Discover Prompt Day 28: Focus

Focus, as a amateur photographer who shoot with a manual film camera, focusing can be a fun challenge task. I shoot with a Nikon FM10 and a Canon AE-1 where you have to focus on your subject manually.  It not a big issue if you have all the time in the world to focus on a your subject like a flower or any subject that is still. When photography your dog who doesn’t say in one spot, focusing can be a problem and your photo will be out of focus and blur.  Unless  you have a doggy treat above your head.  When it comes to street photography I try to pre-focus on a subject that is 5 to 10 feet in front of me.  I use that as my starting focus point and knowing that anything moving in my view will be in focus and only need to adjust if they are farther away.  So far that has work well for me.  The most challenging task is focusing at night or in a dark area.  When looking through the view finder, you can’t really tell if your shot is in focus or out of focus.  My own personal experience is finding something that is light in color and focus on that.  Then I can guess if my shot is in or out of focus. Did these a lot when I was in college.  The fun part to that challenge is getting your film development and seeing all your photos are in focus.

Book: The Camera Never Lies

The Camera Never Lies, by David Rawling.  Daniel Whiteley is a marriage counselor and a bestselling author.  Unaware his own marriage is in trouble and his daughter is becoming distant. He inherits his grandfather old camera which has an inscription on the bottom, ” no matter what you thin you might see, the camera never lies.” Daniel begin to use the camera and when he develops the photo realize that they can reveal secrets that can destroy both his marriage and career as a marriage counselor.  Daniel is left with the choice to hide his secrets or to be open about them.  Either choice has consequence that he will have to deal with.

Honestly, reading the book, I felt like I was reading an actual epiosode from the twilight zone. The message about secrets am sure we can all relate and have struggle with them whether it be relationships or something else.


Writing 101: A story in a single image

Before he heads into the jungle, he checks his gears.  Carrying two of his favorite tools, he loads them with his ammunition.  One with color the other with black and white. Each tool only giving him 36 shots and each need to count.

photo-1416339426675-1f96fd81b653As he walk into the jungle he picks one of his tool as his primary and put the other one back in his backpack along with other equipment he carries.  Water bottle, towel, more ammunition, and an extra lens.  Walking at a slow pace to scan his surroundings, look at the giant concrete reinforce steel building, looking at the trees, and what lays ahead of him.

During his walk to prepare his tool in case he get a clear shot of an unknown subject, taking into consideration the light that nature give him to work with.  Within the distance he see a subject approaching.

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