Six months

September is here, Wow!!!  Just thinking that six months ago we were at the beginning of a pandemic.  A Pandemic with so many questions and even today we still don’t know the answer to some of those questions.  A pandemic that change the world and our lives.  It brought the us the words, “social distancing”, “staying 6ft apart”.

A lot has change these past six month and it still feel odd trying to comprehend what has happen.  Reminding yourself before leaving the house, do I have a mask.  The adjustments from working in the office to now working at home.  Along with now having kids doing online learning instead of actually physically going to school to learn.  Parents now having to take the role of being a teacher.

Awhile we are adjust to this new world, we can’t forget the events that are changing and having an impact in our society.  In the U.S. protest and rioting.  The launch of spaceX, sending two American astronauts to the space station. Of course we have a presidential election, so in a few months will see how this pandemic has or hasn’t influence on the outcome of the election.  I don’t know what events are going on in other countries around the world, but please feel free to share them by commenting below.

A mask problem

Yes, that picture is of me. Wearing a mask awhile at work. Each morning before I leave the house to work, I grab a mask and make sure that I have a back-up just in case. Its required that you have a mask on before entering the building and that awhile you are walking in the building or are in the elevator. Through out my day, I see employees wearing their mask as they walk within the office. When they are at their desk, they take off their mask, which I think is okay.

For me, I wear my mask all day with the exception when I am eating(lunch) or drinking bottle water at my desk. Maybe am being overly caustiously wearing my mask all day, but might as well be safe then sorry. Beside, my desk is just a small enclose cubical that is near a walk way where people are passing by. Now I will admit wearing a mask is a pain in the butt and through out the day I struggle with my mask. Now I don’t have tell you the struggle we people who wear glasses go through having to wear a mask. Every time your exhale, your breath will fog your glasses for a few seconds. Not a good thing when you are either walking or relay on your glasses for reading. I for one don’t need my glasses for reading, but I do have them on the majority of the day.

I don’t know about you, but there are time when am constantly having to adjust my mask because of my glasses or because of the mask itself. I am sitting at my desk, working and I feel my mask moving up toward my eyes. In a few second the mask is just right below my eye and I can’t see. For some odd reason it some how slip under neath the nose paddling of my glasses. Causing my glasses now to fall down awhile my mask is going up towards my eyes. They say don’t touch your face or your eyes, but I have no choice to adjust my mask with my arm. Trying to slide it down but in a few minutes I feel it going up towards my eyes again.



One whole Month

In a previous post, I blog about that I found a full-time job during the pandemic crises the world is going though. At the same time several cities in the United States were seeing an increase in covid19 cases, even here at home. What a way to enter the work force? Well, am glad to say that it been one whole month now since I started working. So far it going well and am still in training. Basically I am reviewing, scanning and entering employees information into the system. I go through these applications, checking to see all paper work has been submitted, information is correct and signatures are signed. If I spot something that missing or incorrect, I send it back for it to get corrected. It pretty straight forward, but of course there are procedures to follow.

As for the work environment it pretty laid back given that the majority of the employees are working from home. I along with other employee are required to work from the office since we dealing with sensitive information. Of course everyone is following health guide lines and wearing a mask when they enter the building, walking in the hall ways or can’t keep a social distance between other employees. For me I keep my mask on all day even through it a pain in the butt. I explain that in another post. From the time I walk into the building, sitting down at my desk and taking a break and when I leave, I have my mask on. Also I keep in a small backpack, a small bottle of hand sanitizer, a small pack of hand wipes and two extra pair of mask just in case my mask fall on the floor or breaks.

Isn’t it strange, we are already past half way through 2020. Well where ever you are in the world I hope you are doing well.

Anxiety or Fear

I don’t know if there a difference between anxiety and fear or are they both the same. The definition of anxiety if you google it is

“a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.”

The definition of fear if you google it is,

“an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.”

In the mist of the COVID-19 am sure all of us are feeling one or the other. Maybe both. Then how can you tell you the difference of what you are feeling, anxiety or fear. To tell you the truth I don’t know and I know am dealing with one of those at the moment. It nothing serious, but does bug me every now and then. It concerning that I unknowingly could be carry this virus and may pass it along to family members who are the most vulnerable to this virus. My parents, would be the most vulnerable cause they are older and I still live with them. Of course other family member are also vulnerable, but from what we know about this virus, younger people are more likely to recover from this virus. It one of those things you don’t want to live with that you/ I cause a family member to get sick and die from this virus. It one of the reason why I haven’t gone to the gym or have gone out in public. The only time I go out is if I need like doctor appointment or grocery shopping. It just a small sacrifice plus wearing a mask when am I work and when I need to be in public.

I hope everyone is doing well and hopefully can related to what I am saying. Where ever you are in world, take care:)

First day of work during pandemic

Last week I started working at my new job, Full-time Job!!:) I never thought I was going to find a job with all this craziness we have going on with COVID-19. I thought with COVID-19, companies were going to hold off hiring since some of them moved to working from home and have postpone their hiring. My first day was two Mondays ago and like any other job my first day was just completing paper work, making sure I understood company polices and all that other stuff. That was basically my whole first day and at the same time the state and city are seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases. Which made this a strange first day at work, since I needed to wear a mask awhile I was in the building and completing all these necessary first day on the job task. Usually your first day of work is meeting face-to-face, but this time to keep the social distancing everything was done on Zoom as I was in one room and the HR personal was in another.

After my first day, I met the people I would be working with and the person who would be training me. My duties and the job I would be doing is pretty straight forward. The only thing are the small little details and rules you must remember and follow. Since my job is dealing with confidential documents and information I need to make sure I follow procedures and that these documents are filled out correctly. I pretty sure I will be doing a lot of on the job training before I start doing things on my own which is cool with me.

If there any right now that am concerned about this job is getting this COVID19. Since this is a office setting environment and everyone is required to wear a mask, am hoping that enough for not catching this COVID-19. As of now they have the majority of the people working from home, but when they return, that mean a lot more people in this office space. Which is scary cause, most office building are not well ventilated.

Life during COVID-19

I hope everyone is doing well during these tough time as we are still fighting this virus, COVID-19. It been hard to post here on wordpress cause the one computer in the house is being use by a family member who working from home. Just two or three weeks ago I brought a new one so I could do things I need to do online without having to wait until the evening. I was able to find a labtop for about $500.00 at walmart. Wasn’t the one I would have brought, but with money being tight it was the best deal I could find. Also other retailers hadn’t restock since many of their computer inventory was sold out when schools switch to online learning.

I can’t believe it been about three/four months that we been dealing with this virus. Here in the United States of course. As of now here in Texas and in other states are seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases, which to me isn’t a surprise. I was expecting it and just being extra cautious when going out. Just leaving the house when I need to and wearing a mask. Even though the gyms are opening, I haven’t gone. Haven’t done my daily walks in the downtown area just cause I have to take the bus and it not a “must” for me.

Since businesses have been opening up, I’ve returned to looking for a job. When this COVID-19 started, many of the applications I’ve submitted were postponed. As of today, I haven’t heard anything from those employers if they are going to contact candidates for those position or re-post the position on their company website. During this pandemic, I did have two job interviews which were dead ends. Just three week ago I did apply for an administrative assistant position. Was contacted by the hiring manager and did a phone interview. Was contacted this past Friday and was offered the position. YES!!!! FINALLY, I found, I got a full-time job. Am looking forward to starting this job which my first day is this coming Monday. I just hope this COVID-19 doesn’t force another shut down. Am excited for this job opportunity. It my first full-time job that isn’t temporary/seasonal. I know it going to be a strange first day with having this spike in COVID-19 cases and having to wear a face mask.


Where ever you are in the world, I hope you are doing well with this coronavirus pandemic.  Who would have ever thought that life would be halted to a stand still because of a small living organism.  The world, before the coronavirus introduce it-self to the world, life was cruising on the fast line. People traveling across the world, working 8 to 5, kids in school. Now depending where you are in the world, people are order to shelter in place, practice social distancing, and having to do a total 360 of their life style.

Me before this madness, I was and still unemployed as I have been for the past 11 years.  I was applying here and there, going to the few interview that I was invited to, but never getting an offer.  Not knowing what reasons I wasn’t hired, now I have another obstacle to confront.  Companies are now at a stand still in hiring new people because of this virus.  My job search is put on hold and I hope not for to long.

In the mean time and just like you(depending where you are in the world) am staying home and only going out if I need something.  Am keeping busy by drawing and journaling.  I would like to do some photography around the city, but don’t want to risk getting a family member sick.  I also have two dogs that keep me occupied.  I am also reading books, but with the libraries closed I don’t know where am going to get new books to read. I know I can read the digitally because staring at screen for a long period of time hurt my eyes.

Well take care where ever you may be in the world.  If you are scared, have faith thing will get better.  We as human have been though pandemic when medicine was less advance then it is today.  We survived and am sure we will survive this one.