Inktober 2020

Inktober 2020 is more than half way done and so far I’ve been able to keep up. I believe this is my fourth year doing inktober. This year, I’ve been able to draw all my drawings without using pencil first and then having to retracing it in ink. Am slowing building my confidence in drawing with ink. Some time I need to think about how to approach a drawing. Weather I should start with this shape or should I draw this line first and then draw a shape. Below are a few of my drawings from Inktober.

8 thoughts on “Inktober 2020

  1. Oh, well done! Really like the third and fifth drawings. Your style is similar to one clothing brand here that I really like. I hope you keep drawing and find your confidence more. Your efforts are worth it!


  2. That is amazing you are gaining confidence drawing in ink. You have come so far with your drawing. I really like the first drawing with the red ears and blue eyes – he looks like he is thinking hard and really does look like Pinky and the Brain (I remember that show! It was so long ago!). Me, no matter how I try with drawing, at best I can make stick figures look nice – and I might as well forget about drawing in 3D like you lol. Hope you are doing well, Michael. Following the news it seems challenging in your part of the world. Stay safe and take care.


    1. Mabel!! Yes a lot going on here in the U.S. These last 7 or 8 weeks left of 2020 will be interesting. How are things going on that side of the world? Hope and your family are doing well and are safe.


      1. Haha, the US is making headlines in news across Australia non-stop for the past week. Things are going okay over here, and we’re all doing well. Finally lockdown has ended here in Australia after being stuck inside since March. It is also warming up for summer and looking forward to summer days.


      2. Is it a entertainment type of headline or shaking the head headlines? Believe it or not , it still warm here in south texas, even thought it all already fall.


      3. It’s shaking the headlines headlines. Covid, the election, civil unrest in the US…that’s all making headlines everywhere in Australia XD That is lovely it is still warm over there. It is starting to warm up here in Melbourne since it’s almost summer.


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