Happy Father Day

To all the Dads out there, Happy Father Day!

Am not a father, unless you count being a father to two female dogs.  Their names are Lilly and Lady Bug. Am just a single guy that at the current time doesn’t see fatherhood in his future anytime soon. It does leave me to wonder what kind of father I would be.  Would I been the strict dad, especially when it come to having a daughter(s).  The type of the dad that will say no dating until you’re 18 and will ask all the W’s, who, where, When, What, and Why questions when the teenage daughter goes out.  Will I be more a down to earth father that has that open communication with his kid.  Where they can speak or ask any questions or concerns.  They don’t always have to go to mom or a friend to speak about something. Just makes me wonder.


Daily Prompt: Childhood


Childhood, one thing that am grateful about my childhood is that I grew up during the 80s and 90s.  The time that children were allowed to be children, when technology didn’t control our lives, and we were allowed to grow, using our imagination, and exploring our environment.  I remember as a kid it was up to us to keep ourselves entertain.  There was no computer, cell phones, internet, youtube, social media, and video games.  Whether it be summer vacation or a school night, being outside was the most important thing to a kid. If you weren’t outside playing with other kids, brothers/sisters, or just yourself, it was because your parents punished you or it was time for dinner/supper.  All the kids knew why you weren’t outside playing, riding your bike, playing “it” or hide and seek.  The only time I was inside was to watch cartoons. Oh cartoon during the 80s and 90s were the best especially waking up on Saturday mornings.

The best thing about growing up in the 80s/90s is that kids were raised in a environment to be tough, stand up for and to think for yourself.  We played rough, if you were pick on, you fought back, when you fell down, it was up to you to get back up.  Today kids probably wouldn’t understand any of that.  They are pampered way to much by society.