A mask problem

Yes, that picture is of me. Wearing a mask awhile at work. Each morning before I leave the house to work, I grab a mask and make sure that I have a back-up just in case. Its required that you have a mask on before entering the building and that awhile you are walking in the building or are in the elevator. Through out my day, I see employees wearing their mask as they walk within the office. When they are at their desk, they take off their mask, which I think is okay.

For me, I wear my mask all day with the exception when I am eating(lunch) or drinking bottle water at my desk. Maybe am being overly caustiously wearing my mask all day, but might as well be safe then sorry. Beside, my desk is just a small enclose cubical that is near a walk way where people are passing by. Now I will admit wearing a mask is a pain in the butt and through out the day I struggle with my mask. Now I don’t have tell you the struggle we people who wear glasses go through having to wear a mask. Every time your exhale, your breath will fog your glasses for a few seconds. Not a good thing when you are either walking or relay on your glasses for reading. I for one don’t need my glasses for reading, but I do have them on the majority of the day.

I don’t know about you, but there are time when am constantly having to adjust my mask because of my glasses or because of the mask itself. I am sitting at my desk, working and I feel my mask moving up toward my eyes. In a few second the mask is just right below my eye and I can’t see. For some odd reason it some how slip under neath the nose paddling of my glasses. Causing my glasses now to fall down awhile my mask is going up towards my eyes. They say don’t touch your face or your eyes, but I have no choice to adjust my mask with my arm. Trying to slide it down but in a few minutes I feel it going up towards my eyes again.



3 thoughts on “A mask problem

  1. Sorry to hear you have been having trouble with your mask. I have heard glasses wearers have so many issues with i and they have tried so many ways to stop their glasses from fogging up. In my office we are asked to wear masks at our desks, but I’m working from home at the moment so I don’t need to. Hope you are staying safe and take care of yourself.


    1. I wouldn’t mind working from home, but my position is consider an, “essential worker” cause of the group of people we provide service to and the information we deal with. Doing my best in making I take every precaustion in not getting sick and just taking my care of myself physical and mentally. Right now I really miss the gym and going on my daily walks. How about you? Are you doing okay. How the situation with covid19 over there?


      1. It does sound like you are doing your best to stay safe at work. Hopefully people don’t come to close to you too. I am doing alright over here, working from home. We are going through a second wave of cases in Australia, and it’s worse than before. So staying in as much as possible is best right now.


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