Past Journals

This past weekend I was deep cleaning my room.  Getting rid of stuff, organizing my things like art supplies, my film camera gear.  I was also getting rid of some one clothes that I stored in a storage bin that I no longer wear.  Well haven’t worn in a long, long time, so I thought its time to trash them.  I didn’t trash them, I will donate them, since they are still in good condition.

Also in the storage bin was my few my journals and sketchbooks.  I’ve been journaling for about 5 years.  Nothing interesting to read in those journals unless you find entries of struggling to find employment entertaining.  Within those entries I also did some watercolors sketches. It interesting looking threw them.  I only wish I had more to write about, but most days I don’t have nothing to write down.  Any suggest when you struggle with writer blocks?

Below is a picture of my journals.  Starting from the left side is my current journal, which I started when the pandemic began.  Going toward the right are the journals before that one.  The one on the right side, the brown one is my first journals.  All of these journals are actually sketchbooks.

Discover Prompt Day 23: Note

I started keeping a diary/journal about five years ago. Just felt, why not start just writing notes about what going on in my non-interesting life, put those thoughts I have in my head on paper and leave them there. Beside I needed to add something to my routine, writing in a journal seem the perfect fit.

When we began the year 2020 I had brought a new journal/diary to start writing in. I use sketchbooks as my diary notebook cause the paper can take different mediums: watercolor, ink, markers etc. Beside writing, I also like to doodle in my journal.  In late January and going into February there was family emergency and I didn’t get a chance to write. My mind was occupied with this family emergency.  By the end of February and going into March well coronavirus introduce it-self here in the United States and other parts of the world.

That sketchbook now is my COVID-19 notes.  Writing my observations in the new world we are living in.  When I don’t have anything to write then I doodle something and use watercolors to add some color. To the left and below are two doodles I did and have posted on this blog.  There things that were being reported in the news like the nurses on the front lines taking  care of the sick and the social distancing.

Note, 2020 will be one of those years that people will be talking about for years to come.  Where were you when the COVID-19 spread around the world? What was your state of mind and what where you doing when you were in shelter-in-place or lock down?  It that time to keep a note in a notebook, on pieces of paper. One day the younger generation in your family will be asking you those questions.  Why not let them read from your own words at that time?  Just a note for thought.