Covid-19 pandemic Journal


Another journal full. This is my Covid-19 pandemic journal that I started last year in March. Have a lot of written entries and few art work here and there. I would say this journal kept me mentally in check and from going crazy. Not being able to interact with people and being stuck at home the majority of the time. It will be interest to look back at this journal in a year or two from now and read what I wrote down.

The one thing I wish I could have done with my journal is add newspaper clippings. I remember asking a family member if they could buy me the newspaper because of the launch of space X in May 2020. I wanted it just to haven cause it now part of history. Every store they went to didn’t sale the newspaper. That the sad part about everything being online and something the younger generation are missing. Clipping newspaper articles of important events. I old newspapers of 9/11, the begin of the gulf war in the 90s.

Did you keep a journal during the covid19?

Past Journals

This past weekend I was deep cleaning my room.  Getting rid of stuff, organizing my things like art supplies, my film camera gear.  I was also getting rid of some one clothes that I stored in a storage bin that I no longer wear.  Well haven’t worn in a long, long time, so I thought its time to trash them.  I didn’t trash them, I will donate them, since they are still in good condition.

Also in the storage bin was my few my journals and sketchbooks.  I’ve been journaling for about 5 years.  Nothing interesting to read in those journals unless you find entries of struggling to find employment entertaining.  Within those entries I also did some watercolors sketches. It interesting looking threw them.  I only wish I had more to write about, but most days I don’t have nothing to write down.  Any suggest when you struggle with writer blocks?

Below is a picture of my journals.  Starting from the left side is my current journal, which I started when the pandemic began.  Going toward the right are the journals before that one.  The one on the right side, the brown one is my first journals.  All of these journals are actually sketchbooks.

One year of Journaling


It was just last year when I began to keep a written journal.  My first entry, I wrote that fear that a nosy family member would see my journal book and begin looking through it and reading my entries.  As of today, that hasn’t happened nor am I aware that someone has without me knowing.  Today am writing in my 3rd journal book and trying different ones out.  Writing whatever comes to my head or doodled something. Using pen, pencil, watercolor to add some color and to express my creative side.  I do carry it with me when I do my walks or when I go to work.  I do find it difficult to write in it when am at Starbucks cause it just feels weird and there to many distractions.  When am at work, I don’t usually have enough time and my head is just burned out from reading papers and staring at a computer screen.  During my breaks, I might doodle in it or finish something I had started at home.

First Journal Book Full

I am down to my last page in my journal book which will make it full with writing and art/doodling entries. Flipping through the pages I see white pages with writing and some drawings then I get to the mid-point of the the journal it light up with color when I began to use watercolor. This journal book that am using is a small sketch book that I brought at Michael’s for about $5- $8 dollars.  When I first started using watercolor in it, I thought the pages wouldn’t hold up to the water, but they did. So it wasn’t a bad journal book to start off with.  Here are a few of my entries.

If we were having coffee..

If we were having coffee, well I would be having a cup of cold ice tea. If we haven’t me before maybe we should introduce our selves first. I would mention to you about my journal that I been keeping and that I am 5 pages away from finish my first journal notebook.

It been a challenge keeping a personal journal.  The challenge is, what should I write about.  Most people would say write about your day.  Well my day is always a repeat of yesterday and the day before that.  Since am unemployed, my day is just waking up in the morning, getting dress, go to the gym, come home, eat, feed my dogs and that my day. Yeah it a boring life, but I do have my dogs to keep me company. If you keep a journal, what do you write about?

Beside writing in my journal, I also doodle in there to: drawing and water coloring.  I also keep another drawing notebook where I draw portraits and whatever else come to mind.

After that I would mention about books that I’ve read and the last one that I read was The Dead Assassin by Vaughn Entwistle. I haven’t been keeping with my reading because I’ve been focus on my journal and also working on my blogs.

Keeping a Journal book

Hello February, You got here fast.  So I’ve been keeping up with writing in my journal book for two months already.  It been fun keeping a journal, but there also challenges that I’ve had to deal with.  The fun part is just writing and doodling in it and the challenge part is what should I write today. I’ve been writing about thing I’ve done, such as how I got interested in dancing, writing down some quotes that I’ve seen on instagram and some personal stories. I would like to shift away from writing personal stuff and more on creativity writing, but somewhat lost there.  As of now am my journal book is half way filled so will have to start looking into buying another.  I might give a try into the moleskin journal books.  Here are few images from my journal.