Happy New Year!!! 2021

Happy New Year!!! I hope you all celebrated welcoming in 2021 safety and with close family members. Hopefully 2021 bring us much more happier and social time that we all have been deprived of this past year with the pandemic.

2021 Goals

Personally I hope to get back to reading a little more. Didn’t do to much of that in 2020.  Any suggestion on books to read?  Trying to stay healthy and workout more.  With work, I only have time to go to the gym on the weekend. Am trying to get myself in  routine  working out here at home.  Already brought me one set of weights and just need to get a work out matt. I did gain a little weight during 2020 cause of the pandemic. Career wise, well am still working at the job I started in late June 2020.  I’ll be doing a separate post on this and giving an update on how that being going. I really hope 2021, I can do some traveling. Traveling has been something on my bucket list. I haven’t left the state that I live in nor the country.  The one thing that holds me back is money.  I don’t know how people travel so much and able to afford it.  Now that I working, am also saving, so when that time comes, I hope I can visit another state before taking the leap to travel to another country.

Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.


December 24, 2018, Merry Christmas!, even though it only a few hour away.  Three years ago today, it really didn’t feel like Christmas.  The weather and calendar didn’t match.  The Temperature for today three years ago was in the 80s.  It felt more like spring where you could wear shorts and a tee-shirt.  Today it feel more like Christmas with the temperature in the 40s with a chance of snow, well a slim chance.

Today is Donald Trumps 2nd year as President and things have change a little compared to Obama’s 2nd year during his 1st and 2nd term.  They change for the good of the country.  The economy has improved, but still a lot of work to be done. Terrorism and immigration are still an issue when it come to our country’s security.

For me, I am working full-time now. It was long journey with many obstacles to over come. This past year and a half, I was able to travel to New York City and to Hawaii.  Planning my next trip overseas, either to Japan or Australia. Not sure yet, but it would be awesome to do both in one big travel trip.