Receiving Gratitude

Receiving Gratitude! About two week ago I received my stimulus checks from Uncle Sam or from China Biden. Many Americans did and if they have children received a bigger stimulus check. That weekend, Saturday, my mom and I went to the grocery store to buy food for the week and my lunch for work. Of course I also buy my dog her dog food and doggy treats. My mom and I routine when buying grocery is we go half and half on paying. Other times, I’ll pay for it all, now that am working full-time, I can help out a little more financially. So we go to the store on Saturday and ended up not getting everything we needed cause it was crowded with people. Most likely people who received their stimulus check, buying their grocery. The next day we head to another grocery store and got the rest of the groceries we need it and headed to the check out line. Am at the check out counter waiting for the cashier to finish scanning our groceries. My mom and I see the total and I say we just go half and half. She gave her half in cash and I would pay my half with my debt card. Awhile we are doing this there a young lady, maybe in her late 20 with a little boy behind us. As am about to pay my half the cashier tell me and points to the young lady saying, she wants to pay for your groceries. The cashier hands back me the cash my mom gave for her half. I tell me mom what going on and the young lady want to pay. We tell the young lady, “that not necessary, we are fine.” “We always go half and half on groceries.” She insist that she wants to pay for our groceries. From the time we got in line to check out till our interaction with the cashier, we made no actions that would give any idea that we were poor, we didn’t tell the cashier we aren’t taking these items, we didn’t have coupons or food stamps. I believe that one time someone help this young lady by paying for her grocery and now that she had enough money, she wanted to return to the favor to someone else. Who knows, but my mom and i accepted her generous offer in paying for our groceries.

Dancing: Part I

How did I get so interested in dancing or to be more specific, salsa dancing. Well  before I answer that let me tell you a little secret.  I never knew how to dance nor was I taught when I was growing up.  You would think your parents would teach their kids how to dance, if they know themselves.  I know my parents do because  I’ve  seen them do it at weddings and at my cousin quinceanera.  Quinceanera! that brings up memories when I was the trick in standing in one, but never told  I had to dance. I was just about 7  and was shy and really wasn’t into the whole dancing thing.  I remember feeling like Frankenstein, very stiffed and not having a clue on what I was doing. As I moved on through my teenage years, I avoided any dance related activities.  Just was scared and felt lost of not knowing how to dance.  The only dance related activities I didn’t skip was prom. I did dance once, but it was that free style dance which I probably look stupid since I had no rhythm and look like a robot.

I had hope that was the last time I would dance, but that didn’t happen.  Summer came and I was soon in the middle of a freshman orientation where I had to spend the night in the dorms for a few days.  During that time I found myself dancing again with a girl I didn’t know during a dance for incoming freshmen.  Again felt lost and stiff because it was the free style dance.  Soon, I found myself living in that same dorm room, living away from my parents and a new world to explore on my own.  One night I was walking the campus at night as my friend went off partying or getting hazed by their fraternity.  I walked into a building with a ballroom where they were teaching salsa to a large group before a dance. I have to admit, it got me curious for a moment which got the attention of the girl watching the front door.  Asking me, would l like to come in, but I refused and continued my evening walk around campus.