Prismacolor portraits

Alycia Debnam-Carey. Any fear the walking dead fans?

College friend. I’ve drawn her several time, but can never get a likeness. She has one of those face that can be difficult to draw.

Was just looking for a image to practice brown light skin tone.


Its been four day since discover prompt ended and was just thinking what should I write, what should I post.  Since today is May 4th and it may the fourth be with you, I’ll post something on that.  Well I thought that kind of boring and I know not everyone is a star war fan, so I thought more about it.  Then I thought, a word with 4 letters. hmmmm.

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Pencil/pen drawing

Just got to say, I did cheat on this drawing. I drew it first in pencil then went over it using those artist pens. It would have been awesome if I did draw in pen first, but still a long way from being able to do that. Still thinking if I should color it in with water-colors, but am still experimenting with the water-colors that I brought.

Feeling awkward

On a normal Saturday after a busy week with school assignments and term papers, Mike tags along with his friend Andrea to the mall.  Both have been friends since their arrival as freshman at the University. Mike not really interested in shopping since the majority of the department store don’t carry big and tall..  He follows his friend and keeps her company as she wonders through the mall. After visiting their 2nd store, Andrea say, “hey! I need to stop here.” Mike looks at the store and see that it Victoria Secret.  He says, “okay”, but I’ll wait out here for you.  Andrea says, no, I don’t want you out here waiting for me.  Feeling hesitant, he walk with her into the store.  A feeling of awkwardness overwhelm him that he the only guy in the store, not sure what he should do or look at. His friend shopping for bras, should he ask can I help with find anything, not knowing that much about picking out the right bra.  Except that bra sizes are in cups.  Standing near his friend, watching her sort through the bras, all different colors, looks, and she hold one in her left hand. Andrea, very attractive girl, watching as she move her body from rack to rack.  She has an average female body with some curves, but not those slim curves.  Her boobs are not small nor big, but somewhere in the between that a hand can cupple her breast. Her bra that currently under her shirt make them have a round perky shape.  Then he hear her,  hey Mike!, am going to try this on.  She walk toward that fitting room with several bras in her right hand.  He say okay and wait near the fitting room entrance.  Awhile waiting, he tries to find something to look at,  a sign or ad to look at or read then watching all these women shopping for undergarments. Getting bombard with stares by these women, some young, others old like if he trespassed into their territory. Then looking inside the fitting room, he see his friend coming out and says, “alright just let me put these back and pay for these.”  As they walk back from the rack, Andrea says, “I think my boobs grew a cup size or two.”  “The size I wear don’t fit me that good, so I had to go up a cup size up.”  In his mind, do I need to know that, but give her a big smile as they wait for the store associate.