Writing 101: Reinvent the letter format

A Letter to a girl that I never told how I felt about her.

September 17, 2015

Dear Dilia Rodriguez

It only seem like yesterday that when I first meet you in elementary school.  Third grade if I remember correctly, but it wasn’t until the following year I start getting these strange feelings.  As a young boy I didn’t know how to handle and express these feeling.  It was obvious to our friends that I had a crush on you. They knew it and expressed it one time when we had just finish having recess.

As we grew and went from grade level to grade level I still couldn’t shake this crush bug.  Even though I couldn’t tell you and you never confronted me about it, we were good friends. I wish you did confront me about, it would had made it easier for me.  We move on to middle school where again crush bug surface and I wanted to tell you. As you know growing up as teenage wasn’t easy. I  knew I wasn’t as popular as some of the other boys in school that many girl found attractive.  It was scary and mind blogging to express that I had a crush on you.

We move on into high school. Again we continued to be good friends and has several classes together.  It would be our last 4 years that we would see each other before we part ways and my last opportunity to tell you about that crush that I always had on you and continued to have. I figure that best opportunity to tell you was asking you to prom and sharing my feeling, but you had to leave town. We finished high school and walk the stage, but I never got the chance to tell you how I felt.

Here I am today, hunted by not expressing those feelings.  Only re-surface in my subconscious mind awhile I dream during the night.  Trying to re-live those childhood moment and have the guts to tell you how I felt.


Your friend Mike

P.S. maybe fate will have us cross path again in the future.



Writing 101: Be Brief

Walking down a wet street after a heavy thunderstorm roam through town.  The sun try to break free to spread it warm light up the earth, but with no success.  As a continue walking I see an open envelope, laying on the wet pavement.  My only thought is to ignore this envelope like every other envelope or piece of paper I see this pavement.  For some strange reason I get a feeling down in my stomach that causes me to bend down. It was just one of those feeling that felt like if I had to vomit at the moment, but disappeared as my eyes glanced at the folded paper inside this envelope. This enveloped had succeeded in getting my attention.  I reach over to grab the envelope and the paper.  Taking the paper out and unfolding it, it was a letter, a very old letter from the date written on it. Reading the contents of this letter, I got the feeling this was written by a father expressing his feeling and thoughts he wanted to share with his baby born daughter.  In my mind and heart I felt this father knew that he wouldn’t see his daughter grow and mature to a beautiful women. Maybe because he was being sent off to war or has an illness that would take his life soon.  I felt what this father was feeling, trying to convey what every father would want to tell their daughter, about life, about the boys and men she would meant in her life, and about his faults not only as a husband to her mother, by as a person.


Day Five: Be Brief

Today’s Prompt: You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. Write a story about this encounter.

Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.