Covid-19 pandemic Journal


Another journal full. This is my Covid-19 pandemic journal that I started last year in March. Have a lot of written entries and few art work here and there. I would say this journal kept me mentally in check and from going crazy. Not being able to interact with people and being stuck at home the majority of the time. It will be interest to look back at this journal in a year or two from now and read what I wrote down.

The one thing I wish I could have done with my journal is add newspaper clippings. I remember asking a family member if they could buy me the newspaper because of the launch of space X in May 2020. I wanted it just to haven cause it now part of history. Every store they went to didn’t sale the newspaper. That the sad part about everything being online and something the younger generation are missing. Clipping newspaper articles of important events. I old newspapers of 9/11, the begin of the gulf war in the 90s.

Did you keep a journal during the covid19?

One thought on “Covid-19 pandemic Journal

  1. It’s always nice when you get to finish filling out a journal. Hope COVID-19 journaling was insightful for you. Here in Australia newspapers have been shrinking. Many broadsheet newspapers here have downsized to tabloid format newspapers, or got smaller really. I didn’t keep a journal during the last year but I did keep a weekly planner where I mapped out what I wanted to do each day, including things like when I should go to the grocery store. Keeping a planner really helped me to manage my time better and make sure I am on track with my goals like book writing.


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