Book:The Walking Dead Typhoon

So to start off 2020 I decided to read Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead Typhoon by Wesley Chu.  The Chineese government and military unable to contain the jiangshi from spreading.  Caught in the outbreak is a american girl visiting and teaching english, Elena. She part of a team along with Zhu whose village fell to the walking dead.  They both scavenge for supplies for a settlement, the Beacon of Light.  The settlement learn there a typhoon of walkers heading toward the camp.  Elena and Zhu are faced with the difficult assignment to go other settlements and force the villagers to join and defend the Beacon of Light from the typhoon of walkers.



Book #5: Ship of the Dead

Book #5 complete. Ship of The Dead by John L. Campbell. I really did like51f8bkRarFL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ this book, very exciting, action pack, and keep you want to continue reading. Ship of the Dead is about a group of people who have survived the end of the world, zombies. Taking place in the west coast, California a group of survivors seeking safety and shelter, take on a suicide mission of reclaiming the USS Carrier Nimitz that is over run by zombies. Leaded by a Rosa a emt and a navy reservist, along with a few other characters, take the task of killing the zombies that harbor the ship. Zombies are not the only problem they encounter on the ship, but a few of their crew members are a threat to the group and the success in completing their mission. If you read the book, am curious about what happen at the end, since the author leave you with somewhat a big question mark or somewhat of a cliff-hanger. Is the crew that now lives aboard the USS Nimitz safe or is there still a threat to be dealt with.