Using your imagination

When I see artist draw from their head or able to create something, I wonder how they do that.  Since taking art class in high school I could never draw from memory or use my imagination to come up with something.  I have to use a photo reference or draw something that I could see.  Thinking about it, make more sense on why I consider myself a visual person. Even when something is explained to me verbally, it take me time just to make sure  I understand what was just explained.
Now am trying to train myself and my brain to draw from memory / imagination.  It been a slow process cause sometime I don’t know what to draw.  For the mean time I wanted to see how close can I draw a realistic face and so far it a disappointment.  Hopefully it just temporary and I will improve. You can see the difference  when drawing from my head to using a reference a photo.

Do you struggle drawing from memory?  For those those don’t, any advise.


Its been 4 years.

Well I haven’t blog about my progress in drawing lately.  It been 4 years since I started drawing again. It funny looking at my first sketchbook and seeing all the portrait drawings I did and compare it to the ones I’ve done lately. You can actually see the progress and the more likeness to the actually person. Am still trying to improve in my shading and trying to draw different portrait angels. There are still area I haven’t experimented in such as drawing white hair or facial hair. Drawing people of darker skin color and faces of older people that have much more facial details.

All of my drawings are were done awhile sitting on the floor.  I don’t have desk in my room and don’t like being in area where people are passing by. Plus I do a lot of my drawing at night when everyone else in the house is asleep.

When I first started drawing 4 years ago.

Drawings I did just a month or so ago.

World Watercolor Month

About four months ago I brought myself a watercolor kit and enter the world of watercolors.  Within these four-month I’ve slowly start to practice, experiment with Koi watercolors.  Just doing simple little watercolor paintings in my journal.   Still have to figure out a lot of things about watercolors, mixing colors, and applying it to paper. Well within a few day or starting next month is watercolor month.  I plan to participate in this and challenge myself a little.  You can check out some of my simple watercolor paint here or go to my instagram account.

Daily Prompt: Express Youself!

Express Yourself!

Do you love to dance, sing, write, sculpt, paint, or debate? What’s your favorite way to express yourself, creatively?

Expressing myself…   I have several ways of expressing my creative self, 20151012_164519but if I had to pick my favorite one, that would be dancing.  Dancing salsa and merengue it just so much fun and a great workout.  It great way to release all that stress inside of you, plus you get to meet people and socialize. Sometime dancing is not the only option I have in my arsenal of expressing myself.

I like to express myself through photography, art such as drawing, blogging, and just started experimenting with writing.  As you can tell from my blog, I just completed writing 101. Art, I’ve always love art, but lost touch with during my busy college days.  A year ago I decide to get in touch my artistic side, and starting drawing. My photography side, I’ve been doing that since I was little, but got more interested in it when I was high school and brought my own film camera, a SLR Nikon FM10.  Still use it today and it what I shoot with.  You can check my photography blog here.