3rd sketchbook

One of my sketches from my 1st sketchbook. Bad? Is suppose to be Catherine Bell.

It was six years ago I decided to start teaching myself how drawing.  I went to Michael’s and brought my first sketchbook along with some other supplies just to experiment for fun.  The last time I was serious about art was in high school.  Remembering what I learned from high school I used that information as my starting point.  Drawing a oval like egg shape and dividing the shape on where the eyes would go, the nose and the month.  My drawing weren’t that great, but I could only get better with practice.

Now at the beginning of August 2020, I started my 3rd sketchbook where I just draw portraits. Looking over my drawing I can see that my drawing are closely resembling the actual person in the photo reference I use. Practice, even though this is just my 3rd sketchbook where I focus on drawing portrait, I’ve also practiced drawing them in my journals including add watercolor.   I still have much to improve and learn. Learning on your own has it challenges, but it also make it fun.

I’ll make you famous.
Becky G
Salma Hayek


3 thoughts on “3rd sketchbook

  1. great progress 🙂 drawing is such a slow and sometimes frustrating learning process but so rewarding at the same time – keep it up!

    Maybe try to keep your hand and whole arm more relaxed and try to experiment with holding the pencil in different ways, it will improve your lines and shading a lot

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  2. I can relate even though I don’t draw. I’m teaching myself how to do calligraphy, and it can be a daunting task trying to explore the world of crafts and not knowing whether you’re progressing or not. Keep up the good work and keep sharing!


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