took several courses that dealt with sexuality such as Latina sexuality and human sexuality. There was always an interesting conversations during class. These are classes that you could easily get a “A” in if you did all the readings and the assignments.

Body image, being ashamed, nudity, sexuality, these are all tied together throughout the book. A little girl who is ashamed of her injured leg that is wrap in a cast because of a drunk driver hitting her. She uncomfortable within her own body because one leg doesn’t look like the other.  Uncomfortable being nude with other nude people after her mom and step-father introduce her to a nude camp.

Am sure some of us can relate to the little girl in some way where we are uncomfortable with our body or a certain part. There are some of us who don’t come from a family that doesn’t mind being nude in front of each other because of several reasons.  One reason is that the nude body is a sexual object.  Just like the issue with breast feed in public, it a normal natural thing, but people sexualize the female breast.

Just some of other interesting things that book covers is keeping secrets.  Secrets that you don’t want people to know about you or about your family. In the book you will look into the world of the individual who was driving drunk and hits the little girl.  Never stopping to checking to see if she was alright or call for help.  Just leave her on the street to die and struggling living with that.




Book #4 Duet in Beirut

Book #4, Duet in Beirut by Mishka Ben-David.  When I saw this book I beirutthought it would be filled with action, James Bond type of book. It really didn’t live to my expectation.  Duet in Beirut is about two Mossad agents, Ronen and Gadi.  Mossad is Isreal’s CIA, gathering intelligence and executing secret missions around the world.

Why didn’t it live to my expectation? Well I thought it would be more action, a little romantic situations, but the book really started off slow for me.  It does pick up in excitement which is why I just didn’t stop and put the book down.

Just a quick summary of the book, one of Mossad agents goes rogue after a mission that goes bad and gets blamed for it.  After being let go from Mossad, he take matter in his own hand to assassinate a Hezbollah leader. His friend, Gadi go after him without the approve of the Mossad to stop Ronen from carry out this assassination and causing harm to himself and to his country.  Gadi is able find Ronen and stop him from carry his assassination, only to learn he planet a bomb on the car of the Hezbollah leader.  Thinking he diffuse the bomb, he learn that the bomb isn’t diffuse and has been set to go off at an unknown time. All of this is going on awhile the Mossad is deciding on what action to take and to send in a team to stop Ronen.

Keeping a Routine

If there one thing that I have observe my dogs do every day, is keeping a routine. They have a routine, they wake up early in the morning because they hear my niece arrive as her parents go to work. A hour later one of them is my room trying to wake me and get me out of bed. Usually because they want something: either dogs treat, their water bowl is empty or just don’t have any dog food in their bowl. From there it going outside for a few minutes then back in and right back to sleep. Of course this changes if my parents lock them outside. About noon or 1pm they know it time for lunch. It just amazing that they might not know the concept of time, but they know that it time to be feed. After eating it just walking around the house, making sure the other two dogs bowl are clean and then back to sleep. By 6pm they are back in my room waiting for me because it time to go outside. From there they just follow me and the two big dogs are just play and chasing each other around the yard. When I come back inside they usually head to their dog bowl that is filled with dog food. Each dog wait their turn and by 10pm it usually light out for them. Each taking a spot on the couch or floor to sleep. One of them on my bed watching me reading, or drawing.
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Book #3: Zombies

For all you zombies fans out there and who can’t wait for the return of The Walking Dead, I suggest you read Joe McKinney Book Dead City. If you never heard of Joe McKinney, he not only a author, but also a police officer for the San Antonio police department.  When reading this book, I was glued to it which is probably why I finished it in two days.  Instead of a zombie outbreak happening in New York or some other big and popular city, this outbreak happen down in the San Antonio, Texas.  In my opinion this book kind of remind me of The Walk Dead since the main character is a police officer with a wife and son. The only difference is this officer is alone during this outbreak trying to get to his wife and kid.  Yes, along the way he does find people but I let you learn about that when you read the book.

I think the only thing I wish the author would have gone more into detail is the end. To explain without spoiling the book for you, if you know San Antonio, its a military city. So I would just like to have seen a chapter or two of the military involvement or if they are just caught off guard. Maybe a different twist then what we are use to seeing in the movies.




Finished reading my 2nd Book

It took awhile, but I finally finish my 2nd book.  The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith.  This was my first time reading a  crime novel book.  When I started reading, I had to kind of take it slow and re-read the first two chapters since there was so much information: the crime scene, the characters and who they are.


I enjoyed reading the book and I never thought that the killer would be the person who it ended up being.  I don’t want give out the name or too much details and spoil it for future readers. It was just awesome reading the scene when Strike tells the killer that he knew it was him and just breaking it down how he found out.  I was ready for guns to pop out, thinking that Strike had a hidden gun hide somewhere and the killer had his, but nope that didn’t happen. Awhile reading the book I was thinking that the relationship between Strike and his assistant Robin would become something more. He always miss the presents of her company and she never did want to leave the job.  Beside Robin was a attractive women and it just felt that she spent more time with Strike then her boyfriend.

So now I will start my next book which is a Zombie book.  A lady that I work with, suggested that I read this author books since he is a native of Texas.  He does have several books, so am starting off with his first book.  Oh! yes this is my first zombie book that I ever read and no I never did read War World Z. Do you have any suggestions on books I should consider reading?

Book Review 1: The Book Thief

untitledI finally finished reading my first book, The Book Theif by Markus Zusak. I had written a post early about how excited I was after reading the first chapter and just the challenge Liesel had to over come to learn how to read. It wasn’t easy, even through she was being taught by her Papa, that her step-dad who wasn’t a great reader himself. Liesel just kept at it.
If you are person who enjoyed reading Ann Franks Diary, then you will most likely enjoy this book. What I really found interesting about reading this book was how the author bring in Death and what Death is seeing and experiencing when he take the souls. I just thought that was awesome and it really impact you emotionally, especially toward the end of the book. That just how I felt.
One of the interesting part that really gave me chills or goosebumps when reading was when Liesel, her step mom and dad, along with other people from town are in the basement during a air raid. People and children crying, scared, and Liesel just there hold on to her book and with the courage to begin reading her book. As she reads, people and children begin to focus their attention to her, listening to her voice and the words coming out of her month. As if her voice had a power, more powerful then sounds of bombs exploded.
Will not give to much away and hope to hear from other people who also enjoyed reading this book.

Keeping up with goals for 2015

Hi everyone, I’ve haven’t really been posting that much with the exception for Writing 101 prompts which has kept me busy. Writing 101 has been a big challenge for me because my writing skills are not that awesome. If you every get a chance to take wordpress writing 101, I highly recommend you register for it. It free and you just go at your own pace.

For this post I thought I share what I’ve been doing and about keeping up with my 2015 goals. I’ve been doing my best in keeping up with some of my new hobbies: drawing and reading. I wrote a post about 2 weeks ago about me reading, “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak. It taking me awhile to finish the book, but am almost there. It been a very interesting book and have been ask several questions about it at work. With reading this book, I’ve have to alternate my days where I read one day and drawing the next day. So far I’ve been practicing drawing portraits and just working on different techniques on drawing people faces. Here are a few drawing I think that are my best.

On the job front, still looking for full-time job. Never heard back from the company I interviewed with last month. I can only think that they hired someone else. In the mean time, I have temporary work project that should last for a month or so. The only challenging part about this temporary project is having time to go to the gym. I’ve been trying a new work out routine to see if I get any results plus I’ve been keeping a journey of my work outs, what I eat, and been monitoring my blood pressure. Reason for monitoring my blood pressure is that when I go to the dentist, I get the questions about high blood pressure. I tell them that I get nervous and that why my blood pressure sky rockets. Anyone else has that issue when going to the dentist or doctor? Blood pressure goes through the roof?