Lady Bug, R.I.P

double exposure I took of Lady Bug clouds.

On Sunday May 10, 2020, I had to put my, our beloved dog Lady Bug to sleep.  It wasn’t something I was expecting to have to do so soon.  She was doing great and then all of sudden, she wasn’t eating and just laying down.   Lady Bug was the most non-aggressive, soft loving dog you would every meet.  She also love to cuddle.  She pass on Mother day and even though she her self never had her own litter, she was a motherly figure to our other dog Lilly.  Lady was a few years younger then Lilly, but she took that roll of being a mother to Lilly.  Grooming her, even though I think it drove Lilly crazy sometime, but she allowed it.  Lady Bug was the calm enforcer, getting in between me and Lilly when I would come home.  Lilly gets excited and Lady made sure to tell her in a doggy way, “calm down” he here.  I will never forget her doggy

Lady Bug giving Lilly kisses or doggy licks.

face, with one ear point up and the other down.  I’ll miss just squeezing her cheeks.  She never growled at me for doing that. It was your little thing between us.


Lady Bug. One ear up and the other down. Never forget that doggy face of hers.

Am sorry Lady Bug, I wish I could have done more for you, but I couldn’t see you in pain.  You will always be in my heart, broken heart  because you are no longer here. Here on the sofa or seeing you from my room, laying on your blanket/ pillow.  R.I.P. girl, Lady Bug:(



Hi guys, if you are reading this is public might want to wait until you are at home. Don’t want you ending up with a red face and tears in your eyes in front of strangers or maybe co-workers.

A week ago my family had to make a tough decision. It one those decision we wish we never had to make or anyone wants to make. We decided to put our friend, family member, our dog, Sunny to sleep. His little body couldn’t go any longer. I think he know it was his time to go even though none of us wanted him to go. That day he was in his chair that placed near the window. His favorite spot and I notice him acting differently. He look lost, but

was smiling, he looked happy and his eyes were just wide open. As if the angels were there with him, waiting to greet him to heaven. He was still responsive and we move him to the floor where he could lay down more comfortablely. Though out the day we notice we were losing him because he was not getting up. I believe that my other two dogs knew what was coming and said their good-byes. My sister took him to the vet that night where later in the night we got the news that there was nothing they could do for him and decided it was best to put him to sleep. It was a hard night for everyone. It was hard for me cause he was basicly my life these past 11 years. Taking care of him and my other two dogs, Lilly and Lady. Feeding him, giving him his doggy treats, his bath, check on him in the night and putting a blanket over his cold body. During the summer when it was only him, it was playing catch. During the spring and summer months you could hear him outside barking at the squirrels, looking up at the trees. Just watching him looking up at the tree hurt the back of my neck.

The next day that when it really hit me that he was gone. Outside with my other two dogs Lilly and Lady on a beautiful sunset upon us. As I watch my other dogs going about their business I was just thinking what he would be doing right now. Laying on the grass, rolling over to scratch his back. Walking around and do what ever dog do, mark their spot. I wanted to call his name, Sunny!, but knowing he wasn’t here with us anymore, hurt me. I will tell you I cried for the lost of my friend, but then I also knew he was enjoying himself in heaven. Young and with a lot of squirrels to catch and bark at.
Now am trying to move on. It a slow process because the house feel empty without him. His chair now empty with only his shed fur still on it. His bowl sitting there empty. Still haven’t clean it because it hurts that I can’t call him to come and eat. He was very picky about his food. Still have two other dogs that need my attention and I hope I can give them a great and fun doggy life.

Left to right: Left – Lady Hulk. bottom right -Lilly and top right -Sunny

Daily Prompt: Literate for a Day

Literate for a Day

Someone or something you can’t communicate with through writing (a baby, a pet, an object) can understand every single word you write today, for one day only. What do you tell them?



“Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained, and loyalty is returned.”

Lilly is just one of my three dogs. I think the quote above just about sum up what I would tell her.  Since she came in our house hold, we earned each other respect, trust, loyalty, and honesty.  Four years ago she was very cautious dog who wasn’t sure who to trust.

Daily Prompt: Menagerie


Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

(Bonus points for adorable animal photos, and double bonus if they’re taken with your phone!)

I didn’t post any photos, but you can find them on my Photo Blog.  I’ve provided a link for each dog.

I have 3 dogs that are in my life.  They officially don’t belong to me, but I say they are mine because am the one who takes care of them. Am the one who feeds them, put fresh water or fill their water bow, buy them their dog food, and give them their bath when the weather is nice and warm.

Their name are Sunny, Lilly, and Lady Hulk( we just call her Lady).  They have meaning in my life because each have a different personality and they are part of the family.  From what I’ve observed in their behavior, I believe that in their eyes am their main care taker.  When their hungry, their water bow is empty, need to go outside, or just want to wake someone up early in the morning, they come to me.  I, myself can’t walk away from that, so I need to make sure that they have a wonderful or somewhat normal doggy life.

Each of them have unique personality.  Lady, the youngest is very quite, but has a loud bark.  She is also patient when it comes to waiting for me to feed her.  She just sit or lays on the floor, waiting for her bowl. Since she is youngest of the 3, she still has a lot to learn, sure as opening the back door if she want to go outside.  The other two dogs have figure out how open the back door, if its not closed.

Lilly is a probably the most territorial.  She will bark or make a ugly growl when the other dogs invade her space or try to take away her doggy treats. Unlike Lady, she isn’t patient when it comes to waiting for me to feed her.  She make a crying or growls that sound like “hurry up” when am getting her food ready. Lilly is the dog that is mostly attach to me.  Am the one that she trust the most and be allowed to give her a bath, sometimes.

Sunny the oldest dog.  Sometime we joke around and call him a war veteran or a Jedi master because I think our two dogs have learn how to do things by watching what he does.  Such as opening the back door.  We call me a war veteran because we was attack by 3 other dogs a few years ago.  He was hurt badly, but pulled through.  That attack left him a little sensitive near his right ear that it hurt him if it touch a certain way.  It noticeable when he playing around with the other two dogs, Lilly and Lady.