Friends and politics

Why do people say, “I thought I knew you” or ” I can’t believe you support X and Y.” They will continue on to describe you on how they thought you were, but really never took time to know you on a one-to-one level.  I’ve had several people who I know from my college years tell me this after reading or me giving them my opinion on a political and current issues going on. In this day of age, is it fair to say, to know someone well you need to know their political views?

It interesting on how people will re-judge your character once they learn about your political view or where you stand on a certain issue. I feel am still the same person I was 10 years ago, just that I didn’t voice my opinion and no one ask about it. People have a different ways of thinking of things. Take a look at Kenya West and how people just hated on him for it. Questioning his character and that he was crazy.

One of the issues where my views differ then my friends is this whole illegal immigration and separating the parents from their children. I don’t agree with separating them, but they did break the law. In any other case where an american citizen broke the law and were being sent to jail, they too would be separated from their children. Right? I sure this applies to any other democratic nation that are governed by laws. If you are a single parent and you broke the law and going to jail, if there no other relatives to care for that child, that child is put into a foster care or a child protective agency. Am not here to debate just want to give an example.

Anyone else been through this with friends? How do you feel about it?



This is something that been in my head and resurface from facebook Happy Friend Day. Before I continue does the word friend/friendship change in mean and importance as you get order? These is somethings that I’ve been thinking about. Facebook a social network that allows us to stay connected with friends, family, co-workers, etc. For the past year or so I’ve been de-friended people not because of political views or lack of interest, but the lack of mutual interest as friends. i’ve have drop my facebook friend count from 365 to 123.  The majority of those facebook friends I have no verbal communication with, not even a “Hello!” It is not their fault nor mine, just there no friendship there.  I will still respect each individual if we ever cross path again in the cyber world or in the real world.

One thing that really bugs me are those individuals who contact you when they haven’t contacted you in years, only to pitch you an idea or a sale they would like you to consider.  This has happen to me twice where friends from facebook who never contact you suddenly want to talk to you about a idea they want you to hear. These ideas or sales only make me feel that am only worth contacting when these friends need something.  In this case these friends want to me to join their sales idea. It one of those network sales group which I think are just scams to get your money. What that saying if it sound to good to be true it probably is.

Just venting here a little.  Thanks reading:)