Daily Prompt: Resist


I thought that when the Presidential Election were over and there was no doubt that the candidate won the electoral college, everything would transition back to normal or at least close to it.  People would move on with their daily lives, news would just be news, no more trying to campaign that candidate X is the wrong person for the job.

Well that didn’t happen and now people are resisting that President Trump is now the President of United States.  Since his inauguration on January 20, 2017 there have been protest after protest, people acting like teenagers and throwing a fit because they can’t believe that Trump is President.  Protest that their political agenda is the right course for the country and anyone who against and/or side with President Trump is racism, stupied, don’t know what they are talk about and much more.  These people who organized the women march and said all women are welcome to participate.  Well if you side for Trump you weren’t welcome. I believe if you were pro-life, you were not welcome.

I don’t understand why these people think it okay to resist when they don’t get what they want.  They had their opportunity to choose the candidate they want as President, but didn’t show up in the voting booth when it matter.  You know, life is tough and no matter how much  you resist, life will never go the way you want, no matter how hard you resist it. I believe that what these people have a hard time understanding. Life isn’t fair. You will not always get what you want. They don’t take a moment to look at the real world we live, to think for themselves and not let the brain washing media do the thinking for them.

Daily Prompt: Filter


The last few days I’ve be overwhelm with the amount of news coverage of the Presidential inauguration,the nasty women protest, people expressing their opinion on why they hate or love Trump on social media.  It seems that no matter what filters you try to put up to block the cycle of news it just not enough.  You would think maybe if I switch to sports there would be no talk of politics or issues related to it, but then I see an article about San Antonio Spurs Coach Grep Popovich giving his opinion about Trump.  It like, wait a second here, I thought this was the sport section.
With the internet at our finger tips, have we lost our option to filter out things we don’t want to hear and see?  Has the news media decided to drop their filters on what important news to report to the American people and people around the world? Am not talking about censorship, am talking about using common sense to decide if a something is news worthy. Am talking about what are the issues that are important. Reporting and comparing crowd sizes is not new worthy.  It seem that the media is the tip of the spear for feeding a lot a of hate and keeps on feeding it instead of changing the tone.  The media has the power to filter themselves, but would refuse to do so because at the end, ratings and their political agenda is the most important thing.

Daily Prompt: Year


Year 2017, January 1.  Hello Everyone, if you are reading this I hope you are excited about the New Year and starting off on a positive note.  I know am excited and hope there is positive change in my life for this year and for the rest of the world.  I don’t have my new years resolution work out just yet, but they will be similar to those I set last year.

Reading, I want to read a lot more and sometime I don’t have time or get caught up with my other hobbies.  2016 I only read 6 books and I want to double that this year.

Health and Fitness, this is always a tough one for anyone.  The goal I set out last year was just to eat as healthy as possible, keeping going to the gym, do my weekend walks and make sure my weight doesn’t go up.  At the begin of last year I was at 283lbs and am starting the New Year at 281lbs. So as long may weight stay at or drop below 281, am happy.  Am going to trying to add swimming into my work out routine.

If you read my blog before, you know that one constant goal of my is finding a full-time job. If there anything that I want more is that a employer give me a opportunity to show what I can do and that am capable to doing whatever is thrown at me.

Daily Prompt: Hopeful


To be hopeful means to be uncertain about the future, to be tender toward possibilities, to be dedicated to change all the way down to the bottom of your heart. Rebecca Solnit

As we leave 2016 in the dust and welcome 2017 with open arms, I remain hopeful that things will change for me and for the rest of world as we move on into 2017.  The last 8 eight years haven’t brought change for in regards to finding full-time employment, but I will always have hope that things will change.  Maybe it not the change that I want, but it might be another change that I wasn’t expecting.

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing, and no good thing ever dies.  Shawshank Redemption

As for the rest of the world, I hope and pray that whatever our difference may be, political, color of our skin, religion that we can accept one another and respect each other views.   It time that we put our childish ways aside and move on.   I understand that many people are still worried about our newly President elect and the direction he may take this country. It okay to have those feeling, but remain hopeful that its in a positive direction as a whole.

Daily Prompt: Protest


Daily Prompt: Unfinished


As we move forward in life there will be situations that we leave unfinished. Not finishing school, emotions that we bottled up inside, that haven’t been released. The list can go on and on.  For me, my unfinished business haunts me when I fall asleep at night. Not every night, but will randomly just happen. It something I would think I would have just forgotten, but deep in my subconscious mind it still there. A feeling of unspoken words that I never let out and were never heard. Now in my dream I try to finish what is unfinished. Trying to tell this one person something I never told anyone. When I wake up from this dream, I wonder why am I dreaming about this? I have a lot of other unfinished situations that I need to care to. Then maybe that the way your mind is telling you that you’re not at peace until you have resolve this unfinished business.

Daily Prompt: Silence


Sometimes the soul and the mind need a little bit of silence. Silence can be taking a walk and letting the mind and soul be free.  To listen to the sound of silence within nature. The birds chipping, the ducks quaking, the sun light hitting your skin and the soft cool breeze.  Some of us might need the sound of silence in our morning routine when the kids are gone and the house is empty.  Sitting down and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea and reading the news paper/online news.  Maybe enjoying reading a book or writing/doodling in your journal. There are those who might prefer the silence be a little be spiritual and physical.  Practice the art of yoga, stretching the body and hearing only the sound of our breathing and maybe relaxing music in the background.