Just my opinion

When I saw and heard about what happened in Charlottesville, I asked myself, is this how Americans suppose to act.  Have we become wild animals, no longer have the capacity to have a peaceful dialog, a civil debate.

I wish people would take the time and think about what going on.  Take the time to step back and see the whole picture. Not just race, slavery, but history. These confederate statues that people are demanding to be remove because they view them as icons of racism, slavery, a sign of hate.

Here my home town there a confederate monument statues in a downtown park that people are now protesting to be removed.  This monument has been there as long as I can remember.  Like many other monuments in other cities and towns, people of all color pass by, sitting at the park, waiting at the bus stop, but no one ever said a word.  The monument even has engrave in it “Our confederate dead”.  Why now to remove them?

Removing this statues, is it going to improve your life?  Is it going to end racism or solve the problem in our society that deal with race. Will relations with police officer and the black community be better? These statues are a reminder of our history as a nation. It might not have been the best time in our nation history, but we can’t forget it, nor can it be change.  We can’t go about erasing our nation’s history that we don’t agree with or a group of people are unhappy with. If you erase our history, we our bound to repeat it again.

Our country was founded during a time period of slavery and racism.  In today context, slavery, racism and hate are wrong. They shouldn’t be allowed exist in today world, but it wrong to use that context and judge those that lived in a different time period. A period where life was different. If these statue are removed what next? Declaration of independence? Our national anthem, written by a slavery owner, but also a lawyer who help slaves.  Where will it end?

The Russian Did it

Russia, Russia, Russia! We have all heard it on tv, radio, read it online, newspapers. The media and the democrats obsession to tie President Trump with collusion with Russia. Even now there is still no evidence that Trump had any collusion with Russia. Still the media and democrats will not drop the matter and hoping evidence will appear out of thin air. I will not bore you with details cause am sure this make news across globe to where there freedom of the press.
Why the obsession with Russia? Why are Americans so desperate in making Russia the “Bad Guy”, the enemy, and why now? Yes! these are the two toughest kids on the block and have been close to all out war with each other. Maybe our obsession with Russia lays within our culture and society. We are influenced that Russia is the bad guy, the number one enemy that the United states needs to defeat. This influence doesn’t come from education, nor is taught in home, but by the entertainment industry. Hollywood notion to depict Russia as the ultimate enemy for the United states and to the rest of the free world. Movies that are created to entertain us with action and scenarios of war, are only to stereotype the Russia government and people. The world fear the Russians and it only the United States who can defeat them. The movie clips below are a few examples of movies where it the United States vs Russians.

The Storm before the calm

It been three days since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. I would have never thought that there would be a storm before the calm. People protesting the election results, people saying,”he not my president”, it just crazy.  I would have thought that once the election were done, things would return to norm.  People would be relieved that, hey it finally over, everyone would be thankful that elections, the debate, the brain washing from the media was over.  Time to start a new chapter, to give the man, the president elect, Donald Trump a chance.

I understand that people fear the future, they fear change. I am one that also scared of change and what lies ahead, but it time for a change.  The democratic process our founding father created allows for us to elect a leader. It gives the people of this country a voice, that voice echo in our vote.  The people voiced that they wanted change, they want someone to steer this ship, the United States of American in a new direction.  That what happen late Tuesday into earlier Wednesday morning.  The citizen of this country spoke. Now if you disrespect that process, what good is it to having a democratic society?  Day after day people were told, register to vote, go out and vote.  If you didn’t that your fault, your vote could have made a difference.

Who ever you voted for, Trump, Hillary or a Independent, it time to move. Turn off the TV, staying away from social media, staying away from where you will see and hear about the election.  Take time to decompress, take a walk, read a book, do something that will get you back into a normal routine.

Opinion: Presidential Election

A month from now, on Nov. 8, the American people will elect a new President.  This election, there a lot at stake:

  • appointing Supreme Court Justice
  • the Racial tension between Cops, black, White, muslim.
  • Immigration and the border
  • The economy and much more.

You all know the two candidates you will have to pick from.  Those who are reading oversea in another country, the candidates are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Of course there are some independent, but the media hardly focus on those candidates.  Which is kind of sad.

We all know that the media always favorite one candidate then the other.  In this election the media is against Trump and favors Hillary Clinton.  That the message I get when watching the different networks.  Whatever the media reports, I think it important the voters make up their own mind and look at the facts to determine who they want as their President.

It a tough decision to make with all the new recent headlines that have come to light and have shifted focus away from the real issues Americans want to hear. Now the tone will be that Trump shouldn’t be President because of his nasty language about women. I totally disapprove what he said, but I can forgive him because no one is perfect in this world.  We all have said nasty things to each other. Whether if be a man talking about a women, a women talking about another women, or women talking about a man etc.  We are all guilty of it and that shouldn’t be your number one reason not to consider him as your pick.

I believe it important to weigh each of the issues and which candidate offer a solution that you can agree with. One person that I know, won’t vote for Trump because of his Immigration position. That the only and one reason this person won’t consider or vote for him.  That their right, however they want to vote, but I believe it a selfish one.

So you may wonder how I am voting. I am leaning toward Trump, it’s a change from the last few presidents we have had.  As they say, you can go crazy listen to the same tone over and over again.  Listening to Trump discuss the issues, I feel that not many politician would take that stand because of the fear of losing support, keeping their lobbyist buddies happy, and are just career politician who want to stay in office and throw you the finger.  That is something I see in Hillary.  In the last debate, I swear, that simile was fake.  You could see the devil horns on her head and read her thoughts, ” This will be like taking candy away from a baby.”

In the next few weeks I don’t think it going to be pretty bet ween the two candidates. The media will be hunting to get any story that can be used against Trump and ignoring those stories that can harm Clinton. I hope all americans can look behind the news headlines and decide which candidate will best lead our country.


National Anthem

I was born and raised in the United States.  I grew up during the age before the social media and the internet took over the world.  Growing up, it was a normal thing to stand up and say the pledge of allegiance in school and to stand during the National Anthem.  It was just a normal thing, just like you brushing your teeth every morning.

The past few days and weeks we have heard about NFL players not wanting to stand during the National Anthem.  During a NFL game on the 15th anniversary of September 11, players knee during the national anthem, awhile other raised their fist high in the air.  Why?  This is their way of protesting the injustices in this country.  There are many racial issues that need to be address by our society. I totally agree with that and I agree that they have the right to exercise their right to protest and freedom of speech.  I do believe that they are disrespecting the men and women who fought for this country for them to have those freedom and liberties.  In my opinion it show that they don’t appreciate the freedom that they have.  The freedom to play for a pro-NFL team and make million of dollars. The freedoms that we all enjoy living in this country.  It not a perfect country and our laws are not perfect. Their actions are not harming anyone, but I believe that they are having a negative effect on the younger generation.

The Younger generation with the help of social media are now seeing what these NFL players are doing and think it okay, it cool.  Some are now following their actions, not standing during the national anthem and some deciding not to say the pledge of allegiance in school. What really upsetting about all this is the reasons why they are doing it.  Beside protesting the injustices they are also doing it because national anthem is racist because it was written by a slave owner.  I believe the most student don’t really know the history of our flag, national anthem and Francis Scott Key.  Comparing the context of today world to that of the world when our National Anthem was written.   A time when it was a norm for people to own slaves. Of course in today world we know it wrong, but back then that was just the way life was.  I would not be surprise during that time slaves were being using in other parts of the world.

Am no historian or expert on our national anthem, but if you do some research Francis Scott Key was a lawyer and a writter.  He was dispatch to negotiate the release of a prisoner being held by the British fleet on a ship out in sea.  During this time the British was planning an assault from sea on Fort McHenry.  Awhile, Scott Key was on board on one of the British ship, they refuse to let him return to the mainland until the British fleet bombardment of Fort McHenry was complete. It was not until morning when the hazed cleared that he along with rest of the British fleet were able to see the United States flag waving in the air from Fort McHenry.  It was this event that Francis Scott Key observation that he wrote what would be our National Anthem.

Some of us probably never heard and read the whole national anthem that Francis Scott Key wrote. There one line that all of sudden now people are attacking and calling the national anthem racist.  Here the line:

No refuge could save the hireling and slave

From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,

Now I don’t know how people can all of sudden say that racist, because he used the word slave. None of us lived during that time, so how do you know that the word “slave” he referring to black people?  Slave could have a different meaning. Again it was a different time period and it wrong to compare it to the context of today world. But then there are people who are looking for a scapegoat to justify their racial agenda. If you want to change don’t cry for it or demand that we remove important historical events, symbols from our history that merge with the period of slavery. You want change, be part of the change, hold yourself to the same standards that you demand others to change.